We’re on our way to our show in Concord, NH. I just finished writing this article for “BASSMASTER” magazine, we’ll have the first page of that up on the website pretty soon. The guys at that magazine are pretty cool, but something did seem a little fishy…I mean, we’ve only been together for a few months, so it was quite surprising that I was asked to write a big article for “BASSMASTER”, but hey, not gonna complain. So we saw Star Wars, episode II, I don’t know about you guys but everyone in our theater cracked up when Amidala fell out of the aircraft onto the sand, and that clone runs up and says “are you okay?” and she stands up and says confidently: “Yes!” and then of course Yoda kicking ass was pretty great. Other than that…GL has a little ‘splainin’ to do, cause these last two movies are not even in the same room as the others! Did they just decide to go with their first draft of the script?! Well, enough of that, don’t want to get all riled up. Right now we’re talking about our songwriting prospectus for the future, the next album, the album after that… we’re thinking of calling the next one “The Best of Jupiter Sunrise” but we’ll see. Now Ben’s talking about building a pipe bomb or something, this is right after we discussed the possibilities of actually hearing ancient cultures by playing their clay pots and urns like a phonograph, then overhearing Osama Bin Laden’s private discussions about the Taliban cuties, so as you can see, we have a wide ranging batch of topics, frequently shifting from one intensely interesting and world shattering idea to jokes about Ben! Chris has finally convinced me to be vegan. It was really the osteoporosis statistic that did it for me, ‘cause in countries that don’t drink dairy, there is a very low incidence of osteoporosis, whereas in countries like America, we’re big on that problem. Sounded suspicious, and besides, milk makes you flatulate so I’m not gonna do it anymore.

So Connecticut is pretty great, we got here yesterday (Danbury) and stopped at the mall (as many of you know our MO is stopping at malls along the way, drumming up support and selling the CDs to put gas in the tank) met a bunch of great kids, told em about the show at the Empress ballroom, then went to the gig. Well, that was a large sentence, there’s probably going to be a few more like that too, cause periods are a silly piece of punctuation, if you ask me… shoot. We got to the show at the Empress Ballroom… and it is a lot like an actual ballroom, very huge, can’t even see the ceiling, so it had excellent natural reverb. Then we had an awesome time playing our sissy rock, even though I was a bit under the weather. My friend Leona showed up too, from across the state, which was flattering, she was at our other Connecticut show last week, she’s cool. The other bands were all excellent, probably one of the most consistently great lineups we’ve played with. I think that was helped by the fact that the first two bands didn’t even show up! Never Heard of It, the Getaways and West Beverly (whose basement we stayed in later, I slept next to the doll house) all rocked their pop punk brains out. After waking up at the crack of 11 we watched cartoons and ate salad (what a bunch of vegetarian sissy lalas we are!) and Mark worked on the booking for the south a bit (always working too), then we hit the mall, in all its mother’s day glory and did a little shameless self-promotion. Now we’re on the road to our next show in Kingston!