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Dec 15th, 2005, 10:10am

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Topic Summary
Posted by: sillyfairy Posted on: Mar 31st, 2005, 8:17pm
The Defective Heart
I can't love you, the way you want me to
I don't know how to love
I don't want to love
I've forgotton what it feels like
I've forgotton what it tastes like
It's been beaten and bruised and wants to give up
It's scared and angry and want's you to shut up
It still beats again and again
But it feels pain to no end
Incapsulated in a place and time
In a state of self hate in it's prime
The defective heart
I wrote this today feeling inspired...and I really like the title that's the first thing i thought of and thought I must write a poem about that
Posted by: sillyfairy Posted on: Mar 31st, 2005, 8:11pm

I watch you as you walk by
Not noticing my eyes
That's what I liked about you
To confident to care
And still I stare
Knowing that you will never be mine  
That my love will never shine
It hides away in me
So sullen and stale
I try to rememeber your goodness
But then I ache
And then I feel it all again, the pain
I'd like to be like her, to capture you
But I don't want to fool you
I'd rather look at you
And love you from afar.
I wrote it awhile ago but just finished it tonight. I haven't written something and finished it in a long time.
Posted by: Ashley Posted on: Feb 15th, 2005, 9:15pm
i have multicolored band-aids
that come in a pretty box
with disney pictures on them
to cover up the marks
this way when i look down
to see what i have done
the blood becomes invisible
hidden to everyone
it makes the scrapes look better
when band-aids smile back
their faces a reminder
of all the things i lack
because with pretty band-aids
i can deny the pain
and since they look so happy
my loss becomes their gain.
Posted by: Mosh-N-Slippers Posted on: Feb 11th, 2005, 10:34pm
Heaven is a Sandwich Bar
I quietly let myself in,
light heavy on the air,
Is what we do a sin,
Our lusty affair?
Nervously, I asked for you
And was replied to by a frown
"Oh, right", they said,
I paid my money, we sat down
I unsheathed you from  
your paper protection,
and slid you in:
Oral perfection.
Your soft, warm meat  
Entered my wanting mouth,
And I tasted the sweet,
spicy sauce, my spirits rouse.
Horseradish sauce,
Hot, tender beef,
Soft, warm bread:
You're the sandwich chief.
Oh, sexual sandwich,
Oh, nutrious nirvana.
Horseradish heaven.
If there's no Subway in the Promised Land
Then f**k it, f**k off, I'd rather be d***ned
Posted by: Ashley Posted on: Feb 11th, 2005, 7:58pm
The darkness closed in, engulfing us all
And now we're all helpless and wait for downfall.
Nothing can stop the inevitable black.
All we can do is wonder when it will attack.
I sat in the darkness beside you and cried,
Feeling too helpless to answer your "why?"
And yet, something changed-- for deep in the night
Somewhere beyond us I saw a great light
And in that dim starlight where I could now see
The beauty around us, you only saw me.
When I pointed out the star, rising up high,
You refused to look behind you at the sky.
I can't make you move, and nothing I say
Will get you to come close to seeing my way.
The darkness will always be here in the night,
But never unpierced by the Christmas star's light.
isaiah 9:2
Posted by: wisensmart336 Posted on: Feb 9th, 2005, 11:04pm
It wraps its hand around everyone
it squeezes out the life with long black hands
it cannot be stopped its hold is like quicksand
the more you fight, the stronger it gets
the black hand engulfs its victims  
and takes over everything they are  
soon only a shell of what once was remains
All is lost,
Posted by: Ashley Posted on: Feb 9th, 2005, 6:47am
Lately I've been writing some poems about Albany based on the style of E.A.Robinson's poems about Tilbury Town.. he basically captures an emotion and uses a place to illustrate it.  So here's one of them... in the style of Mr. Robinson:
The Larkin
Whenever I go by there nowadays
And think of all the memories we made
The joy is overshadowed by a haze
Of anger at the things that have to fade.
And when I think of all the songs I played
Upstairs there, all the friends I made, the frays
Of what once was unravel, and the ways
That I remember things have now dismayed.
For all the joy and laughter in that place
(Cramped as it was) we had to pay a price.
How feleeting were the times when we would taste
The sweetness of good music in those nights!
But as it seems, the source of our delights
Could only last so long. And so the Fates
Decided that our bliss could be replaced--
Which meant the Larkin was struck from our sights.
The one who made us leave has now gone, too
And so it all seems pointless.  But we kept
Our memories and ambitions.  Still a few
Of us play once a week; and though we left
The Larkin behind us, none of us wept.
What has been sung before now still rings true.
When the old ends, it gives way to the new,
And endings leave beginnings to be blessed.
Posted by: sillyfairy Posted on: Feb 7th, 2005, 5:13pm
I've totally missed reading your guys stuff. You guys rock! Keep writting this good stuff Grin
Posted by: Mimi Posted on: Feb 1st, 2005, 8:48pm
I also wanted to mention that a lot of people feel the sameway that i do, I just chose to write it up and give them a lot of credit, in essence for all of us really.
People help each other all the time and never are given credit for it. Even if it is super simple and small.  
We are all so lucky to have the guys.
Posted by: andrea Posted on: Feb 1st, 2005, 10:26am
aw mims. you made me stop listening to my programming teacher and get sucked into your words. that was crazy. all of a sudden im done reading and my teacher is like 'okay that's all of your time that i'll take today, get to work' and im like. nuts
. on what? lol. my silly mimitree. i love ya! and that was very nice. Smiley

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