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(Message started by: wisensmart336 on Oct 11th, 2002, 1:36pm)

Title: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Oct 11th, 2002, 1:36pm
I like to write I'm bored lonely and really tired on account of my new job so I'm writting.
I'm actually writting about my writting which I think is either odd or ironic I'm not sure. I don't think my writting is very good, and this is not an attempt to promt people to compliment my writting in fact I would prefer not to be complemented I don't take praise very well. Just in case any of you writting something after me, and please feel free to do so I'm sure you writting is very good. Well I've been writting for a bit now and feel as though I'm going to pass out soon on because of sleep depreivation. Then again you know what they say (on that note who are they? I've always wondered that and if some one could shed some light as to who they are where they work and if possible a phone number where I could contact they(or does it become them) that would be appreciated, thank you.)"Sleep is highly overrated"
Anyway thankyou for reading my writting and I and again feel free to write for my reading.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Oct 12th, 2002, 6:30pm
hehe i like reading writting, expecially if its something i like to read about, but writting, im not so good, every once and a while i kick out something worth reading, but not usually, its just not one of my strong points as for the whole they/them thing.... i have no idea, and it hurts my poor little brain to think about it lol  :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Oct 12th, 2002, 6:42pm
I love to write!! My problem is that i get inspired too much. I have around 60 stories started on my computer, and only one is finished.  It's an epic though ;)  I start soemthing and then go onto something else and eventually give up on the first thing because it gets boring but sometimes i go back to it...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Oct 13th, 2002, 4:40pm
Writing is one of my favorite things to do. I need to be inspired to write, but once I get that I can write for hours without even really thinking about it. I can get out all of my emotions, good and bad ones. Writing is a savior when my best friend ins't around for me to talk to about all of my problems. I love even just journal and diary writing too because it's just an outlet if nothing else. Sometimes I let people read my poems and everything like that. Some of it is mine and for my eyes only.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by creepie_michy on Oct 13th, 2002, 9:58pm
i love to write too the only thing is i lose most of the poems i write.. :\

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Oct 14th, 2002, 9:52am
Yeah, poems and songs are all over the place for me... i have like 3 notebooks that i write them in but they usually don't make it there because i write them in like psych class on a random piece of paper...   But they usually all end up on my hard drive somehow or other.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Oct 14th, 2002, 10:09am
Oh, I lose a lot of the stuff I write and it annoys me to no end. Because I will be so excited about soemthing that I wrote and then a few hours later I won't even be able to find it. Argh! Hehe. I hope that I will stop doing that one of these days.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Oct 14th, 2002, 10:05pm
I love writting poems and little short stories to amuse myself.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by TheAaron on Oct 17th, 2002, 6:31pm
ill read it

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Mojo on Oct 17th, 2002, 6:38pm
Ooh.. I've been interested in writing for a long time, but I don't really have the motivation. I have notebooks, too, with  fragments from stories here and there. My problem is that I have sooo many ideas but I don't feel comfortable writing many of them, even for myself. But lately I've been trying to counter that by free writing, stream-of-consciousness style, whenever a unique observation pops in my head- even (or especially!) if I'm in class.

What I really love to do is edit other people's writing. I'm so brutal, but I don't think it's mean. "Constructive criticism", right? I want to be an editor. :)

Wisen: I so know what you mean about not taking compliments well. They usually just end up making me feel uncomfortable and I struggle to deny them.  I've been trying to just say "thanks", but I still need some work.  :-/

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Oct 17th, 2002, 6:48pm
I also enjoy the stream of consciousness style. Or thoughts that strike me suddenly, there have been many nights when I'll be moments away from actually sleep only to sit up and scramble for a pen and a scrap of paper to copy down a thought, or idea.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Oct 17th, 2002, 9:41pm
I usually like writting when I'm either really sad or really happy. I guess I have to be at one extreme or else my writting sux.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Oct 17th, 2002, 11:22pm

on 10/17/02 at 18:48:04, wisensmart336 wrote:
I also enjoy the stream of consciousness style. Or thoughts that strike me suddenly, there have been many nights when I'll be moments away from actually sleep only to sit up and scramble for a pen and a scrap of paper to copy down a thought, or idea.

Dude i'm completely the same way!! I have a pencil in my bed, between the matress and the frame, and i stuck a thing of post-its up on the wall.  

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sunshinestar13 on Oct 18th, 2002, 7:57am
i love to write just as much as read..i seem to only be able to write well (what i think is well at least) when i am strongly feeling one emotion.. at a time in my life when i was really depressed i wrote alot of what would be called free verse i think.. i had aspirations of writting a book full of the free verse things and calling it shaddered misconceptions.. for awhile though my life has been composed of solely times and dates and order so i havent had much time to just write for a long period of time.. but i always bring a journal with me where ever i go just in case. but i always seem to have a problem which is i have so much to say (write) and i can think of it perfectly but as soon as i go to pick up the pen and paper its like a jolt back to reality and i forget everything..it sux.. and alot of my writting seems to give people this wrong perception of me.. like i am psycho. or sucidal.. but i am not .. so i dont share much of my writting.. i have also found that books also inspire me to write.. when i was reading Fight Club just the way the author wrote and his story just seemed to inspire me .. it was/is great...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Oct 22nd, 2002, 10:09am
I enjoy writing but I dont do it when i have free time, When I get an assignment from school that really interests me I will write on and on. The teacher gets that and her jaw drops to the floor, then the next assignment isnt so interesting to me and i can only get a few pages out of it. Teachers responce is what happened to that 8+ page paper? the topic was horrible so I dont have that much.

Its strange I have never been a big writer, but If i do find something interesting to write about I will write. I actually just bought a journal to start writing things down, so hopefully that will work.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by MonkeySleepy on Oct 22nd, 2002, 11:08am
I'm pretty sure it's writing.. not writting.. *asshat...away!!*

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Oct 22nd, 2002, 12:17pm
i also write little poems, some mayyybe into songs, but im no good with the whole music deal, i mean i PLAY bass... but writing for it is another matter... for me anyway

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Oct 22nd, 2002, 9:44pm
writing is for people who are cool

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Oct 23rd, 2002, 12:26pm
you mean to say im ACTUALLY cool?!?!?!?! lol wow its a first  ;D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Oct 23rd, 2002, 5:50pm
yeah, just another thing that further proves how cool i am. hehe

Title: Re: Writting
Post by SkippySami974 on Oct 23rd, 2002, 6:07pm
My friend writes amazing poems and they make me happy and sad and they are just amazing.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Oct 25th, 2002, 9:21pm
The night is dark the light is gone
The feeling I have for you I long
The days seem deep and dreary
I stay up waiting even though I'm weary
I write my poems when deep in bordem
I write these now to amuse the forum
I do my best enthralled with Sleep
So if you don't like them, off you can *Bleep*

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Oct 25th, 2002, 9:22pm
The night is dark the light is gone
The feeling I have for you I long
The days seem deep and dreary
I stay up waiting even though I'm weary
I write my poems when deep in bordem
I write these now to amuse the forum
I do my best enthralled with Sleep
So if you don't like them, off you can *Bleep*

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Oct 25th, 2002, 9:23pm
ooops theres a testiment to how tired I am right there

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Oct 26th, 2002, 11:09am
hehe i like that.... it was cool, my mom even chuckled  :) it mine end up being all .. weird, lol and they are usually about someone... and feelings... and emotions, but my vocabulary isnt the best (if you havnt noticed already) so yeah.... anyway.....

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Oct 27th, 2002, 1:08am
Cool poem wisensmart. I sometimes like writing in Spanish. It gives my writing another feel.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Oct 27th, 2002, 11:06am
yeah i write in German sometimes too

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Oct 27th, 2002, 11:48am
if i could speak (or write) well enough in a different langage i would probably write in them, but first i should get to know english a little better lol  ;)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Oct 27th, 2002, 1:24pm
I wish I could write in another language. I took Spanish for 8 years and I hardly remember any of it at all and now I'll have to take it here and that freaks me out because I am afraid that I'll fail! Hehe.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Oct 29th, 2002, 1:50pm
dont worry i took spanish for 5 years, but i dont remember very much....personally i dont really care, it wasnt all taht bad or anything, its just the STUPID CONJIGATIONS!!!!! with like 8 different tenses BLAHHHHHH!!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Oct 30th, 2002, 8:41pm
yeah the conjigations were pretty tough at times too. But since Spanish was my first language I was just think of the phrase or word in my head and see if it sounded right. And if I didn't know I would just ask my mom. But I like writting in Spanish it's fun. You get to use words in different ways and plus when you know spanish you can laugh at the funny things people say when there speaking Spanish.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Nov 1st, 2002, 6:30pm
ok since this is a writing post i figured id write some of the "stuff" ive done.. you can tell me if they are any good or not.... or stuff for revisions ..i wrote this one on july 1st 2002

Once i knew you, we were so good together
There were times that i wished could last forever
They will always be with me, caught in my heart
You will be with me, forever, in my heart

Now whats going on? You're drifting away
You're leaving me behind, making me stay
Soon I'll be in the past, nowhere to be found
Soon I'll be gone, without a sound

I'll miss you so much when you eventually go
I'll be so alone with nowhere to go
but untill that time I'll treasure our time together
because you will be with me, in my heart.... forever

yeah that was for this kid i was like obsessed with, we are best friends, and he's not leaving anytime soon, well thats what he says, and i believe him...lol

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 6th, 2002, 3:47pm
obsession is a bad thing. thats just what I think
but that poem is good and I enjoyed
thank you.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Nov 6th, 2002, 3:54pm
thanks scott.. its an ok one..... ill put down some others, when i get the modivation to go upstairs and get my sketch book with them in it lol  ::)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Nov 6th, 2002, 8:50pm
Yeah I really liked your poem also! And I have to say that obsession is very bad I know that subject quite well, hehe. Anyway I think it's really cool that you guys are able to put poetry on the forum like that.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 6th, 2002, 9:07pm
well the clock is growing late which means two things.
I have no work tomorrow, and I want to write.

The summer nights
the cool dark fights
all the people in street lights
random thoughts fly back and fourth
I sit and wait and watch my earth
While the hairs sit in seats full of gerth(sp)
I want to know where I placed my dime
for when the winter mornings shine
there will be nothing left for me on which to dine.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 6th, 2002, 9:10pm
This is obviously not by me but I like it.

~ The Cold Within ~

Six humans trapped by happenstance
in black and bitter cold,
each possessed a stick of wood,
or so the story's told.

Their dying fire in need of logs,
the first woman held hers back,
for on the faces around the fire
she noticed one was black.

The next man looking 'cross the way
saw one not of his church,
and couldn't bring himself to give
the fire his stick of birch.

The third one sat in tattered clothes;
he gave his coat a hitch.
Why should his log be put to use,
to warm the idle rich?

The rich man just sat back and thought
of the wealth he had in store,
and how to keep what he had earned
from the lazy, shiftless poor.

The black man's face bespoke revenge,
as the fire passed from his sight,
for all he saw in his stick of wood
was a chance to spite the white.

And the last man of this forlorn group
did naught except for gain:
giving only to those who gave,
was how he played the game.

The logs held tight in death's stilled hands,
were proof of human sin.
They didn't die from the cold without,
they died from the cold within.
-Author unknown

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sunshinestar13 on Nov 6th, 2002, 11:32pm
i am also gonna include a poem not written by me.. because the way this author writes captures me like a dream that you have not quite woken from yet....

but as a side note i dont actually believe in self mulitalation.. but the writing is really good.. so please dont form a warped perception of me.. thank you  :)

Cut-- by Sylvia Plath

What a thrill---
My thumb instead of an onion
The top quite gone
Except for a sort of a hinge

Of skin,
A flap like a hat,
Dead white
Then that red plush.

Little pilgrim,
The Indian's axed your scalp.
Your turkey wattle
Carpet rolls.

Straight from the heart
I step on it,
Clutching my bottle
Of pink fizz.

A celebration, this is.
Out of a gap
A million soldiers run,
red coats, every one.

Whose side are they on?
O my
Homuneulus, I am ill.
I have taken a pill to kill.

The thin
Papery felling
Kamikaze man---

the stain on your
Gaze Ku Klux Klan
darkens and tarnishes and when

The balled
Pulp of your heart
Confronts its smal
Mill of silence

How you jump---
Trepanned veteran,
Dirty girl,
Thumb stump.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Nov 7th, 2002, 2:54pm
lately i've been on such a creative streak, from like all these emotions... anyway i write this song yesterday, it all just came together, even the music which usually takes me a while.  Here's the lyrics (by the way you guys, all your stuff rocks!! keep posting it, i'll keep reading it) (and PS yes line 5 is a play off/ allusion to bohemian rhapsody...)


So i guess that i should never say how i feel
Because once again i did, and look where it got me
Not exactly a lifetime in prison but still, you can't complain
Because you're the one who's dealing out all of the pain.

So you think that you can just leave me here to cry
Well that's not gonna happen cause you're not worth it
I'm not gonna hold on for dear life and beg fo ryou to return
Because i'm the one who's winning the hand this turn.

Deal me an ace, deal me a king
It doesn't mean i'll be missing anything.
Deal me a diamond, deal me a heart
I'm missing you less and less the more we're apart.

So i guess that i'm allowed to move on now
After all this waiting that didn't pay off
Waiting for you to see what to do--now i can think for mnyself
Because you're the one who made me Queen of Spades.

Deal me a jack, deal me a queen
Maybe someday you'll understand what it means
Deal me a club, deal me a spade
I'm turning my back more and more every day

Deal me an end, deal me a lie
Maybe you can stop and ask yourself why
You'd deal me your heart and keep mine up your sleeve
And hold it against me even after you leave.

So i guess taht i should never have wasted my time
On someone like you who plays with emotions
Back in the past, fun while it lasted, until i let you see
That playing a game of hearts is not for me.
(c) 2002 by Ashley Bowman

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Nov 7th, 2002, 6:15pm
scott~ i like the one you wrote
the one about cutting was well writen, i liked it
ash~wow that was totally awsome.. i loved it  :)
ok now heres another of mine
*side note* most of my poems are about the same person, hes been a big influence on the past year of my life, good and bad...

broken dreams

what are you doing?
how can you treat me like this?
you know how i feel about you
and you just turn away

we've spent so much time together
i thought my dreams would finally come true
then you threw it in my face
like you never even knew

now what am i sposed to do?
you have someone to love,
but i'm just left in the dust
just like the old days that were true

i thought i had left all that behind
that maybe i found the one
the one that i could love,
and you'd feel the same way too

i guess its not ture oh well it looks like i'll have to move on
even though i don't want to
because im still in love with you

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 7th, 2002, 8:14pm
I saw someone today whom I haven't seen in a long time so alas inspiration struck me.

To wait for you is eternity
longing for you is a fratirnity
your heart you say is for one
You betrayed your heart and so I'm done
Good luck to on your travels
as the story of life unravels
I thoroughly(sp)enjoy your company
until next we meet the days seem less sunny

its not much, but its there

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Nov 8th, 2002, 7:34pm
dude you guys rock, we should make a JS fans anthology lol

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Nov 8th, 2002, 9:19pm
Hehe, not a bad idea. I might even try to write a little something for it. It probably wouldn't be very good though.... hmmm....

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Nov 8th, 2002, 9:26pm
Okay, in my English class we had to write a little thing like a tribute to something important in your family, like your name. I wrote this poem about my biological father, since he gave me my last name. Not great, but it helped me get some emotions out! (Oh yeah, I hardly ever rhyme in my poems... don't ask me, I just don't do it.)

Once I was ashamed
to write that name on a paper.
W... h... i... t...
something has to make it stop.
I don't even know my own name.
All it does is remind me
of the love you ever gave,
the time you never spent,
the memories you never made,
the life you left behind.
I see hope in that name now,
hope in my life
and how great it is
without you in it.
A name that was once so empty
is full of broken hearts and unkept promises
and all of my insecurities.
Now I add my own promise,
to never live up to this name,
to make my own life
and to never be like you...
I'm going to stop hanging out
with all my hang ups.
A name is just a name,
what you do with it
makes it your own.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Nov 8th, 2002, 9:40pm
val you rock! that was awesome.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Nov 8th, 2002, 10:33pm
Thanks Ash :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 9th, 2002, 1:58pm
well done val I liked it much.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Nov 9th, 2002, 11:10pm
Thanks! Now I feel all warm, fuzzy and special! Hehe.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Nov 10th, 2002, 7:27pm
dude... val.. that totally was awsome..

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Nov 10th, 2002, 10:15pm
I am so bad at taking compliments!!!! Ahhhhhhhh! I feel like my head is going to explode!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Nov 11th, 2002, 8:40am
lol well thats too bad.... take them anyway!  ;)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Nov 11th, 2002, 1:48pm
i started writing this in my head when i was greeting people at work, then i started writing it down on a receipt on the bus ride home, and last night i said to myself "DUDE you better write that all down before you forget it."

Roll the dice and take the dive, take a chance while you're alive
Understand there's more to me than meets the eye and what you see
There's old people who are still young..
Short people who are still tall, tall people who still feel small
Dark people can still be bright, colorful people can be white
Weak people who're still strong, brunettes who just wanna be blond
Warm people who are still cold, children who just act so old
There are lovers who love to hate... for you i'll sit and wait..
Toss the coin, see for yourself, the city lines of unending wealth
Underneath the satin and lace are all the things that can't be replaced
Through the memories and pain, there's some things that never change
Take your coat off, feel the air and see more than what's really there...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 11th, 2002, 2:00pm
umm, I searching my mind for a word similar to 'wow' but means more. that was great ash, I commend you on your writing and I think wowhoa, is the best I can come up with

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Nov 11th, 2002, 6:29pm
Rockin' Ash, totally rockin'. Did the hot guys at FYE inspire you to write that? Woo!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Nov 11th, 2002, 7:59pm
thanks guys!

Val, no, the hot guys at FYE didn't inspire it.  the part about all the people was just inspired by all the different kinds of people you see when you work standing there saying hi to people for 2 and a half hours.  started off with those old people who are still young... and just went from there... and the "you" i'm talking about... i'll never tell ;)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Nov 11th, 2002, 8:04pm
PS: if you guys keep posting on here, i want to print all our "writings" out and put them into a book, just to have.. my mom has a binding machine... so maybe in like a month or something i'll print out everything on here and put it all together to look pretty so i can have something to look at for inspiration :) let me know if you guys want a copy!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Nov 11th, 2002, 8:33pm
I want one! I want one! I'll post  more when I find things that I think are good enough to try to put in a book like that... hmmm....

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Nov 12th, 2002, 1:53pm
oh! i want one i want one ::raising hand egerly like a little kid that knows the answer and darn proud:: lol yeah im a freak.....
but all you guy's writing is soooo good i def want a copy you rock! ;D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 12th, 2002, 4:32pm
That would be awsome you rock ash , that would be so cool

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 13th, 2002, 9:40pm
ahh at last the depression sets in. I feel much more normal now ahhh.

Waiting here looking for you
searching with nothing to do
The winter night closes in over the tree
You have a tight hold over me
The more I struggle to escape your grasp
the more I'm held here for the air that I gasp
I will get in from out of the cold
I'll show you that yes I can be bold
no matter what it takes to prove you wrong
We'll find eachother before its to long.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by muse on Nov 14th, 2002, 12:25am
ok so I am usually asleep pretty early but today I can;t seem to close my eyes and I was catching up on the posts and I came across this one.  I just have to say that you guys are awesome...
So I have been keeping a journal for as long as I can remeber and I usually just write my thoughts down but every once in a while I pen a poem or story or a thought (usually on a scrap that I throw in a random drawer until I find it and my journal at the same time...then I put it in the pages of the book)  So I found thid today when it fell out of my notebook...I have never shared anything I didn;t write specifically to share before

Please help me
...to find my way
For I am not lost
Just wandering
'till I'm far away
you stand looking
As though you know nothing
When I know you have the directions
But I gladly take take
your puzzlement
rather than the directions to your unjust world
I am wandering looking for the keyhole
into which my heart fits
I know that it is nowhere to be found
But i will keep checking the doors
...on my journey

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Nov 14th, 2002, 6:32pm
scott and muse, i like both of those they were good
well this is what my buddy jakey wrote on the back of his senior picture he gave me... its a silly diddy he wrote for me
she is a loon
she caught the moth of Doom
I'll show you my butt (moon)
I hope to see you soon!

hehe it made me giggle, and the moth of Doom was a moth i caught for out bio project, it was an evil moth, and he moons everyone..... if you were wondering.. lol
yeah for random-ness! ;D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 14th, 2002, 9:15pm
hahah lol:) :D ::) :P :-* ;D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 14th, 2002, 9:16pm
one of those smilies arn't supposed to be there can you guess which one

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Nov 15th, 2002, 11:38am
tee hee ;) (no its not that one.. i just wanted to use it)  :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 16th, 2002, 5:49pm
Well if anyone feels the urge to look back at the first post I put up on this topic you'll notice its just me rambaling about writing, so I decided to do that again and if you don't like well, umm oh well I guess.
I was thinking today which as I've mentioned before is not a very good thing and an conversation I had with nox today and rockchick a couple days ago, or was it yesterday.( I have a very bad memory.) in anycase I those two conversations sparked this little bit here.
As of I say about 3-4 days ago I've been happier than usual, due of all things a girl who has recently appeared in my life. Well heres the rub, when I'm happy my creative drive drops like ten fold. Not that I only write about depression or depressing things but. when I'm unhappy I write in my opinion, write everything better. I write happy things better when I'm unhappy, funny things better I know that may sound weird but hey I'm a weird guy and have a write to be so (Thats not a typo, just a bad pun.) so in anycase my "story/book" has me in a bit of a block of on account of my being happy which is personally a good thing, but creativly I guess its not such a good thing. So I guess I'm just looking for another opinion or comment on the subject. feel free.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Nov 16th, 2002, 6:09pm
well you already heard my opinion... and i cant think of much more to say about it.... but enjoy being happy, because it can dissapear sometimes without warning...
but im gonna write another one of my old dittys i did a while ago
how cool would it be? (writen on 9/25/02)
how cool would it be,
if we could be together?
never apart,
always in tune with each other

to know what your thinking
and how your feeling
it would be so great
to both have someone we trust

i can always confide in you
you know you can do the same with me
i'm glad i have you
always there when i really need a friend

i just hope we'll be together
together, through thick and thin
just to be together
and never be apart

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Nov 16th, 2002, 10:01pm
I have to agree with Scott when he says that when your "happy" your writting tends to slip (I'm talkin about me). That might not be the case with everyone though. But I think i'd rather be extremely happy then write the most beautiful poetry and in pain.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Nov 16th, 2002, 10:36pm

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Nov 20th, 2002, 1:15am
hmm everyone's avoiding this topic like the plague  :o

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sunshinestar13 on Nov 20th, 2002, 2:22pm
i would have to agree with the only writing when i am not "happy" thing.. there was a time in my life where i was really really depressed.. and also grounded for 5 1/2 months.. i have really strict parents... anyhoo during this time i wrote every night for hours .. very deep things and then when i guess i was better.. or happier.. i would go to my journal and have to force myself to write needless to say it didnt go well... so anyhoo.. i dont know sometimes i wish i could just go back to certain states of mind i used to have although i know they were a bit unhealthy to say the least

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Nov 20th, 2002, 8:33pm

Author: Ebbe Perales

If loving you is wrong

Then my heart knows not what is right

I cry myself to sleep

Every second of the night

What is there to do?

What is there to say?

I know I can't have you

But still I give my heart away

I'd walk a thousand miles

And cry a thousand tears

Just to know your love

Will be waiting for me

But what is there to feel?

When you don't feel the same?

I know I can't have you

But still I give my love away

You are my dream come true

I wished upon a star for you

But what am I to know?

If you really love me so

I know I can't have you

But still I give myself away

I found this poem today i thought it was really pretty and should share

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 20th, 2002, 8:59pm
To live is to lose.
If this is life then whose
The man in carge up in the sky
we have free will to live or to die
we must savor(sp) those around us
They can leave at any moment with out a fuss
to want is to have
to have is to love
to love is to have
to love is to lose

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Nov 21st, 2002, 6:19pm
wow i liked both of those a lot, and the one by Ebbe Perales  actually describes a big portion of the past year.... ::sigh::

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Nov 21st, 2002, 8:21pm
Yeah I just saw this poem and it was like she read my mind. But I guess we all have felt like that before.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Nov 22nd, 2002, 1:05am
A little poem for y'all

I just wanna cry
He left me without a goodbye
Like our time was nothing
I thought I had found something
I was wrong
I came on too strong
I gave too much
And he didnt give enough
I let him slip away
but I played it brave
I stayed and felt the pain
And relived the memories in my brain.
Why did he leave?
Wasn't I enough?
Don't I deserve to be loved?
I just wanna cry
And subdue all the feelings I have inside.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Nov 22nd, 2002, 12:27pm
here's one of my own...

To a Dying Hard Drive

You brought me such joy
More than once in a while
But now all my memories are being destroyed
And now i have lost all my memorable files.
We had such good times
Before that fateful day
And now i've lost my stories and rhymes
And compositions are deteriorating away.
Oh, what can i do
Without you always here
I was connected to the world when i had you
Now AIM, my link, has disappeared
No other new drive
Can replace what we had
You used to make me feel so alive
But with your breakdown i'm now so very sad
So goodbye, my friend
Take with you my files
Our true friendship i know will never end
And upon thinking of you i will always smile.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by dreamdaughter on Nov 22nd, 2002, 12:58pm
Message reached
Us swiftly, like
A fire consuming
The miles of
Parched creation and
Reaching heavenward
For an answer.
Stripped of all senses,
We realize everything, but understand nothing.
Salted eyes scan the horizon: "What do we hope for?"
Time rides on Angel's wings; we follow behind,
Plodding heavily, shoulders bent, through grief's desert--
This world was too barren for your luminous spirit to thrive
Your soul sought sanctity, yet found no temporal respite.
(aphienai to pnevma)
The flame shuddered
At passing breath,
Was snuffed out,
And left only the
Memory of its light.
And you, Angelica?
Have you taken it
With you?  What
Are we left with?
A cherubimic hymn?
A wooden image,
Haloed in gold?
A jeweled chalice,
A holy mystery?
Yes, and this hope:
Our eternal reunion.

Line 16 was originally written in Greek, but I don't have a Greek font on this computer.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 22nd, 2002, 4:36pm
wow those last 3 were really really good

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Nov 22nd, 2002, 5:28pm
i definitly have to agree with mr. wiggl... i mean scott  ;)
those poems were awsome, the first two like completly described how i felt about 3mths ago...very depressing time..... but yeah anyway... those were great, im not that great at writing even though i still try....

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Nov 23rd, 2002, 12:17pm
Keep em coming guys, one of these days i'm gonna print out this whole thread.  yay!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Nov 23rd, 2002, 12:25pm
This one is by my hero E A Robinson, who i'm sure would be my soulmate if we lived at the same time. I've read this one so many times it's committed to memory for good... my favorite poem in the world:

The Unforgiven

When he, who is the unforgiven,
Beheld her first, he found her fair.
No promise ever dreamt in Heaven
Could then have lured him anywhere
That would have been away from there;
And all his wits had lightly striven,
Foiled with her voice, and eyes, and hair.

There's nothing in the saints and sages
To meet the shafts her glances had,
Or such as hers have had for ages
To blind a man till he be glad,
Or humble him till he be mad;
The story would have many pages
And would be neither good nor bad.

And having followed, you would find him
Where properly the play begins
But look for no red light behind him,
No fumes of many-colored sins
Fanned high by screaming violins--
God knows what good it was to blind him,
And whether man or woman wins.

And by the same eternal token,
Who knows just how it all will end?
This drama of hard words unspoken,
This fireside farce, without a friend
Or enemy to comprehend
What augurs when two lives are broken
And fear finds nothing left to mend.

He stares in vain for what awaits him
And sees in Love a coin to toss
He smiles, and her cold hush berates him
Beneath his hard half of the cross.
They wonder why it ever was;
And she, the Unforgiving, hates him
More for her lack than for her loss.

He feeds with pride his indecision
And shrinks from what will not occur
Bequeathing with infirm derision
His ashes to the days that were
Before she made him prisoner;
And labors to retrieve the vision
That he must once have had of her.

He waits, and there awaits an ending,
But he knows neither what nor when
And no magicians are attending
To make him see as he saw then
And he will never find again
The face that once had been the rending
Of all his purpose among men.

He blames her not, nor does he chide her
And she has nothing new to say
If he were Bluebeard, he could hide her
But that's not written in the play.
And there will be no change today
ALthough, to the serene outsider,
There still would seem to be a way.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Nov 23rd, 2002, 7:06pm
i liked that  :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Nov 24th, 2002, 12:58am
wow ash that was really good! I think it could be a good song.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by dreamdaughter on Nov 24th, 2002, 10:27am
I am such a dork.  I was so distracted when I posted that poem that I forgot what I had originally wanted to say about it:

Hey Scott--
This is that poem I was telling you about...the one I wrote after I found out that my friend Angelica was killed in a car accident.  I don't normally like people to see my poetry, but since we were talking about it I decided to go ahead and put it up here.
Hmm...perhaps I should also tell you what the Greek means, as the second half of the poem doesn't make much sense without it.  OK, so roughly translated it means a passing of breath or spirit.  The Greeks believed that a person's breath and spirit are intermingled - inseperable, in a sense - so their word  pnevma means both breath and spirit.  So the imagery there is an analogy between a breath blowing out a candle and the passing of Angelica's spirit taking away her earthly light/life.  So basically I wasn't trying to throw some Greek in there just to be pretentious; it was just the only way that I could really make that analogy.

And now that I've typed all that out, I'm realizing that I probably should've just sent you a private message.  Whatever.  I'm too lazy to retype everything.
Sorry, everyone, for wasting your time!   :-/

P.S. Ash, I love E. A. Robinson!  Good call!   :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 24th, 2002, 2:23pm
Thank you.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Nov 24th, 2002, 5:23pm
ahhh Robinson is the best, he's my favorite poet ever, it's so cool that someone else likes him on here!  here's another one of his that i memorized...

The Dark Hills

Dark hills at evening in the west
Where sunset hovers like a sound
Of golden horns that sang to rest
Old bones of warriors underground
Far now from all the banner'd ways
Where flash the legions of the sun
You fade--as if the last of days
Were fading, and all wars were done.

my favorite one by him is like 14 pages long so i'll spare you all... go visit my tribute site of him at http://www.geocities.com/ashleythrockstar2002/robinson.html :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 24th, 2002, 5:38pm
                               Great Oak Tree

I sit under the great oak tree
The branches stretch to cover me
I look above at the great green leaves
The lights fights through the gaps

The branches stretch in every direction
The curves of each may seem like perfection
To others though some seem dangerously short
While the longer thicker ones show more support

To the top, it will take some time
Choose each branch and begin to climb
Foregin things hang in the tree
A birds nest, a foot ball and friseby

When the top you reach all the leaves have gone
The winter cold won't be long
The ground will be covered with powdered snow
Away from the great oak we must go

Its branches are stripped and bare
We can no longer stay here.
Under the beautiful great oak tree
Under the beautiful great oak tree.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Nov 28th, 2002, 8:38pm
i havnt written very much latley at all.... dunno why... maybe because im not happy, and im not sad, im kinda just.. blah...i dont know... its weird...... maybe i will get some inspiration soon
oh and i saw that its definitly written... so im guessing that writting is spelled write too.......lol ....yeah im a freak lol  ;D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 29th, 2002, 12:37pm
powder from the night,
all is absent in the light
The cold over comes
I surrender to it.
sink into it, embrace it
deep and lost into the nothingness
I feel empty and lost.
To feel right, but at what cost
to lose it all
don't want to fall
like the powder from the sky

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Nov 30th, 2002, 8:28pm
wow scott i really liked that.... it was really good  :)
(i heart snow) <~~tee hee

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Dec 2nd, 2002, 9:52pm
good ones! keep it up guys.. i wrote this one tonight

Dying Roses

I wish i could tell you
It hurts to talk
But you wouldn't understand
I wish you did so much, i wish you did
Then it wouldn't be this way
I wouldn't feel this way
I wish i could tell you
What you did to me
But you'd typecast me with the rest
Even when i'm trying to be different
I wish it weren't this way
So i wouldn't feel this way
But that's the way it goes
Wake up and face the rising sun
Start it all over and over again
Forgetting where we had begun
I'll hang and dry a dying rose
Keep inside what no one knows
Because that's the way it goes.

I wish i could tell you
It hurts to talk
But you'd disappear again
I wish you'd stay, so much i wish you'd stay
So it wouldn't be this way
I wouldn't fall this way
I wish i could tell you
All the pain inside
But you'd call me unforgiving, unrelenting
Even when i'm trying to let go
I wish it weren't this way
I wish i weren't this way
But that's the way it goes
Close your eyes against the setting sun
Leave it behind over and over again
Each night thinking it's all done
I'll grind a rose to potpourri
Keeping what's unique to me
That's the way it'll always be
(c)2002 by Ashley Bowman

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 3rd, 2002, 6:19pm
wow i REALLY liked that one, you have a way of writting of how i feel really well.... and whats weird is the guy i was"seeing" last year actually gave me a dozen roses, and i still have a dried one in my room.... ::sigh:: :-[

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Dec 4th, 2002, 7:55am
the rose thing... yeah i hang like all my roses up to dry...  pink roses used to be my favorite flower because my friend ryan gave me one on valentine's day and i had a huge crush on him so yeah... anyway it just went along with what i was writing.  because now that rose is all faded and dried away.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Dec 4th, 2002, 8:51pm
You were

you were my prince in my fairy stories
you were my knight in my battles
the one I could always count on when i was down
You made me see what love could really be
Now my fairy tale is all but a memory
trying to forget your kisses still eludes me
I remember the dreams we shared
The love that was so pervasive and unaware
I see that you wanted to be free
But know that it hurt me
You were so kind that it hurt to let go
you were my lullaby at night
you stopped my cry and gave me life
But now it seems it was just a dream
Something so beautiful that i wonder why it happend to me
I remember all the pain that you left me
But now i see it was for the best
that this love couldn't last
I knew that this prince couldn't wait till the last dance
But I still believed in you and let you take my hand

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Dec 5th, 2002, 1:53pm
wow that was really awesome... it's so cool how so many times stuff you guys write always makes me go "YEAH!!" because that's how i feel too and i couldn't put words to it.  Anyway i wrote this one today in politics class...

There's a path through the thistle
Where the wasps and bees circle around my feet
In my backyard--just follow
Through the green and thorns, purple flowers and heat
In the overgrown wild
I can't see my way, over the hill i roam
There's a path through the thistle
Through the tangled maze, leading me toward home.

There's a path through the thistle
And i know because i traveled there last night
In the pink of the daylight
I went when the wasps were stinging at my eyes
The path was my refuge
In the midst of prickers biting at my skin
There's a path through the thistle
And the highland song inside speaks of my kin

There's a path through the thistle
And i'll leave New York, following this green way
Heading home to the Highlands
There to make my way, uncertain as the day.
In the overgrown memories
I can't see my way, over the hill i roam
There's a path through the thistle
Through the tangled vines, leading me toward home.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Dec 5th, 2002, 2:49pm
whoa I mean like wow like those last 2 were awsome

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Dec 5th, 2002, 5:00pm
ok i'm looking at printing this stuff out and making myself a book like sunday or monday... jus tthought i'd give yall fair warning in case you want to put more on here...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 5th, 2002, 6:26pm
wow sillyfairy that was great... that def explains a lot for me... well you know what i mean .....its like ash said.... it made me say "yeah i feel like that!" lol
and ash that was awsome as well.... i give one big AYE! for being scottish  ;D i really need to start writting more, i havnt for some time......  :-/

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Dec 5th, 2002, 7:14pm
oh yeah ps anyone have anything i could call it? like when i print all this stuff out and make a title page for it what should it say?  i was thinking just "writing..." because that's the title of the thread... but yeah can you guys think of anything else?

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Dec 5th, 2002, 8:19pm
                                  Cherry wine
               writings and poems inspired by
                   the music of jupiter sunrise

ok so maybe they weren't exactly inspired by JS but its just an idea.

               For you.

I shiver in the cold for you
I wait in the night for you
I want to be alone with you
I need to be wanted by you

In the streets I look for you
under the lights I hope for you
covered in snow I pray for you
alone I wonder about you

Taken from me
left alone because of him
I don't believe it
I won't believe it

I gave my heart to you
you took my heart from me
I gave you all I had
but still it wasn't enough

The evil disease took you from me
I loathe the being who saw fit
to spite the world by taking you from it
A great one is lost, gone in the past

Forever you live in our memories,
in our hearts you will never cease
I loved you much like so many
I love you forever my Leeora.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Dec 5th, 2002, 10:42pm
ok guess what, i lied--instead i printed it all out tonight and taped it all into a book, cut and paste like, i'm gonna retype everything to make it look nice so while i'm in the process of that if you guys have any more stuff you want me to add then yeah:)  oh and i think i'm gonna call it "Re: Writing"  because that's what every post says on it... :)  and if you want a copy then feel free to email me, [email protected].. have a good one!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 6th, 2002, 6:36pm
i liked that one scott... it was good...kinda depressing, but very good

heres another one of my not the best ones...lol

"missing you already"

I'm missing you already
your not even gone yet
what am i going to do when your not around?
your my best friend

Who's gonna make me laugh?
Who's gonna make fun of me jokingly?
Who am i going to make fun of while you are away?
I'm missing you already

Your so great
and you give awsome hugs
your only gonna be four hours away
but it seems so far from me

You better come visit
or i might have to hurt you
not that i really could
but we both know id try :)

Im missing you already
i cant wait to come see you
We'll be together a whole weekend
We'll have so much fun
    but untill then
          I'll be missing you

*side note* i orgianlly wrote the poem with the smilie :)
and i couldnt think of a better word than jokingly.... oh well...darn me and my little vocabulary   ;)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 6th, 2002, 6:38pm
ps that is dedicated to my friend jackson deziel, i wrote it a little bit before he left to NY for collage... but he'll be back for christmas!!! :D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Dec 8th, 2002, 11:43am
I wrote this poem almost 2 years ago.. but I always thought some of the lines really sounded kinda cool...

"The End"
We walked hand in hand that night,
underneath the all-seeing moon.
You told me your feelings,
I told you my deepest fears,
as the stars listened to every word.
You said it wasn't working
and begged for another chance.
I bowed my head and fought back tears
because I knew it was over,
this time for good.
No more walks under the moon,
no sitting in our secret place
where we could escape from the rest of the world.
It's the little things I'm maaing the most.
I think off all this as the tears fall.
I look up at you
only to see your hair around your face,
trying to sheild me from seeing
the emotions men always try to hide.
I feel a drop on my shoulder
as the heavens let loos their tears
all around us,
so that we won't feel so alone.
When we get up to leave,
we won't be walking hand in hand anymore,
there will be no more us,
just you and me,
As I walks away with my tears
blending as one with the sky's,
I remember that I am not truly alone,
I have my memories
to hold on to.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 8th, 2002, 4:37pm
oh wow, that was really good, .... wow..... i really liked that...very emotional and really good
and i just noticed that i need to extend my vocabulary beond "really" lol

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 8th, 2002, 6:26pm
ok i wrote this one the other nite, im not quite sure where it came from, maybe because im reading a book on the end of the world, and mudvane was playing on the radio, who knows lol anyway here it is

He's Comming

while you still can
get away from here
He's comming soon

you dont want to get in His way
He will do unimaginable things
to your body and soul

please run
theres not much time left
i don't want you to go through this
oh god no, He's here
ill miss you, Good bye

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Dec 8th, 2002, 10:39pm
wow... last 4 were amazing... you all never cease to mystify me with how awesome your writing is.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 9th, 2002, 7:17pm
aww thanks ash! but i really like what you write too!  ;D
and im gonna write another one... that i did on 11-22-02, its not the best, but its cute, and about jakey... anyway here i go

here we go again
doing the things we do
when will i build the courage,
to tell you what i want to?

you're so cute
expecially when you sneeze
it makes me want to pintch your cheeks
Just come to me please

i wont leave you
if you wont leave me
so make me this promise,
that we will always be happy

we'll listen to music
and sing loudl to it to
granted we do that alrewady
and still say ::sigh:: moo

maybe tomorrow will be the day
that ill have the courage
to tell you what i want to
so we can go to the next page

there are some inside jokes in there... so yeah.... anyway.... kinda silly, but cute  :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 9th, 2002, 7:19pm
ok in the fourth stanza thingy loudl=loudly and alrewady=already .... my hands are REALLY cold.... :-/

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Dec 10th, 2002, 7:30pm
its not that great and its kinda a work in progress.

Takin a walk strollin' down the street
seein' the sight down the sunsett strip
rodeo drive and ventura blv.
I see all the LAs hangin in the street
the wannabes has-beens never was
all the nows lyin through there teeth

"ohh I hi I love you"
"you were great in that"
"hey its my favorite you look great"
talking down to me the regular man
"don't you know who I am"
"you can't do that to ME"
"I'm not a lawyer but I play one on TV"

Getting lost in the crowd
still feeling falsly proud
looking around, staring at the ground
can't find my place 'I'm lost in space'
I have no 'friends' show my fears no more 'cheers'
themes the who, its so good  
NYPD blue law and order and SVU
nash bridges nice car then I'll move on to drama
Next up is ER I hope theres a charecter for me
"I'm not a doctor but I play one on TV"

snl light night live
save my career its taken  dive
the comments come again and again
"ohh hi, can you sign this"
"is that you on the side walk there"
"wow you look different, shorter than I thought"
"your all washed up can play anymore"
why do they all have to forget me
I'll get a face lift to lift my life
yes my life can be saved by more plastic surgery
"weren't you a doctor, a lawyer?"
"No but I played one on TV"

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Dec 11th, 2002, 9:33am
you guys rock... that last one has a really singsongy tone to it, can i write music to it?

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Dec 11th, 2002, 11:29am
thats so weird because while I was writing it I thought about that, and thought it would be cool if you did you totally can.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Dec 11th, 2002, 2:20pm
I just wrote my first song today in art class...if I could play cords on the guitar it would be much easier. I do have an idea of what i want it to sound like. Im glad art class is so peaceful that I can write down songs.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 11th, 2002, 5:40pm
scott, i really liked that, andit does have a sing song type of ... umm... theme(?) to it
hehe i love my "second"sculpture class, which is really a mod off, and i go to the pottery class with lots of cool people, andi get lots of extra work done :) sculpture rocks! ;D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Dec 11th, 2002, 5:48pm
dude mimi this summer we're gonna jam and write songs! yeah!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Dec 11th, 2002, 6:58pm
ok this isnt really done and im not sure it makes much sense but to a acustic guitar it would be amazing to me. so here it goes:

fighting so hard to believe
fighting so hard just to see
being away, but able to believe

Dying inside, dying to see
why do i believe, this is what I want
Being that person, that just believes
being that person, who just cannot see

All the people around you,
Trying so hard to keep you down,
why do I believe and not see
That this just has to be

why cant i see,
see the person who is just so in to me
blinded by my hopes and dreams

why is it so hard to see
see the person who means so much to me,
who is in my heart and in my dreams

longing and striving just to believe
oh how i would love to see

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Dec 11th, 2002, 7:07pm
That totally rocks Mimi!!!! Rock out!!!! I love it, I can relate to it too! :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Dec 11th, 2002, 7:08pm
Here's another one I wrote awhile ago... I guess I need some new stuff. Heh.

"Too Late"
I tried so hard to put myself back onto that pedistal.
The pedistal you put me on so long ago.
I got knocked off and replaced before I had a chance to protest,
or at least ask for a reason why.
One second I'm the apple of your eye,
the next I'm simply the girl you talk to in the hall.
I tried to find out what it was about me that you loved so much,
I tried to find out what it was about her you loved so much more.
I wanted to find a way for you to look at me that way again.
I wanted you to love me as much as I loved you.
But I never found out why or how.
I just cried and wanted the past to come back,
to see if I could've changed it somehow,
made everything perfect and the way I wanted it to be.
Seeing you everyday made me yern so badly for what was no longer.
I never cried so much over one person.
I never died inside so much for one person.
But you never the pain in my eyes or the sadness in my voice,
you thought I was perfectly fine.
That's the way that I wanted it to be.
But now you ask questions and want me to explain things,
and it brings back everything I felt and thought.
I cried once again for what seemed even farther away than ever before,
I realized that I still yern for it,
I still desire to have something that was never there to begin with.
I look at you and I know you'll never truly understand,
you can never understand what you're uncapable of.
You'll always think of me as an immature little girl,
you'll always think you have the answers.
But you'll never know the real me,
you'll never have all the answers my dear.
I'm more mature than you've ever imagined.
You can keep chasing after what's not even worth it.
I've decided to stop right here.
Yes, I may never get over you and I'll always yern to get it back,
but I won't let it stand in my way of my happiness.
People tell me that you'll realize your mistake.
But by then it will be too late.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Dec 11th, 2002, 7:18pm
Here's one I had to write in my 11th grade English class... I kept it because I just thought it was interesting. It really showed who I was at that point...

"I Am"

I am the one with something to say, dreams in her head and stars in her eyes.
I wonder why people are ignorant enough to judge on looks, money and poularity.
I hear the quiet noise inside my head.
I see a single light in the darkness of my depression.
I am the one with something to say, dreams in her head and stars in her eyes.

I pretend to be Tori Amos as I sit at my piano.
I feel the beautiful agony within his soul.
I touch the flyaway strands of hair that whisper in my ear.
I worry about my future and if I'll ever reach my goals.
I cry everytime I think of my Dad looking down on me from Heaven.
I am the one with something to say, dreams in her head and stars in her eyes.

I understand that no matter what I say or do, I will be judged.
I say that music will always be the best thing to help deal with emotions.
I dream in vivid colors that are clear as crystal and bright as the sun.
I try to do everything and nothing at the same time and I make it work somehow.
I hope to see a piece of myself in my children someday, but only the best piece to offer.
I am the one with something to say, dreams in her head and stars in her eyes.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Dec 11th, 2002, 7:43pm
Wow I really thought those last two poems were amazing.  I can identify with both. The first one about someone losing interest in you hehe that's happend to me. And the second about everyone judging you. I thought those were awsome, keep writing your poetry.

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Dec 11th, 2002, 7:46pm
rock on to all!

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Post by RockChica02 on Dec 12th, 2002, 9:23am
Ash started to write music to my "I Am" poem and it's so beautiful!!!!! I can't believe someone actually made a song out of my poems, I almost cried. It's so awesome and I am so in awe of Ash. Hehe.

And I want to thank everyone for the nice comments. They make me feel warm and fuzzy!!!!

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 12th, 2002, 7:46pm
oh val, that first one TOTALLY explains what happened to me, except the fact that we are still best friends, but man some of these poems are so close its creepy... and "i am" is really good... make sure to tell ash I WANT TO HEAR IT TOO!!!!! :) hehehe

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Dec 12th, 2002, 8:13pm
don't worry, you'll hear it, it'll be on the album... hehe

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Dec 12th, 2002, 8:17pm
Awwww man Ash, you're gonna make me cry again!!!!  :'( But not a sad cry, a good cry!!  :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Dec 16th, 2002, 11:00am

take deep breaths right through your nose
inhale the peace, flowing deep
to lose the edge, to make you high
pain needle puncture
knuckles: white, line of sight
to numb it all, lose yourself
i'm lost, spinning room
body gone, bright light on
shining in my eyes, turn it off
through my mouth now, pressure or pain
i can't feel it now i don't know how
consciousness fading farther away
inhale again, clean rubbery air
four eyes gleaming lose their meaning
glazed expression i'm gone
fight back against the pressure, close the jaw
metal in my mouth take it take it out
white bloody piece of thread
over now don't breathe too deep
oxygen there again, let me know when
keep it in a wooden box
get this off my face, let me leave
i can't speak with all this blocking the leak
white starch faded red

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Dec 16th, 2002, 11:44am
As always Ash, you have done another rockin' job! I really like that one... there's a lot going on in that piece and that makes it even better.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Dec 16th, 2002, 12:03pm
how do u guys do it, Ive never been able to just put my thuoghts down on paper and have them sound good, The one that I posted is so cool (I think) and like I dont think I am going to be able to write again, My thoughts are so constipated in my brain its insane. (wow that rymed).

Keep writing ya'll I will keep reading and enjoying

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Dec 16th, 2002, 5:17pm
(to the tune of Greensleeves)
For all intents and purposes, i do my best to mourn thee
But as it seems, life is a dream to those who've come before me
In times like these a solemn breeze is all it takes to haunt me
Still far away, you as the day proclaimed that you didn't want me.

Moonfall and an evening star are now the only brightness
Leave me as  try to see how possibly i can fight this

When daylight's triumphs greet my eyes, i'll have already forgotten
The scent of you on my clothes and shoes as a whisper of green in the cotton
Now burgundy does not beckon me as sleeves of green and amber
For none so true as the heart of you can boast such painful candor

Sunrise of another world is now my hope for sanity
This one is on the run from you and your honest vanity.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Dec 16th, 2002, 6:25pm
ash those last two were really good, I liked them.
well this next one is not a poem and well umm its well its not for everyone I guess.

She exited her home, and began down the street. Careful looking over her shoulder at every shadow, her eyes deceive. She is overcome with a feeling of saftey as she turns the corner, she lets down her guard assured that all is well as she walks down the final alleyway towards town. In the shadows a figure is behind her, careful not to make a noise it inches, following her closer. He draws his switchblade, she stops sudenly but for just a moment and continues.
He places a hand on her shoulder she whips out her balasong and spins as she grasps his wrist the blade in his other hand slashes her arm and kicks her legs out from underneath her. He lounges to the ground to stab her she kicks him in the groin and drives her blade into the top of his shoulder he withdraws and kicks the knife from her hand. She scrambles to her feet and begins to run for her life knowing that if she makes it out of the alley way she can be saved. with blood pouring from his shoulder he chases after her 20 yards till safety, but he is gaining on her quickly. she can hear his footsteps with only a few feet left she can feel his breath as he grabs her shoulder and turns her towards him he digs his knife into her midsection and drives her to the ground. He stands triuphant over her. turns and walks way.
He hears a noise from behind him and turns back to see his kill once again. but she is gone, disappered. It is with a look of bewilderment that he dies from bloodloss, not from his shoulder wound, no. but from her fangs digging into his neck and extracting his blood for her own pleasure. It is then that she jumps to the top of the apartment building to spend the night looking over the city till morning.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 16th, 2002, 6:51pm
ok first ash, both of those were awsome, totally great, and i used to play greensleeves alllll the time when i used to play my clarinet (aka arthur nox ;) )
second, scott that was wicked cool... i liked all the suspence and all :)
ok this is a poem i wrote yesterday about my perfect chance with jakey

Perfect Chance

I couldnt do it again
I had the perfect chance
I just wanted to tell you
How i feel inside

Why couldnt i say it?

Maybe ill get another shot
I at least hope so
If i dont get one
Ill be so sad
Oh why couldnt i say it?

Next time i swear will be it,
If i dont take this chance
I know ill regret it
when i see you next
          I'll let you hear it
what i couldnt say to you today

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 16th, 2002, 6:54pm
ok i was debating on putting this poem on the X-mas post, but i figured since it was writting id put it here

Christmas time again

its that time of year again
so much to do, yet so little time
all that hustle and bustle
that is not for me

no one knows what to think about it
the birth of christ,
or just  a chance to be greedy
that is not for me

all i want is to give
to see the look on my friends faces
how happy i can make them
with one simple gesture
that is definitly me

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Dec 17th, 2002, 6:45pm
awesome, i liked those... scott your vampire thing (if i interpreted it right) reminds me of this story i wrote for a scholarship essay, it was about werewolves because i'm CONVINCED that there's werewolves in my woods at home.  It's a full moon tonight, i guess we'll see what happens...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Dec 18th, 2002, 1:26am
NoX i really liked your poem "pefect chance" I could definatley identify with those feelings of wishing for a second chance or for the courage to say what you really feel. Good job ;D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Dec 18th, 2002, 12:04pm
yeah kristine those were good and very good interpertation ash :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 19th, 2002, 5:53pm
thanks guys!
ok this one i wrote right after watching braveheart, so you can see where it comes from..lol

We're tall and brave
Fight for our freedom
that was taken from us
You took what you had no right to take

Now you'll see what we can do
You underestimate us greatly
Come to the battlefield
And we'll show you what were made of

Some of us will die
but some of us will live
and they will keep going
untill the day they die

For that is who we are
We are our own
No one to rule us
For now we have our freedom

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Dec 19th, 2002, 5:59pm
woo hoo braveheart=Good

Dark night late fight
in my mind I'm lost
no where to go
no where to run
can't get away
can't find my way
held back by hands
held down by weights

white light good morning
a new day a new fight
another way to go
another way to flee
gone am I forever here

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 19th, 2002, 6:17pm
oh scott, i like that one.. it reminds me of this book im reading (again) this kid used to always get into fights, though he never wanted to he had to... yeah... anyway, heres another from12/10/02
what i said

im so happy
i cant explain it
maybe its the hope
that we'll be together as one

I cant wait to see you
the expression on your face
when i finally get to tell you
what ive really wanted to

i think you feel the same way
the way i feel for you
so tell me back
what i just told you

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Dec 22nd, 2002, 6:00pm

You had me I was yours
Enthralled with you, I couldn't escape
but to you I was a toy
a pawn for your pleasure
you casted my aside
though as gental as you were it didn't help
It was then I had my chance, and took it
I pushed you away, kept you from me
Its your own fault and you were angry at me?
I know why, this was new to you
I resisted you, and your femine wyles
now I feel the urge to return to you
but I will be strong you will never have me
I will never be yours again.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 22nd, 2002, 7:19pm
aww scott i really liked that one
this is one i wrote on the 19th


look at me
what do you see?
a loud, funny blonde
but that is not all of me

i have so much
underneath my surface
so much you dont know about
most of which you will never find out

please come to me
i want to tell you whats under here
just give me a chance
please dont leave
i cant hide all this forever

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Dec 26th, 2002, 3:19pm
this one isn't by me but i always think of it around this time of year and it's packed with emotion..

A long December and there's reason to believe
Maybe this year will be better than the rest
Can't remember the last thing that you said as you were leaving
And the days go by so fast
And it's one more day up in the canyon, and it's one more night in Hollywood
If you think that i could be forgiven, wish you would.
The smell of hospitals in winter and the feeling that it's all a lot of oysters but no pearls
All at once you look across a crowded room and see the way that light attaches to a girl
And it's one more day up in the canyon and it's one more night in hollywood
if you think you might come to california, think you should.
Drove up to hillside manor sometime after 2 AM,
talked a little while about the year
I guess the winter makes you laugh a little slower, makes you talk a little lower
About the things you could not show her and it's been a
Long december and there's reason to believe
Maybe this year will be better than the last
Can't remember all the times i've tried to tell myself to hold on to these moments as they pass
And it's one more day up in the canyon
And it's one more night in hollywood
It's been so long since i've seen the ocean... guess i should.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Dec 26th, 2002, 6:26pm
Dude, Ash, I love that Counting Crows song! It makes me all sad but I can just sit and listen to it a few times when I'm in the mood.

Good writing by all, I enjoy it very much!!! Keep on writin'  ;)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 26th, 2002, 10:30pm
oh man, i know i like that song... since you didnt write who it was, i just started reading it.... and once i read the line "And it's one more day up in the canyon, and it's one more night in Hollywood " i knew who it was!!! that song rocks! though it makes me sad...  :-/

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Dec 27th, 2002, 4:04pm
I walk in the depths of the night
I walk beneath the pale moon light
The cool breaze freezes my neck
The deathly chill shivers my whole body
I press on in the dark
at a walking pace, and faster now
I start a lesiurly jog past the trees,
into the shadows faster and faster I run
away into the distance, I run seemingly forever,
faster than I've gone before I run
I can't out run it, never out run
I try but its always behind me
chasing me.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Dec 27th, 2002, 4:34pm
Click below for The Exquisite Sonnet Project


Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Dec 30th, 2002, 12:20am
I really liked your last poem scott. It was really good.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Dec 30th, 2002, 9:00pm
i agree, that was very good scott

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Jan 3rd, 2003, 5:33pm
Waiting forever this eternal wanting
unseen unknown hidden from the world
for me and no others

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jan 3rd, 2003, 6:36pm
short and sweet thats how i like 'em... hehe

sorry guys i havnt been writting much, ive been doing more drawing, and painting, and coloring (colored pencil) but ill try and write some stuff up soon ;)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Jan 5th, 2003, 2:37am
ladys and gents, i am becoming a poet...

Straining to see him close to me,
but feeling his positive energy.
Feeling his arms around my waist,
but just waiting to see his face.
Straining to believe,
straining to see
What is happening to me,
what is happening to my dream,
is it melting around me.
I just want so bad to believe,
Believe this thing I see infront of me
Believe this cry I hear inside of me.
The cry that is striving to be set free.  

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jan 5th, 2003, 10:34am
yeah for mimi, you ARE becoming a poet :) very well done ::golf clap:: lol :D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jan 5th, 2003, 4:44pm
yay for you guys! you all rock!  i have some new stuff too i gotta put it up here sometime.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Jan 6th, 2003, 3:27am
bright summer moon cool winter days
outside so long I think I will stay
ponder over lifes mysteries while in a blanket of snow
think of lifes complexities while in the warm suns glow
I search for meaning
A reason for being
alone I feel alone I stand
no longer we walk hand-in-hand
the days warm glow is gone
now its just winters falling snow

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jan 16th, 2003, 11:37am
well i came across some stuff i wrote a while ago when i was cleaning my room (dont' ask why)

I want to hide behind this sense of pride
Becuase i'm too afraid to lose control.
But power over my actions leaves me
Like icy breath into the night,
Crystals of inhibitions departing whenever i'm with you.
Oh, i want to hide but i feel so alive
As the moments pass and i'm falling farther
Exhaling the air that keeps me grounded
I can't be without you but when i'm with you i float away
Untethered i loosen my ties to reality

I want to hide behind mountains of pride
Because when you're around i lose control.
But deliberation leaves me
Like icy breath into the night
The vast expanse of oblivion takes over when i'm with you.
Oh, i want to stay but i can't find the way
To let myself reject these moments tonight
Forgetting the life that keeps me grounded
I can't be with you but when i'm not i'm so alone
Without you i realize my emotions run my life

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jan 16th, 2003, 11:48am
11/11/02 Cemetery Hill
You're here but i'm gone from your heart forever
The death scent lingers on of old, decaying relationship endeavors
My solave of comfort is in my guitar
I lie but it still hurts, no matter where i go it's never very far

I can't run from my life, i've screwed it up twice
And more if you look in my eyes
I can't bury the past, but i can't make it last
I'm just growing up too fast
I don't want the truth, why don't dreams ever fulfill
When false hopes get shattered on a cemetery hill
The graveyard of my broken heart
Forgotten and falling apart

You say you admire me and leave it at that
How bad would a liar be if they only didn't say half?
My pain, not my tears will last for a while
These juvenile fears hide easily behind a smile

(repeat chorus)

All the things i want to but just cant say--
Maybe erasing it'll make it go away
Sometimes i wish just one relationship would stay
instead of leaving me alone today
All the things i deny but just can't fight
Make me disappear into all that i write
Don't leave me again on another empty night
to deliberate...

(yes that's just another typical cry cry cry song but my friend said it kinda inspired her so here ya go)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Jan 17th, 2003, 11:56pm
I feel kinda dumb now after reading these really good poems. But I haven't really written anything till today so I'm trying to get back into the *groove of it. I wrote it in 15 minutes

I love today, yesterday and everyday.
You make me smile bright
Your love is like sunshine
Still remembering the day we met
And knowing that this friend, I could never forget
You make me laugh like no other
Bring me happy tears
And let me forget my fears
Your my friend and I love you dearly
You loved me when I acted weirdly
And loved me when I acted crazy
Your my friend, my hope, my strength, my home
There when I feelscared and alone
When love and friendship begin and end
I still know that in our hearts we will be forever friends

A little too cutesy but I was thinking of sending it to friends on Valentines Day.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jan 18th, 2003, 10:24am
that was really beautiful, i liked it a lot.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jan 18th, 2003, 5:05pm

I like to tear plastic off a DVD
To feel the smooth, clear crackle at my command
As a brand-new adventure begins
When the case, emerging, is birthed into my hands.

I like to see snow on a sunny day--
Pieces of ice chiseled off a cloud into the sky
That reflect the dancing sunlight,
Twisting rays of rainbows, shiny spotlights on my eyes.

I like to hear piano with a backbeat
Splitting atoms with syncopated chords into the air
As my hair stands on end with electric passion,
Capturing the silences in unsaid words to share.

I like to eat white chocolate when i can:
A piece of solid cloud that slowly melts away
And dissolves until it disappears completely
With nothing left to do but fade to grey.

I like how you believe in me always
No nmatter where i go, to Scotland or LA
And how your words echo in my mind
Even still when you have had nothing to say.

first new poem of the new year!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jan 18th, 2003, 8:05pm
well now that i'm back to school i have nothing else to do so here's one i write today...


Drifting out to sea
Don't you remember me?
I'm being forgotten, falling behind
And drowning.
Drifting out to see
New faces, new things to be--
I'm falling away behind what once was
And drifting.
Now & then's not enough to say
I once belonged right there;
Once again we've gone away,
Spread out, scattered, everywhere
Driftinng out to sea
Leaving all i used to be
I'm being crafted, learning to swim
And failing.
Drifting out to see
How it is i can be free
Like everyone who came before, I'm out
And drifting.
Left behind,  you're all still there
I once belonged to something, too
Now a trip is much more rare;
Somehow i've fallen through,
Drifting out to sea.
Do you still recognize me?
I'm changed, leaving my zone
And drowning.
Drifting out to see
Who i'm supposed to be
But turning to look at what's passed
And drifting.

there'll be more, i have a couple more concepts i want to go on...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Jan 19th, 2003, 2:26pm
great poems ash I enjoyed tribute very much, silly that was a nice poem aswell yall rock.

Coming soon to a post near you a little poem born from the bordem of scott.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Feb 6th, 2003, 12:57pm
Falling in and falling out,
what is love all about.
Love can make you scream and shout.

Happy Days and happy dreams
Both such spectacular things

Feeling sad, feeling alone
No one hearing you moan

Fighting and screaming on the phone
Hopelessly thinking your all alone

Talking, laughing, hugging, and hoping
Hoping to never part.
Feeling my heart screaming out
This is always the hardest part
wanting to never part
saying your goodbyes and see you next times.
Have a safe trip
I will talk to you soon
How this never seems to end
Knowing it won't work out
My heart
still screaming out

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Feb 6th, 2003, 2:53pm
rock on mimi

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Feb 6th, 2003, 2:54pm
I must say Mimi, that was quite kick ass indeed. Rock on chica!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JupiterMark on Feb 6th, 2003, 4:24pm
I wanted to share with you guys some poems that were written by my daughter Demaris (her picture is in the gallery).  Keep in mind that she is 5 and can barely spell, so her mom transcribed it for her.  These are her words.  A little sad but so pure...This is how all poetry should read.

Our family is broken
but we're still happy
still happy so---
we can look at pictures of us
of having fun with "us"
but now we're not having fun...
but there's something in your heart
it's a piece of love
everyone has it
but some people don't
some people don't care
or they do care
but their pieces of love
in your heart or in pictures
it can be true or it can be broken
but if it's broken you won't have
love in your heart
But if you have your love
you'll have it
you'll have love in your heart.

The next song:

Whenever you see a rainbow
you'll see a piece of love
but when it goes away and you see a flower
it can be one that is brown or it can be
the same color of your eyes.
But whenever you look at one or pick one
or if you look at it you'll see
a piece of love....
If you see water, you'll see love in it
and you'll see yourself
and if you look at yourself
you'll see a piece of love.
When you see the sun come out
you see a piece of love
but whenever you see a cloud
that looks like a heart, you'll see
a piece of love...you'll be happy even if you're sad.
If you're sad or if you hear good music--
if it's very nice--a piece of love.
If you give people chocolate
you give a piece of love
but whenever you see 2 hearts or 3
then you'll see 2 pieces of love
and you'll see 3 pieces of love


Everytime I make a wish
about my family together
sometimes I am right
sometimes I am wrong
sometimes it comes true
sometimes it isn't
sometimes it's true or
sometimes it's not.

I wish it coming back
and when it comes back
I'll play and surprise them
I'll turn off the lights
and when they come in the door
I'll say surprise
and give them cake and presents
But somtimes it's hard to do that
sometimes it's easy
sometimes it's good
sometimes it's nice
sometimes it's heart-full
I said heart-full

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Feb 6th, 2003, 8:19pm
those are so cool... i was just reading them aloud to Andy and he goes "Holy, how old is that kid??!!?" and i was like "5" and he's like "Whoa!!"

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Feb 6th, 2003, 10:53pm
Yeah those songs were really awesome I'm amazed that she's only five

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Feb 7th, 2003, 7:03am
see now we know who the real brains behind jupiter sunrise is.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Feb 7th, 2003, 12:23pm
Wow, that's amazing that she's only 5. I am very impressed and touched by her words.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Feb 7th, 2003, 12:32pm
What Goes Around by 3 Years Legal

she likes to drink Evian water
just like sheep to the slaughter
she likes to listen to loud music (yeah she does)
gone under her pillow, she won't use it
that is unless she needs to

She likes to think that she's perfect
That no guy is ever worth it
She likes to think that she's something
Every guy she meets, she knows what they're wanting
And she'll give it to please herself

why won't you believe what i said?
what goes around comes around anyway
She breaks herself down once again
there's nothing left to say

she likes to watch law and order
hopes that her friends will adore her
she likes to leave a lasting impression
she likes to leave an impression (an impression, impression...)

why won't you believe what i say?
what goes around comes around anyway
she breaks herself down once again
there's nothing left not to say

i obviously didn't write that but some parts make me laugh because it reminds me of me.  (Disclaimer: yeah it's not all about me so dont get any wrong ideas. haha)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Feb 7th, 2003, 1:01pm
I dunno Ash... it sounds pretty accurate! I am just kidding, but yeah, I can see how some parts are like you. I think I wanna listen to that song right now!!!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Feb 9th, 2003, 4:17pm
This is one of my favorite songs of all time. It's a song that's anti government propoganda. It's called "D.F.A." of "Defy for Action" and it's by SinnerSaint.

Revolution to the oppressed is a revelation,
Muster up their forces for a brand new nation.
Start out with something simple, build up to something huge.
Hit the tyrants left and right like a flooding deluge.
For their actions against us they proclaim validity.
For not acting sooner we can only blame stupidity.
Our destinies have come; the time to act is now.
If they can't do it right, then we have to show them how.

Rage against the dying of the light.
Pick up your swords and stand and fight.
A unified front, a single faction.
Raise up your voice and defy for action.

They take away our liberty and lock it in a tower,
While they horde for themselves every ounce of power.
We cannot stand for this another day.
With every passing day our freedom slips away.
We're sending them a message that will open up their eyes,
Make them see it's what they have become that we despise.
The government has dubbed us as maniacal terrorists.
We look at ourselves as philosophical loyalists.

Rage against the dying of the light.
Pick up your swords and stand and fight.
A unified front, a single faction.
Raise up your voice and defy for action.

Corrupt police force, secret government agency.
They blame the lack of trust on our own complacency.
The beaurocratic tendency toward mass destruction,
Greatly outweighs the scales of their small production.
To get desired results, we must work much faster.
To escape the bondage of our governmental master.
We refuse to be chained as slaves any longer.
That which doesn't kill us will only make us stronger.

Rage against the dying of the light.
Pick up your swords and stand and fight.
A unified front, a single faction.
Raise up your voice and defy for action.

They do whatever it takes to quell the masses.
They teach our children their view in their history classes.
Nuclear test sites and atomic radiation,
For our own environment they have no consideration.
If you are with us then stand up and fight.
If you are against us then prepare to say goodnight.
We must make it clear that we have had our fill.
We've got them in our sites and we must shoot to kill.

Rage against the dying of the light.
Pick up your swords and stand and fight.
A unified front, a single faction.
Raise up your voice and defy for action.

Rage against the dying of the light.
Pick up your swords and stand and fight.
A unified front, a single faction.
Raise up your voice and defy for action.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Feb 9th, 2003, 4:29pm
that's awesome val... i wrote this piece during music law class after reading something Bush said about "the game is over" and how that's ironic.  i'm not flamingly one way or the other, pro or anti war but here ya go.

And now begins a reign of fear--of death, of war, of doubt and tears.
As we begin to question future- as with Julius to the Seer,
Now begins a reign of fear.
And now begins a day of cries-- of sorrows, triumph, and surprise.
As all begins to fall away amidst a web of tangled lies,
Now begins a day of cries.

Is it the beginning of the end? Are we tearing down walls that tried to mend?
And i wonder if i'm just a loner
In not being able to understand how, as we begin our angry reprimand,
He says the game is over.

And now begins a reign of war my generation hasn't seen before.
As we begin to wonder just what lies beyond the hidden door,
Now begins a reign of war.
And now begins a day of bombs, of terror in the modern 'Nam.
As all begins to lose its meaning and people start to lose their calm
Now begins a day of bombs.

It's the beginning of the end with enemies never called our friends
I guess we'll lose our four-leaf clover.
But still i just don't understand, as we rain fire on their land,
How he said the game is over.

And now begins a final mile of deathly stench and rising bile.
As we begin to name-call, don't stereotype me a flower child,
Because now we start a final mile.
And now begins a day and age of trying times where war is waged.
As all begins to fear and birds of prey flee from their cage,
Now begins a day and age...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Feb 12th, 2003, 8:18am
I had to write this for my English class one time. It had to be visually stimulating as well as having a good poem. So that's why it looks funny. Hehe. But here it is, I thought it was kinda cool.

With your kindred spirit and crushing obsession,
you are a ViSiOn of poetic majesty.
Your charisma screams in FORTE
spinning inside the opaque faith of my self-dilusion.
Living inside your mind, swimming through
P E R P E T U A L melancholy.
Malleable yet LOUDmouthed,
you fly away form the norm only to find yourself
jaded and lost.
Your laughter is like a daydream,
s...l...o...w... and methodical.
I'm NOT the one on trial here.
with love and pain,
your self-confidence raises a flag in SURRENDER.
As the beautiful mercy grants amnesty and the day is...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Feb 12th, 2003, 11:40pm
val that was really cool.
This is one that comes and goes but i always end up back where i started so i always end up back with these lyrics at the end of every relationship i've had and not had...

Summertime and the wind is blowing outside in lower chelsea
and i don't know what i'm doing in the city
the sun is always in my eyes
it crashes through the windows and i'm sleeping on the couch when i came to visit you
that's when i knew that i could never have you
i knew that before you did, still i'm the one who's stupid
and there's this burning like there's always been
i've never been so alone and i have never been so alive.
Visions of you on a motorcycle driveby
the cigarette ash flies in your eyes and you don't mind, you smile
and say the world, it doesn't fit with you. i don't believe you, you're so serene
Careening through the universe, your axis on a tilt
you're guiltless and free, i hope you take a piece of me with you
and there's things i would like to do that you don't believe in
i would like to build something but youd' never see it happen
and there's this burning like there's always been
i've never been so alone and i have never been so alive
and there's this burning, ah there is this burning, yeah...
where's the soul i wanna know, new york city is evil.
the surface is everything but i could never do that
someone would see through that
and this is the last time. we'll be friends again
and i'll get over you, you'll wonder who i am
and there's this burning just like there's always been
i've never been so alone, alone and i and i have never been so alive
so alive
i go home to the coast, it starts to rain, i paddle out on the water
taste the salt, taste the rain, i'm not thinking of you again
summer dies and swells rise, the sun goes down in my eyes
see this rolling wave, darkly coming
to take me
and i've never been so alone and i
have never been so alive.

that song amazes me with how many times it's touched my heart and struck a chord with my life, it's one of the most beautiful songs ever written in my opinion.  especially the last part from "i go home" on...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Feb 13th, 2003, 7:26pm
well i know i just flood this thing with crap but it's a good way to vent.  i wrote this one just before i went to work today.  it kinda sucks but it's just plain old emotion, no rhyme or reason.

And i hung up the phone.  The tears started to float--
heavy, weighting down my eyes and heating up my face so i just wanted to slam it down on the table--
the unexpected tears floated to the surface one by one.
I didn't want them there.
I just wanted something to go right
Instead of having another empty night
Too close to home and wanting to leave more than anything.
But i can't move, i can't leave, i can't
Walk out my front door without getting shot.
I can't go, i can't just find new friends, i can't
Walk a single mile without someone getting mad at me for doing it.
And with you on the phone, i just thought
d**n YOU!
I just thought you'd be the one to
Give me a happy evening.
BUt then you did the opposite, as you-
And everyone else close to me it seems
-are prone to do.
And i hung up the phone.  Time to go at it again
Make the money for the tickets i'll never buy,
the places i'll never be,
the horizons i'll never see.
Time to go at it again-
to the classes for the degree i don't want,
the school i don't like,
the people i can't fight.
Time to go at it again-
To go see my life
Something so unfamiliar to me that it should belong to someone else.
But it doesn't, it's mine.
So just hang up the phone and enjoy your night
because i'm not leaving.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Feb 13th, 2003, 10:32pm
just a little somethin somethin I wrote on the way home from work freezin my @ss off.

Warm summer nights
and bright moon lights
A person in the distance I see
Ohh how I long for thee

cold winter days
dull clouds and snowy spray
a person huddled close I see
ohh how I loathe thee

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Feb 13th, 2003, 11:09pm
that's really cool... short and sweet and something i think we can all relate to.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Feb 19th, 2003, 12:50pm
soft and light rose petels
warm and bright sun shine
dark and cold are worn metels
no one listens, and I'll be fine
champagne 2 glasses chilled
2 hearts together loving
one persons hopes are killed
push agains and away is shoving
romantic gestures put aside
nothing more is found out here
searching everywhere deep and wide
hopeless romantic he is just that
hopless, hopeless, as a old door mat.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Feb 19th, 2003, 2:50pm
Scottie... I love it. It gave me chills.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Feb 19th, 2003, 4:19pm
yeah that was really beautiful

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Feb 20th, 2003, 9:27pm
i haven't done any writing in a long time.

why i do not know but
what happend at that show?

Realizing nothing further could be done
Am I on the run?
or am I at peace?
I must go on.

transplants play over the radio
and I smile
transplants play over the radio
and i remember
and I remember

Looking inside and seeing a person
seeing a picture and smiling
Are we twins, are we friends?
Why did things have to end
I ask myself these questions knowing they don't matter

and we remember the dead

and we smile

and we admire

and we let go

and we go on

please speak slowly, my heart is learning, teach me heartache, stop this burning, now. :-/

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Feb 21st, 2003, 12:44am
that was cool, i think it had a lot of passion in it

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Feb 21st, 2003, 12:56am
This is going to seem totally random because it's not a poem but i'm in one of those writing moods where the keyboard just takes me over and soon the words are driving me instead of me driving them.  It's 3:45 AM which i think is the best time to write.  It's where you're almost halfway between being awake and being asleep and your mind doesn't really know what it's doing but somehow has a mission and a purpose and a direction it's trying to go.  I'm in one of those free moods where i'm just free, free falling like in the song.  Except i'm just writing.  I want to write beautifully someday in mind-blowing analogies that even i'll struggle to understand after having written them.  I want to create... At 3:47 AM I don't know where i'm going or where i'll be in 15 minutes.  There's so many things i feel out of control with... I don't know what i'll major in, where i'll end up graduating from college, where i'll live, if i'll get married, or when i'll die... So many things are out of my control that i just feel the necessity of coming back to the keyboard.  It's the one thing i can control.  I can't control what created me but i can control what i create.  I can't change the past and i don't know the future so all i can do is be now.  Gabriel Byrne said once "Our gift is now."  That's really all we can control, isn't it?  If time doesn't exist then we're all screwed.  All i can control is this moment, this now and who i am and how i conquer each milisecond in my own power.  Tears will come, eyes will close, breaths will cease, and i will still have control over the things i type, the notes i play, and the words i shout.  I'm free, free falling into the musings of my own subconscious knowing that in a few short minutes it will own me as it controls my dreams and my actions in them.  And i'll wake up a new person, wondering what my vivid dreams have meant and not knowing what will happen.  Having a fresh day ahead is like having a fresh canvas in front of you... if you do it just right you can have a masterpiece...  And now i'm thinking about Emily thingy inson and spiders and wondering what the hell i just wrote.  But i wrote it.  

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Feb 21st, 2003, 8:22am
ummm like whoa and wow and just whoa, ashes that was well just whoa.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by liv on Feb 21st, 2003, 1:55pm
*cough cough* Emily thingyinson?  Um ...  ::)

Not to try to pick apart what you wrote up there since it was free form, but I wonder what you mean by "If time doesn't exist then we're all screwed."  Who says time doesn't exist?  Lately I've just been trying to wrap my mind around the idea that it does exist as its own dimension and deserves equal consideration with the other dimensions if we're really going to understand existence.  So I'm curious about this time not existing stuff.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by xntricpunk on Feb 21st, 2003, 2:53pm
i wrote a haiku the other day

i incessantly
hope that you are hopelessly
loving me lately

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Feb 23rd, 2003, 10:13am
yeah some people i know are just always saying that time doesn't exist and stuff like that....  not that i think that because i argue adamantly against my friends when they say time doesn't exist.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Feb 23rd, 2003, 1:03pm
Time does indeed exist.... so does the Tangent Universe. Dun dun dun!!!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Feb 24th, 2003, 10:30pm
some emotions i thought of one night as i was falling asleep and never wrote down till a few minutes ago...

Lost in you

To fall asleep would clear my head,
And i don't want to lose my focus just yet.
I'm too caught up to go to bed.
By the time the sun comes up, i might forget
Everything about you that lingers on;
Right now i'm lost in you, i'm gone
And i don't want to lose my focus just yet.

To leave right now would dull the thoughts
And i want my perceptions of you to extend--
Not to disappear like Deacon Frost.
In the best cliche, i don't want tonight to end.
I want to stay awake so i can see
Everything about you beyond informality
And i want my perceptions of you to extend.

To go to sleep would give me peace,
And i'm not ready for that to come just yet.
I don't want the complications to cease.
Once the day is over, i'll start to forget
Everything i've seen that makes up you.
Right now i'm gone, i'm lost in you
And i'm not ready for an end to come just yet.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 1st, 2003, 2:41pm
a song i wrote today...

The list is short and the days are surreal
Euphoric and bittersweet
When it all comes down to it, it’s all just time and what it feels
To move ahead and not retreat
There’s easier things to say that are more informal
But the last thing I want is to go back to normal

The list is short and it just grew by one
Entirely based on chance
Of going to a show and just wanting a night to be more fun
And now “We’re not in france”
There’s a way to write that doesn’t sound so distant
But somehow my hand is being resistant

The list is short and it fills my head
As if I’m in a dream
Where things I’ve looked forward to are now memories instead
Can they be what they seem?
There’s simple phrases to say like one of a kind
But I can’t get you out of my mind

The list is short and I’ve been found
Euphoric and so alive
When it all comes down to it, it’s all just wanting you around
That’s giving me the drive
There’s things to say that I can’t put words to
But somewhere I feel like I’ve heard them referred to

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Mar 1st, 2003, 5:54pm
nothing to note and such things to do not float
looking around with little to see
listening hard for the songs from here to tripoli
the noise is absent the sounds are lost
Nights dark skies and stars are absent
everything is lost all is burned
and now to the real world I have returned

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 2nd, 2003, 10:56pm
scott that last one was cool, i really liked some of the phrasing in it

i wrote this one a while ago and found it today when i was cleaning... short and sweet, the music is better than the lyrics.


I'll try--
But it won't be easy with you at the back of my mind
As i wonder what you're doing and where you are.
I'll try--
But now you're constantly waging a war.

I'll go--
But the journey only leads me back to your door
As if i 've never left home before.
I'll go--
But you're with me there in your silent war.

I'll wait--
But the weight remains and pulls the hours down
As i hear your voice in every song.
I'll wait--
But the battlefield moves in right and wrong.

I'll try--
But the cannonballs and shellshock destroy what's mine
As if it was yours all along.
I'll try--
But you turn my life to a battle song.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Mar 3rd, 2003, 6:59am
Ash, those last few were awesome, I mean like Five Iron Frenzy with the panda awesome!! And Scott, I also enjoyed your poem immensly. I cannot spell, but I still loved the poem all the same.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Mar 3rd, 2003, 1:24pm
I hate school
I get accused of being a groupie
I get accused of being a nerd
I get accused of being a smart ass (somewhat am)

I get accused and I HATE SCHOOL
Im sick of people F-ing around with me and my dreams
Im too stressed out and I hate it

Go to school
Go to work
Help me with this , help me with that
does ur dad know about that
why the heck did u go to lawrence for ?
Questions Questions and more Questions

Im so sick of people being parents and not letting me go and do what i want, when i want.
Its nice to have
but please back off !

Tired of Omaha, tired of life, I just want to have fun and enjoy life !

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 3rd, 2003, 5:19pm
rock on mimi i totally know how you feel!!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 6th, 2003, 8:44pm
this one i didn't write... but tonight at work i read the lyrics when i was bored and now i'm listening to it... "Stories" by trapt... really gorgeous words

i found a line and then it grew
i found myself still thinking of you
i felt so empty and now i'm fine
but still it's burning when will you be mine

too much of the same stories in our lives
i think it's time for change, don't you?
too much of the same stories in our lives
i think it's time for us to walk away from here

stories in our lives we'll keep them all inside

look at me still in your mind
our memories so intertwined
but you broke through and found your way
and so did i, no need to stay
in the same old picture tried and true
we've been through that, let's look for something new

too much of the same stories in our lives
i think it's time for change, don't you
too much of the same stories in our lives
i think it's time for us to walk away from here

do you rememebr lying on the beach late at night
do you remember running through the sprinklers that night
do you remember all those songs that i have wrote for you
for you...

i remember the way you made me feel when i was with you
i remember the smile that always brought me back to you
that look in your eyes, i never thought that this could be untrue
that look in your eyes, i never thought that this could be untrue...

too much of the same stories in our lives
i think it's time for change, don't you
too much of the same stories in our lives
i think it's time for us to walk away from here

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Mar 6th, 2003, 9:08pm
Dude, I feel those words. I'm actually getting a little emotional just reading them. Wow...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 6th, 2003, 9:12pm
you gotta listen to it so you can appreciate the emotionalness of it... at one point he sounds like he's crying... so good

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 7th, 2003, 8:22pm
Unrequited, Unresolved

In a voice too distinctively enthusiastic to be anyone else
In too familiar a place for me to be vulnerable,
I heard you.
The walk, the build, the hair
All so unintentional, all so perfectly in place, all that i could say
"oh my gosh!"
You walked closer and i saw you as a friend--
not as a "former" or as a "once upon a time" or a might have been
or as a muse for all my angry lyrics, you were just you
To see you again, to hear your happy voice again, to have your arms around me again
and talk to you like we've always been good friends
...for a while i just forgot it all,
All the anger and resentment that went along with you,
all the things that happened, i forgot them all
Until you walked away
And i expected to see you walk by again on your way out...
So many things to tell you, so many things to ask
So much to smile about until you left
You walked away and i expected more like i always did from you
But you never gave
You walked away tonight like you walked out of my life last June
And i'm still waiting

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Mar 7th, 2003, 10:00pm
You go Ash. I wish I had something good to write about... *sigh* Writer's block hardcore...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Mar 7th, 2003, 11:44pm
word to that val.
word up to that fo shezy

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Mar 8th, 2003, 10:53am

Nothing is ever the same
nothing is what it seems
people aren't who you think they are
there are always changes

nothing you can do will make things right
nothing you can say will undo  the done
You are never who you want to be
because there will always be changes

you can give up what  you have
you can try to be what your not
there will always be sacrifices
there are always changes

I'm not who I want to be
I'm not what I'd thought I'd be
there's not point doing what I did yesterday
Then I was a different person than today.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 8th, 2003, 7:34pm
...and once again scott blows me away by his superior writing ability...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Mar 9th, 2003, 1:47pm
I know, for real. I wish I could be as cool as Scott.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 9th, 2003, 8:02pm
i don't think you can be as cool as scott, because scott is wicked sma... hmm i'm gonna stop before i get beat up... but you can tell someone's cool if their name rhymes with smart, i'll tell you that much... hehe

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Mar 9th, 2003, 8:42pm
It doesn't rhyme with smart, it rhymes with smaaaat. Uh oh, now I'm gonna get my butt kicked!!!  :o

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Mar 10th, 2003, 9:11pm
Scott that poem was awesome!!!!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Mar 10th, 2003, 9:53pm
Not good, but I wrote it all the same. Still a work in progress. I don't even have a title or anything for it yet. Yeah, you don't have to read it if you don't want to.

Shoved in the corner for a rainy day,
a partner for celebretory occassions,
or the crying shoulder for catatrophic days.
A shadow of a girl who was once happy,
but was forgotten about in the long run.
People see through her,
only to see what they want to see.
They point out all her flaws and imperfections,
and throw them all in her face.
Her lack of perfection
doesn't mean she stopped being human,
humanity is made of imperfections.
She's too much for them to handle,
so they try to cut her down to size.
Too loud, too annoying,
too boyish, too fat, too ugly,
too unique for her own good.
She waited for someone to see her,
to really see her.
Not to see through her,
or cut her down to different standards.
To find some kind of beauty inside,
to make her imperfections fade.
Someone who could love her
for the person she already was.
But everyone just walked past her,
shaking their heads in pity or shame.
Soon the sunlight was too hard for her to take,
and smiling made her face hurt.
She knew she was destined to be alone,
but that never stopped her heart from aching.
She never wanted anything more than to be loved,
but she was asking the impossible.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 10th, 2003, 9:57pm
val... that was really awesome and really profound, and it's really made me think about a lot of stuff...  whenever you write something on here it has that effect on me, you're awesome.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 15th, 2003, 10:17pm
the song remains the same...

when you go to a place and you don't know anyone you end up gravitating towards one person or another.  in tonight's case it was the band who happened to be playing.  The band always changes but the music is always the same...  
I came in with some guys i knew but their conversation strayed
So i went off on my own to sit and watch the band play
There's different guys playing it every night but
The music is always the same, the notes are always right
like a familiar friend you always meet up with once again
Different chords, different beats, maybe a different bass
but it's the one thing that's constant in a foreign place
the smell of smoke and beer that stays on your clothes
and the sounds of old friends yelling about someone no one knows
it all fades away sitting in solitude in a jam packed bar
knowing that one sip won't take me very far
i find the three people who are always there, always the same
different faces different brands but the motivation doesn't change
and i'm in a familiar place even when i'm far from home
and surrounded by friends even when i'm alone

(totally just wrote that on the apur of the moment...probably screwed up lines and stuff)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Mar 15th, 2003, 10:34pm
itsallgood, I write the vast majority of my stuff spur of the moment, which sucks because then I lose it sometimes and its lost forever.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Mar 15th, 2003, 10:44pm
I was angry.... so I wrote.... it just came to me.

I sit and I wonder
how I could change
and what I could do
to make you happy.
I don't dress the right way,
I don't act the right way,
I'm the son you never had,
because I'm not girly enough
for you to swallow.
You have your ideas
and you think you know me
better than I know myself.
You're so wrong,
but you're blinded by
the ignorance you hold
so closely to your heart.
You don't see inside me,
you don't know who I am,
there's so many more pieces
to this puzzle
that you will never see.
So take a step back
and stop your judgement,
because I never asked
to be treated like a patient.
There's reasons for who I am
but you don't see them,
you only see what you want.
You can't see the scars,
you don't know my past,
because I never told you
all the lives I have lived.
I am never going to be
the daughter you want,
but I could still make you proud.
I'm still like everyone else,
I cry when you call me names
or only point out my flaws.
I care when you're sick
or when you're not happy.
But all you see are my clothes
or the bracelets I wear.
All you hear is my music collection
and not the words I say.
I'm not what I seem
and I thought you'd know that.
I may not be perfect,
I may not be what you wanted,
but I'm still here
and I'm still human.
I won't ever change for you,
I only change for myself.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Mar 16th, 2003, 1:02am
d**n val that is amazing and i second all those thoughts that you have, because I share many of them as my own.

Scott I too write on sper of the moment. So if anyone sees me at a show with a sharpie and a ratty peice of paper, thats what happend. It actually happend the first jonah show that I went too which was like a month or so ago.

Writing has become an escape for me as well. Like music I can just emerse myself and block out everything.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 16th, 2003, 12:18pm
yeah me too mimi, witht he writing and the music... at work one night i just stole some paper from the register and was writing a song because i knew i'd forget it if i didn't write it down... when i was at the bar last night i just wished i had my notebook with me so i could disappear into my own little world... and soemtimes i go to a restaurant, sit down and order, and just write... it's awesome, everything else just disappears

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Mar 16th, 2003, 7:06pm
man oh man have  i been slackin on my writing or what?!?! lol. but as said before, i cant write anything when im happy, and ive been quite happy since well, basiclly Albany, but expecially in the past week for nondisclosed *sp?* reasons...lol i dont even knowif im using that word in the right senence lol
but anyhew... yay you guys rock, and val, i hope you dont get you butt kick but just incase, were all wicked smaaaat... so ill get my bum kicked too!!!!hahah

something new

everything is a daze
repeating day after day
when will it change?
when will i have something new
something different

my life is so mundane
nothing worth noting
nothing worth while
everything just coming and going
without any notice of me

thats my life during the day
ever being the same
thank goodness i have someone to keep me sane
some one at nite to make me happy
im glad theres someone out there
to give me a change

wholly shizz guys, i just came up with that now...im horrible with spur of the moment stuff!!! ... yay for me!! ill have to write that down...hahaha

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 16th, 2003, 10:05pm
yeah kristine... i'm in the same boat as you... i've been pretty darn happy since you guys came to albany too for similar reasons... isn't it funny how that worked out?  

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Mar 17th, 2003, 5:53pm
;D yay for us ash! albany rocks! i CANT wait to be out there with all you guys!!! ::sigh:: i miss you guys!! ::HUGS!!::

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 17th, 2003, 9:14pm
worry not krist!! it's all about the end of april!! then we'll  have a part 2 of the video to add on!!  hehe fun stuff... good times... i'm getting my pics back this week!!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Mar 17th, 2003, 9:40pm
Yeah! Rock on! \m/ April shall be great!!!!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Mar 18th, 2003, 7:50am

doomed are the wicked
sent to d**n ation
we must fear the lost souls
who persue a life of evil
amoung them is no good
but another vicious wrong must be righted
there is another wickedness we must fear
an evil greater than the former,
the indifference, of good men.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Mar 18th, 2003, 6:25pm
1st off that was some good stuff scot... very good....
2nd.. i dont wanna wait for april!!!! its like a month away!!! ::sigh:: people out here (with the exception of scottie and very few others)  suck.... like hardcore...mer... anyhew... yeah ..ill probably write more on a later date....

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 18th, 2003, 11:58pm
i wanted to leave since before i even arrived
and not even a whole year has almost passed
my personality will never make it out alive
after four long years i'll be molded and caste
where spontaneity is often frowned upon
where tradition and structure mandate the routine
where independence lives but livelihood is gone
the faults of the system remain unseen
i don't want to return after the summer for another year
where everything is credits, majors and professors
i want to fly away and go far from here
instead of lingering in albany for another semester

more spur of the moment stuff inspired by a convo with mimi...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Mar 19th, 2003, 12:21am
yay i helped sper a moment!
I miss the days that we could just chat
Late night to the wee hours just off the bat,
you sitting on the floor, chatting and listening to ur system of a down, while the others sleep all around
I miss the light hearted phone calls and the emails
I miss the guy who still has my heart
Who I love so much
Who will never feel the same about me
All i have to do is wait 8 days to see

and then go through all the pain of missing you all over again.  Until we meet once again.

:'( :'( :'(

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Mar 19th, 2003, 7:23pm
wow i liked both of those.... props to ya both!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Mar 24th, 2003, 7:24pm
well though ive written a few, i havnt posted them, so heres  a few most of them were written during my math class when i couldnt fall asleep lol

Fighting Intangables 3/20/03

why do we fight?
its completly pointless
all we do is kill

tere are so many problems in this world
if people would just stop telling lies
then we could set everything straight

i cant beleive we're doing this again
fighting a war against
somehing we cant touch

first it was racism
then it was communism
nw its terrorism

why do we try to fight
things that are intangable
this all makes no sence to me

Picture in my Mind 3/17/03

i try not to think
it hurts too much
everytime i do
all of my thoughts turn twards you

i try and think of something else
so i can keep going
no matter how hard i try
a picture of you keeps on showing

i wish you were here
all of this wouldnt be so hard
i could see, and feel the real you
rather than just a picture in my mind

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 24th, 2003, 8:03pm
those were awesome kristine, i love how we can all put up our poems on here, it rocks...  i was debating which one to put up that i've done recently... well here's one anyway, there's kind of a conceptual form behind it so if it makes no sense it was kind of an experiment. anyway:

Simplicity through complex words
Concealed behind a voice and shield
Once in my arms, now far away
Too soon helping old wounds heal
Too late he came into my life
Accounting for past three years lost
New songs written of old words heard
Diving in despite any cost
Echoes of dissonant former friends
Reinstated against your skin
Silent motion slips in the dark
Old familiarities now begin
Next to you i'm paper-thin.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Mar 24th, 2003, 8:42pm
wow ash, i really like that. and as you know, i totally know where your coming from  ::)

ok i wrote this a little after i came back from albany... but it kinda sucks, but i figured you can give me critisim so illpost it anyhew

Albany (early march 2003)

this is poem
about my trip to albany
all the people i knew
an the few i just met

Scott got me tickets
so we flew out together
he slipped into his boston accent
and never did hear the end of it

Ashley is wicked cool
and bought us food
she hooked up with scottie
and was always in a happy mood

Andy has a cult
following him around
but THEY dont get lost
when driving into town

Well dang Val,
what can i say
we're such lord of the rings fans
ever loving our hobbit hotties

How to explain Greg
Its hard to put into words
You have the best ninja moves
and are great to talk to

Dave, you're so goofy
but you are the only one
that loves M*A*S*H
almost as much as i do

yeah....its not all that good. just random stuff i think about during math class...lol

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Mar 24th, 2003, 8:42pm
Bottom line is... you both rock my socks.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Mar 24th, 2003, 8:50pm
awwww you rock  my socks too val! so does ash!! you aLLLLL ROCK!!!!!!!!!  ;D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Mar 30th, 2003, 7:26pm
it went by in such a blur
where did the time go?
it was so much fun
why did it have to end?

i cant wait to be in your arms again
to lay my head on your chest
and fall asleep to your heartbeat

i miss you already
i want to see you again
if it wasnt so far away
we could be together

together right now
it would be so perfect
if it wasnt such a blur

holy shiznit batman! i just made that up now d**n am i good....lol..... er... anyhew.... *looks around*

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 30th, 2003, 7:33pm
awwwww kristine i think i'm gonna have to say AOL on that one for Awww Out Loud... lol almost...  that was cool though :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Mar 30th, 2003, 7:37pm
hehe AOL....im gonna have to use that somewhere...good stuff :D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Mar 30th, 2003, 7:51pm
Awwww, that poem made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.... *tear*

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 30th, 2003, 8:11pm
i opened a sprite today and it made me think all symbolic and philosophical and stuff:


Soda can
In my fridge
Frozen for a day, is
In my hands
Ready to enjoy
Oblivious to
Cold hands
On the top
Flip the switch.
And before i can do anything about it, before i have time to react,
White bubbles spray all over my hand, all over my floor, all over my room.
And i can't act on impulse, i don't know what to do
Should i leave or should i stay with all the tension built up
Now exploding in my hands?
Angry, i think i shouldn't have to deal with this
Overcharged soday, cold and caffeine free, leting itself go at my expense
But when it's finished
and only frozen ice chips remain
in the can
i realize
i caused it
but i didn't see
that it would freak out
on me.

i dunno i think leaving a soda can in the freezer and then opening it, it's like those relationships i've seen where someone keeps pushing and pushing and finally the other person just explodes and they don't know why.  

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Mar 30th, 2003, 10:10pm
I dunno about a title for this yet. I just wrote it. I know it's corny, but yeah... I need to start writing good stuff again. lol

Two years I slowly said to him,
holding up two fingers for good measure.
He nodded and smiled,
the kind of smile that made me wonder....
Did he feel bad for me?
Or would he of prefered my pain of being single
to the pain inflicted in his soul?
He laughed and joked about the breakdown,
the stalling of his love life.
But deep inside his eyes,
I could see the pain had yet to be lifted.
I wish I could've said something,
something so amazing
he would forget all about her in that moment.
But all I could muster
were some comments to make him laugh.
I wanted to touch his face,
to melt his pain,
to show him
that I may not be perfect
but I could be perfect for him.
But I just stood my ground,
drowning in my insecurities,
my courage dangling above me
like a floatation device just out of reach.
Anything I could say to him
has already been said
by someone else better than me.
With shaky voice
with trembling fingers
I say goodnight to him
and just walk away.
Why can't I find the words?

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 31st, 2003, 11:11am
that was really cool val, i totally understand it too because i've felt that way about a lot of stuff.
I wrote this one a few days ago.  Dave is OK.

Across the ocean the world is exploding
People are dying, prayers are flying
War and destruction, events are unfolding
But here at home, Dave is OK.
Across the ocean, Baghdad is falling
Mothers are crying, soldiers lay dying
No one finds shelter and children are bawling,
But here at home, Dave is OK.
Here in the hospital they cut him open
Some of us staying in fasting and praying
For the health and the life of Dave we were hoping
And, thanks to God, Dave is OK.
Here in the hospital miracles happen
Praying and wishing not in vain while stitching
Because, few days later, he's sitting and laughing
And thanks to God, Dave is ok.
Across the ocean a war's going on
More of His intent should be on that event
But here in the hospital his spirit's not gone
He still cares enough to deal with smaller stuff
Nowhere in time has any line been drawn
For here at home, Dave is ok.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Mar 31st, 2003, 5:02pm
wow.. ash and val, those were amazing.... Val, is that about what i think it is? or am i making things up in my head again? either way it was really good
and ash. i really liked that first one, and Dave is ok. was REALLY good, and im so glad he made it though all in one piece, i just wish i could be there to tell him that... well ill be there in a long 3 weeks, but maybe ill just tell dave then.  :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Mar 31st, 2003, 10:33pm
hey ash is dave ok?
Just wondering

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Mar 31st, 2003, 11:10pm
lol well it's a good thing you asked because i'm sure lots of people were wondering that very same question.... haha

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Apr 1st, 2003, 8:45am
A real love story.

The wind blows long and hard, the sand gets kicked up in both of their faces. Back to back, 20 feet away, Mark Darton fingers his revolver. He glances up to his left and sees a flash in the now empty window. Slowly he turns to face his oppone. They stare and stare, up and to his right mark sees another vanishing flash in the window. and one more to his left.

Mark darton was new in town, his quick mouth got him immedatly into trouble He came to find his one lost love, he'd been searching for her for 3 years now. and finnally got a solid tip that she may be here. He hadn't met his opponet, never even saw him. Mark had only killed one of the lackys and heard through the grapevine that today was the day to pay. but Mark was ready, The only thing quicker than his mouth was his draw


Mark runs, first to the bulilding to the right, jumps behind a horse trough and shoots at his oppenet BANG. to buy some time, and BANG hits the man in the window across the way.

there are 2 in the building hes under and still that one in the street. He goes in, and now the hunt begins. he knows they are starting on the top floor, he also knows they will be expeecting him. He walks through the building and reaches the stairwell. He hears caustious steps comming down and ducks under the stairs. as the man decends, Mark taps his gun on the steps the man pauses. BANG he dies and tummbles down. carefully mark begins to climb the stairs takes the first corner wide to sure to look for anything comming.

He kicks in the first door, an old man and his w hore  the second door is empty, he closes it then pauses, he continues, the third door is also empty, but he enters. quickly he goes to the window. no one in the street, he breaks the window and climbs out on to the balcony, hops from one balcony to the other on the outside of the second door now. He ducks under the window, waits just a moment.

The second door swings open the man with the gun quickly drops to the ground and rolls under the bed. He waits till he hears the door close and slowly comes out from under the bed. He listens to the walls and hears a window break in the next room over. he begins to leave, flee for his life. He reaches the door and feels a sinking feeling in his stomach. He spins and trys to dart awayBANG in the shoulder. he shoots back at mark. Mark ducks and BANG one more from mark and the man is cooling hump flesh beggining to wonder what decomposition will be like.

Mark goes back out the window and jumps the one story off the balconay to the ground. He looks around slowly turns again, and now he is facing his opponet again. Mark has one left the other must have six
they both drop MARK rises, bleeding from his right arm, his shooting arm. He looks at all the women comming out to see the result of the fight, Mark walks slowly towards the body looking at each women for his, for his one true love. she is not present and as he nears the lifeless body, he feels the sinking feeling, the feeling of dread, the feeling of love lost forever. he turns the body over and sees the face. Sees her face the face of his love. He stares for just a moment longer than one would stare at body they just killed. A single Tear builds in his eye and rolls down his cheak. He walks to his horse and rides away. Not into the sunset, no, but rides with his back to it.

And thats how the west was lost.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Apr 1st, 2003, 4:02pm
The question is not how far. The question is, do you possess the constitution, the depth of faith to go as far as needed?

This is my take on a story i read tonight from the perspective of a certain biblical guy....

The day was hot.  It was always warm during the day in the desert, but this day seemed more intensely hot than the rest.  Something hung in the air with the humidity, the sense that this day would not be like any other.  I looked out at the horizon and wished that someone else could take my place for this one day.  I dreaded the next few hours as I dreaded nothing else.
     The sun had not yet risen when I awoke.  The grey sky cast purpling shadows of tents and sleeping animals across the sand and I wanted to fall back asleep.  I knew I couldn’t.  I rose up silently, not waking my wife, wishing I could be in her place of oblivious rest.  But I wasn’t.  I couldn’t believe that I would be doing this to her, after all that Isaac had meant.  He was her reason for living.  Yet everything was beyond my control.  All I could do was focus on the task at hand.
     I knelt beside my son’s form lying in the sand and placed my hands on his back.  I shook him to wake him up.  He was a light sleeper and opened his eyes quickly.  “Come on, Isaac,” I whispered to him.  “Today is the day.”  What the phrase meant to him was not what it meant to me.  But I could not tell him what my real intent was for the day.  It would have to wait.
     Two of the servants had already awoken and were beginning to busy themselves with their usual tasks.  I started cutting wood and talking with them about the mundane facts of life.  Today was the day of the sacrifice.  “Go with me to Moriah,” I said to them.  “We can make the burnt offering there.”
     They didn’t question, had no need to because what I said was law.  They trusted me more than I trusted myself.  I felt as though I were leading on sheep, and in a way, I was.
     We mounted the donkeys and rode for an hour.  It was a silent hour spent enjoying the beauty of the desert awakening.  It was in the days before many people were around, and for that I was glad.  I liked to ride and admire the vastness and splendor of creation.
     It was still dark when we reached the mountains.  Their form rose ahead of me as a physical representation of my fear and foreboding.  Deep inside I had hoped that the mountains would not appear, that it was just a test to see if I would go where God sent me.  I had gone, but the mountains were still there.  I knew I had to do all that he asked of me, no matter what the cost.
     We stopped riding at the base of the mountains.  I took all the wood off of the animals, and lit a torch.  The moonlight had been bright enough until then, but the darkness now was beyond physical.  It was a spiritual darkness and uncertainty which I entered, bringing my unsuspecting son along.
     The servants stayed behind as I told them to.  Isaac and I would worship on the mount, I said to them.  Would they hate me when I came back alone?  On the way up, I couldn’t speak.  There was so much I wanted to say, so many things to get out and to break to him but I couldn’t say any of them.  He broke the stony silence by saying, “The fire and wood are here… but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?”
     He had to know.  My heart sank.  I stuttered out, “God… God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.”  We continued the ascent, into the sky as the sun began to rise.  Isaac and I built an altar.  I watched him as you would watch someone when you know that it’s the last time you’ll see them.  His every movement was sacred and I tried to capture the image of him in my mind.  What I did next was the hardest thing that I have ever done, in every documented event of my long life.  Coming up from behind my unsuspecting son, the promised son that God blessed Sarah and me with, I grabbed his hands.  He struggled, but he was young and I was stronger.  I tied him to the altar while he yelled, tears of confusion and betrayal in his eyes.  My own eyes stung with tears as well.  He cried out as he saw my hand raising the knife above him.  As I was about to bring it down upon his body to tear the flesh that represented my every dream, I heard a voice.  It called my name from Heaven and I knew that my son had been saved.  God spoke to me and as he did I cast the knife down to the ground, falling on my knees beside the altar.  My hands went to my face as tears came.  It was all a test.  I had passed by my obedience, an obedience which had almost brought death to my son whom I loved.  I had been willing to sacrifice that which was closest to me and because of it, I knew that there was a new closeness between me and Him.  He trusted me now.  He knew that I would go to any length to do what He wanted.  Because it isn’t about what I want.  He knows what’s better and because of that, I was able to influence every generation to follow me.  Little did I know then that a thousand years later, he would sacrifice his own son on an altar in Golgotha…

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Apr 1st, 2003, 6:03pm
1st.... scottie that was REALLY good.. i was all tense and everthing...er... or somthing lol. it was really good i liked how he rode away with his back to the sunset i dont know...yeah it was good scott... or should i say.. scott.
2nd. ash, that well im not sure what to think of that, it was good ...  did you write it or did you say it came FROM th book?

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Apr 1st, 2003, 9:18pm
1-yeah i agree scott that was really good
2-the story came from the book but it was about 10 times shorter than that.  Yeah i think it was written originally in about a paragraph, if that, i just kind of expanded upon it.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Apr 2nd, 2003, 7:22pm
wow...then go you ash! lol..... :D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Apr 4th, 2003, 10:56pm
requiem for a dream

what happened to me
and what i was yesterday
smilingshining full of life
dreams to be fulfilled with hope paving the way
where did everything go
and where did i miss it
the perfect ending, the perfect winning
i never stopped believing
and you'd be there right beside me
in my dream
what happened to us
and what we were yesterday
when we knew life and basked in it
sunshine sand crystals and glass to no decay
what tipped the scale
of our perfect lives
when dreams were so within our grasp
that we were living them
and you were there right beside me
living my dream
what happened to you
and what you were yesterday
when you smiled and when you laughed
before the pain, before the hollowness and this day
what went wrong, where did it end
how did you fall so far
we fell together, you and me
because you were there right beside me
in my dream

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Apr 8th, 2003, 8:16pm
I love the stories

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Apr 8th, 2003, 9:43pm
i love writing the stories... sometimes it's easier for me to put out my emotions through the point of view of someone else.. i dunno it makes sense to me

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Apr 9th, 2003, 7:16pm
ok this is not very good, i wrote it on a whim in math class (where most of my stuff is written lol)

wait for you (3/9/03)

Im tired of being alone
everything seems to be so bare
and desolate
i always seem to be tired
when im not with you
theres nothing to keep me aware
except you
so what am i sposed to do
when i feel this way
there isnt much i can do
but sit here and wait for you
we'll be together soon
not much longer apart
but the time we are together
will fly by in a blur
then ill just feel this way again

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Apr 11th, 2003, 11:39am
i wrote this a couple days ago... something that actually happened but is pretty symbolic.


I held it in my hands, wanting a bow with which to strike the strings
So tones, emotional, would leave the wood that formed its earthen shape.
At only 99, it seemed exact what i had been seeking:
Beautiful, fading violin, scratched over, sold at second rate.
I didn't know when i would find
Such a thing that could again be mine.

But as i stood there, with lost sounds of passion burning in my head,
I knew the violin would not belong to me--at least not yet,
As i've forgotten how to play, and lately took up bass instead
And so the unstrument and i parted, with an eternal debt.
I don't know when i'll want again
Anything much as that violin.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Apr 11th, 2003, 2:58pm
good stuff ash....:)
i wrote this yesterday...once again in math class... its for you (which is used in it) albany friends ... you guys rock.. and so you know you are the 'you' and they are stupid people around here..

good listeners 4/10/03

you aren't like all the othrs
they just wait for their turn to talk
they have no care of what i say
even if it would be of sume ue to them

No you're not like tat
not at all
you listn to what i have to say
and respond as honest as possible

you dont sit there
and lie to me
like everyone else
all they do is babble and lie

they have nothing good to say
but you
you have important knowledge
if its somthing just for fun
or something i can use in every day life

i just want to say thanks
for listening to me
for letting me say my wor
now its your turn
ill listen to you

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Apr 11th, 2003, 7:28pm
awww kristine that was awesome... next year is gonna be so awesome when you're in albany too!! it'll be one big party...hehe

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Apr 11th, 2003, 7:37pm
i cant wait till im out there! you all totally rock my socks!!! (and so does scott ;) ) lol

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Apr 11th, 2003, 8:22pm
hey guys speaking of writing i started writing a story that i post new episodes to every week... like a novel in installments... that's how stephen king wrote some stuff like green mile.  ANyway i already have ideas for the plot and stuff but yeah every friday i'm putting up new "episodes" so go here http://www.geocities.com/anotherdarklady/eternal_rebound.html to read it :) thanks!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Apr 14th, 2003, 9:46pm
Warning: Very Emotional Piece about child abuse

I'm angry that you wern't there for me
Angry that you couldn't be the father I needed you to be
So many kids wishing that they were apart of our family
Wanna take my place, fine by me
I can't pretend anymore that we lived in luxery
Smack, that's what you get for talkin back.
"Don't look at me that way."
"Do you wanna hit me," Smack
You Stupid B****
How's a girl supposed to grow up like that
Are you angry at me for ruining your dreams
Angry at me because I didn't clean
I'm sorry I didn't turn out to be the daughter you wanted me to be
You wanted to mold me into some kind of freak
How did you want me to be?
Greatful for the bruises on me
You've even told me that you like to hit me
Cause it's a stress relief
He once told me that we didn't tell out of love
It's not  true because we didn't want to end up in a ditch all F***** Up
My knees are shakin my stomache in knotts
Love your daddy cause he's the only daddy you got
How can you love someone who's beaten you
Emotionally & Physically, Constantly
Do you still want my daddy?

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Apr 15th, 2003, 4:26pm
*thinks for a moment*....wow... (i believe that all im able to say)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Apr 15th, 2003, 8:28pm
yeah i'll second that krist... me too.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Apr 16th, 2003, 7:39am

He was walking down the street cool calm confident. Always aware of his surrounding, always in control. He strolls up to the convience store, the store that would change his life. the store that changes, exactly who he is.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Apr 16th, 2003, 8:31am
I hit post button a bit too early.

And so the time has come. this will be my last post in quite some time so I hope yall enjoy Goodbye

He was walking down the street cool calm confident. Always aware of his surrounding, always in control. He strolls up to the convience store, the store that would change his life. the store that changes, exactly who he is.
the old cliche was right and he hates that. but it was a day like anyother day he had rolled out of bed or more acuratly around on the floor of his beaten down apt till he woke up. lit his ciggeratte and just sat in the corner thinking what he was in for today.if he could just make it through the day alive, he thought to himself just one more day.

He had a hit put on him. but also had a tip on "runs can't lose" the #4 horse in the 7th race, just one more day. and he would have the money

James darton straps on his boots, sticks his "tool" in his boot covered by his jeans and leaves his apt through the door hanging off the hinge. NY city the city that never sleeps, the Big Apple. His hell hole his deflated dreams, his maze of life, his empty hope for death but to afraid to carry it out. NY city the only city in the world where minding your own business has become second nature like breathing you do it so often you don't have to think about it.

James turns the corner and starts to walk, he needs another pack of ciggs there is a stand 4 blocks down, easist place around to swipe cigs with no problems. however his problems were just 3 blocks away. He looks up and takes a drag on his cig and sees them, panic and fear rip through him wrenching his gut. making him want to puke, but J.D. is calm cool and confident and keeps his pace as if they didn't exist. they are max and john the palumbo brothers. the hired goons of paul giovano these were the kinda people you never met in life, unless you were James Darton and were ready to die. J.D. was only one of these things
Maybe they weren't looking for him maybe he could get away this time. maybe  he would be ok. Calm cool and confident. cross walk nearly a hundred people about 50 on either side J.D. can only see 2 Max and John can only see one, James.
the light changes, everyone walks.
J.D. feels the cold steal of his sharpend pipe, a bone crusher, beat some one to hell with it, or stab them. good for any situation.

James still thinks He can get through this, he thinks they aren't looking for him he's wrong as they J.D. thinks he's safe. Max turns and pounds James to the ground immediatly. reaction James reaches for his "tool" and whipps it out across maxes face as he turns kick johnny in the crotch people passing on either side, as if nothing was happening, the 2 on 1 fight james gets the wind knocked out of him by max. Max tries to kick him but instead gets stabbed in the foot. max goes down in pain unable to stand, james and johnny without fear james attacks johnny like a mad man pounding his face in with ruthless mercy, the pedestrians can hear the slapping thud of flesh hitting flesh. the blood now begins to spray, and only now do people start to walk wider circles to avoid the blood splatter. johnny goes down Thud thud thud, Max lying rithing in pain tries to get up tries to stop James he pulls out his knife and slashes his arm then sits up and stabbs his shoulder. James reaches down and twistes the bone crush opening the wound in maxes foot J.D. pulls out the tool and stabbs john then Max James gets up and runs. just a few feet to get some distance then slips down an alley, drops to the ground thinking about what has happened what hes going to do. his relfection in a windom, covered in blood and face beaten and worn. shoulder bleeding profusly and only one thing on his mind, "I'm outta cigger....ettes" he sees feet in front of him a police officer he starts to look up and sees a gun at his face with silencer, 'withip' is the last sound he hears as he is shot in the face, the last thing he saw was the sight of paulie giovano.


Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Apr 16th, 2003, 5:53pm
wow scott.....really good stuff... :D i like it a lot

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Apr 16th, 2003, 6:21pm
Scottie writes some bad ass stories, I'll tell ya...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Apr 16th, 2003, 7:26pm
hmm val said it right....lol

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Apr 18th, 2003, 8:40pm
http://www.geocities.com/anotherdarklady/eternal_rebound.html  i put up the next installment, there's now 2 episodes! hehe go check it out..

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Apr 26th, 2003, 7:40pm
When you hold me close
I just want to be closer
i dont think its possible
but i wish it could be true

I feel so safe
and secure
when Im enveloped
in your arms

Please dont let me go
i never want to leave
i want to stay here forever
and never go home

yeah guys i SO just made that up on the spot, though the first 2 lines have been in my head for the past couple days, i just made the rest up now....go me...lol
i think im gonna name it Closer with no relation to the song, it just fits it.....yeah.... lol

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Apr 27th, 2003, 7:44pm
this one i wrote after i got offline last nite. :)

Time Passes 4/26/03

it happened again
just as it did before
we came together
and time is no longer a matter

we get so involved with one another
everything just flys by
but i dont care if it does
as long as im with you

so whats going on now
you're already so far away
why cant we still be in each others arms
with time passing us by

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Apr 27th, 2003, 9:06pm
yesterday i wrote a poem along those same lines Krist... man the JS telepathy is totally kicking in...

4/26/03 first fireflies

Innocent under the uncultivated night skies,
I felt you near me and watched the first fireflies
Of the year as they passed us by
Ad i wanted Friday to last longer.
Fallen and torn by the dynamic life that you bring,
I leaned into you and willed off your leaving
Knowing that, like so many things,
Time away lasts so much longer.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Apr 28th, 2003, 12:09pm
wrote this in rock history today inspired by a certain individual we were learning about...

More than Stardust, 1974

A messiah's rise to power
A tired New Jersey bar
A golden age of innocence
You'll be a megastar
A real blue collar champion
A million formed from zero
A larger-than-life uplift
You'll be our new hero
Because you dont' change with the wind
You were born to live the American dream
Everyone wants to be your friend
Because you're exactly as you seem
A closing of the Door
A memorable 3 hours
The future of an art form
This is your rise to power
A fortune based in faith
A hero's fortune reached
A true American icon
Your chances aren't unique
Because you don't change with the wind
You were born to live the American dream
Everyone wants to see you again
Because you're exactly as you seem

10 bucks to who can figure out who i'm talking about...lol

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Apr 28th, 2003, 2:31pm
ash, those were good.. i liked them, and yay for the JS telepathy..lol and i have NO idea who you are talking about, but i am not very good with history stuff... soyeah... anyhew..lol

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Apr 29th, 2003, 7:40pm
sitting listening to your cds
      to tears dripping off your face
   ..all the lonley people
       where do we all come from..

seeing that one and only person online,
smiling to yourself, hoping they smile back,
wishing you could tell them one last time what you've told them before,
what they already ready know,

being able to save the world, but not yourself,
smiling and grining so happily,
yet so sad
saving the world, but destroying yourself

trying to be so cool on the outside & in
screaming for help
help that you dont know
help that you dont understand
Screaming to be left alone
screaming for attention

Screaming for help,
screaming of pain,
screaming because you are scared of yourself, screaming until you are deaf,
tearing and fighting yourself, dreaming of blackness, dreaming of veggie tails,
dreaming of blackness, dreaming...of the unknown

am I dead yet? was I ever alive......

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Apr 29th, 2003, 7:41pm
Ash, that was bruce springstein

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Apr 29th, 2003, 8:04pm
DING DING DING 10 bucks go to mimi who guessed correctly... ummm... i don't have 10 bucks... 10 fake bucks to mimi!!  And that was a good poem you wrote there too... i liked it a lot.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Apr 29th, 2003, 8:10pm
wow... that was awsome mimi..... and good guess.....i never woulda thought of it hehe

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Apr 29th, 2003, 8:15pm
thanx yaz, thanx yaz very much...

ash tankz for that $10 bucks, it will help me pay off these 2 tix i bought for a two day show in chicago

1st day: Flaming Lips, Violent Femms, Ben Kweller, plus one other
2nd day: The Used, Finch, Staind, All American Rejects

35 bucks for 2 awesome days...heaven.. im in heaven

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Apr 29th, 2003, 8:21pm
its hard to believe
that just a few weeks ago
i was just a frowning girl
with no place to go

but when i found you
you changed everything
you make me happy
than i ever seemed to be

im so glad
you changed everything
and brought something new
into my meaningless life

once again, i came up with that at the spur of the moment... i seem to be getting better at it... and i do believe im gonna call that you changed everything  sounds good to me! lol

and mimi, sounds like an awsome 2 days

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on May 1st, 2003, 11:48am
how long do you have to hurt
and lie in a dry well of hopelessness
before it goes away,
before you can wake up and face a new day?
how many months and years go by
as you taste the stale unchanging air
before it starts to subside,
before you realize you can't resurrect what died?
how long does the pain have to stay
as you long for a mist or a spray
of healing to splash across your skin
and let the process begin?
how deep can this dry well be
the dark one that dashes all your hopes
before you rise again
before you find another friend?
how long can you survive alone
hidden away in your hopeless despair
before you come to light
before you once again regain your sight?
how long can a poor soul last
with no focus but what's already passed
before they find a saving grace
of love and hope to clear their face?

i've been confronted with a lot of death lately, people i know losing people close to them... it all just seems so hopeless.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on May 1st, 2003, 5:04pm
wow ash... just.. wow....

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on May 6th, 2003, 8:43pm
i wrote this tonight on the bus...
5/6/03 The Distancing Sky
There's only a couple stars in thesky right now
As the moon's still climbing and the sun's nowhere to be found
I wonder if you see them too
Or if your night's obscured by clouds
The twilight's fading fast and the starlight surely won't last
But you'll still be there when i get home
and i'll wait for you to come around

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on May 7th, 2003, 12:11pm
aww ash i like it.. expecially because its at nite..no sun for me!! i dont like to get burninated lol

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Jenn with 2 Ns on May 7th, 2003, 7:20pm
love writing....I just don't know to finish this play/script.  AAAHH!!!


Lucky ME!

I'd rather just spend my time roaming this site and the message boards.

I'm such a good student.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on May 7th, 2003, 11:18pm
so there was a mini-crisis in the mind of ashley tonight (thanks Val!!!)... here's the short of it.

Conflict #1
Who are you when you're in my bed
or when words like these have just been said
lines you say because you're too d**n scared
of falling that you'll let me be misled
and if i ended it right now i know you'd find someone new
so what's the point of us, what's the point of me and you?
who are you when you're in my head
with all these words that remain unsaid
things i keep inside because i'm too scared
of giving myself to you that i've bled
and if you ended it right now you know you'd leave a scar
i wouldn't have the same effect on you, you've been too far

i always thought i'd be the one who's strong
but don't use it against me if i was wrong
don't write your words to change the subject, move along
don't be elusive, don't say those words to me or i'm gone

who are you when you're on my phone
saying things that make me feel so alone
things we don't say ebcause we're too d**n scared
of losing control or being on our own?
and if we ended it right now we'd know more should've been said
but some days i want to take the easy way instead.

Title: 7 hours
Post by Jenn with 2 Ns on May 8th, 2003, 7:30am
seven hours until the world comes rushing back on me
and I find myself in blank white room
listening to some elder ramble on about literature
about books I haven't read and don't want to bother with
I live in the 21st century and 19th is of no concern to me
these women writers- their brilliance is wasted on me
because I want nothing more to find myself back
in the warmth of the purple and black
to surround myself in its heat and his arms
and close my eyes without repercussion
to be comfortable in a silent world
emersed in the colors of my mind
away from the dull drab white of the frozen land
it's near April
still the ice falls without mercy, without concern
I need those seven hours
where thoughts and hearts are free to feel and free...
to lose myself

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on May 8th, 2003, 8:34am
that was really good Jenn, i feel like i've definitely been there...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on May 8th, 2003, 5:46pm
Jenn, great poem. I have had that feeling before. And Ash.. what can I say? Amazing as always and I can tell that you put a lot of emotion in it. That's why you'll make a great doorman when I move to the mountains with my flock of sheep. Hehe.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on May 8th, 2003, 7:29pm
ash......like wow.... like always lol
jenn. that was good stuff....i like it :D keep writting!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on May 10th, 2003, 10:03pm
::Cameo appearence::

Pale light shines down from above
all seems dark and dreary
the stars hang on strings

a man walks slow and purposeful
though being chased, his pace doesn't change
he knows by running is no escape

Followed forever and continusly haunted
no matter where he is the pale eye in the sky is on him
dark and bright peicing and unmerciful

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on May 11th, 2003, 11:39am
ooOoOoO cameo by Boston... wicked pissah lol

Im missin you so bad
though youve only been gone a day
i wish you were still here
watching the stars up above

You'll be back soon
and then we'll be together
under the night sky
the moonlight showing us the way

So for now ill just suffer alone
because your not here with me
but that will change soon
walking under the starlit sky

wow once again i just came up with that at the spur of the moment, i think im gonna call it moonlight yeah that sounds good..it came from 2 things a. prom next week. b. i just watched steal me again on my tape *sigh* what an amazing song...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on May 13th, 2003, 3:13am
wow ash i just read your poem about hopelessness. I thought it was moving and beautifully written :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on May 13th, 2003, 7:46pm
:) thanks!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on May 17th, 2003, 8:45pm
5/15/03  did you ever
say goodbye and wish you didn't have to
say see ya and wish you could say more
feel like there could have been something there
wish that friendship wasn't the extent of this allure?
did you ever feel that timing was off
that in another lifetime you might have been the one
that you and me were perfect for each other
if we didn't both already have someone?
i'm content with where i am today
with who'll be in my arms on monday
with where i'm gonna stay
but did you ever wonder if there's another way?
you left and i always looked up to you
see you later, i wish i could say more
about the bond that's so indistinct and unique
your personality that has such an allure
did you ever wonder what could have been
if in another lifetime existed a better chance
if better odds would make us perfect for each other
if either one of us was looking for romance?
i'm content with who i am today
with who'll be in my arms monday
with who i'm gonna stay
but did you ever wonder if somehow there was another way?

i don't know, i came up with it on the spur of the moment about some stuff going around in my head... don't take it to mean something it doesn't.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on May 18th, 2003, 6:25pm
wow. good stuff.. as always ash.. props to you :) ive been kinda slack lately, but ive had short math classes for the past 2 weeks lol... :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on May 20th, 2003, 9:15pm
As always, Ash with the slickness....

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on May 24th, 2003, 10:31am
don't turn away

all the passing seconds go by faster with you here
as the beating of my heart speeds up too
The minutes become memories that won't disappear
when i get to share the best times with you
Under broken skies with broken contracts and broken hearts
don't turn away--i feel you breathing on my cheek
with broken skin and failing angels fallen from blue skies
don't turn away--because i still want to hear
the sound of you singing in my ear
all the passing nights go by faster with you here
as the phoenix in my eyes speeds up too
the days become frozen frames that won't disappear
when i get to share the best times with you
under broken ceiling with broken couch and broken hears
don't turn away--i feel your heart beating with mine
with broken skin and failing angels fallen in blue nights
don't turn away--because i still want to hear
you singing yonder songs in my ear

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on May 24th, 2003, 8:13pm
Ashley Bowman so good right now, ashley bowman :D hehehe...... *brain fart*.. did i spell your last name right ash? eeep..lol

few more minuets

as im laying here with you
i never want to get up
just stay in this moment

i know what has to be done
i just dont want to do it
its just too depressing
with the knowledge that im leaving you

shut off that alarm
we dont need to get up yet
theres still a few presious moments
that we can spare

i guess we should get up now
we have to get going
well that didnt work,
just give me a few more minuets

yay for spur of the moment, and well... this morning..lol darn work *shakes fist* lol im

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on May 24th, 2003, 9:21pm
i would like to second what krist just wrote about this morning! the whole thing! lol

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on May 25th, 2003, 10:51am
man was your alarm clock loud...lol  ::) ;D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on May 26th, 2003, 10:05am
Along the cold dark street he walked. Takin no notice of the howling wind taking no notice of the burnt out street lights, taking no notice of the obvious void within him.
he turned the corner as a car zooms by, he continues into town, it is nearing 1:00am and it seems desolate, and empty. He walks down the street to no where. He passes stores and shops that mean nothing. his pace quickens faster now, and faster until hes now jogging but only for a bit, for he continues to gain speed now he has entered a full sprint. Runing to no where for no reason.
He feels the pain grow in his legs as he gets further away it starts in is toes then his ankles and calfs slowly getting more intense and soon his thighs are sore, and the pain nearly unbearable. He presses on. further he runs his body begging him to stop he resist and pushes himself the ache is gut wrenching He won't let himself give up he won't stop running his whole body throbing with more pain than he can remember he pushes himself to the very limit that his body can take him....

bam bang crash. buick century

he his hit head on. the car takes him out at the knees he flips up onto the hood and rolls over the windsheild back to the ground. the pain slowly weening away until it has all lefted his body painless he falls asleep.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on May 26th, 2003, 5:53pm
wow scott once again you blew me away.. good sctuff.. for some reason, when i first started reading that i was reminded of Neverwhere.... not sure why.... but yeah. i liked it boston :)

Its raining again
the weather is mourning for us
we cant be together
the tears fall from the sky

We dont know
the next time we'll be together
the time will eventually come
but not soon enough

I hope it doesnt rain forever
that would be too depressing
maybe the sun will come out tomorrow
maybe ill see you tomorrow

spur of the moment strikes again! lol i think i get better at it every time yay! but i do believe ill call this one mourning weather  i like it... :) and its been raining alllll day..

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on May 27th, 2003, 7:22pm
as always good stuff by ron jeremy and flipper...

this one is a song..it's a lot easier to write a song when someone else already has. i guess it's technically a parody but i just say it's to the tune of
My Favorite Things 5/27/03
Forbidden moments and first moonlit kisses
Silent surrenders and sweet whispered wishes
Getting that feeling that i may have wings
These are a few of my favorite things
Your lips against me and your arms around me
Your eyes break through me and your breaths surround me
Having you with me in my wanderings
Being with you is my favorite thing.
When the door shuts, when I hang up,
When i want you here
I simple remember my favorite things
And memories of you appear.
Trite spoken phrasings and feelings unspoken
Foreign adventures, familiar emotion
Knowing your face and the smile that you bring
These are a few of my favorite things...

*girly sigh*

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on May 27th, 2003, 7:31pm
aww aaaaaaashhhhh!!!!! sooooooo good! *wipes tear* those are some of MY favorite things as well :D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on May 27th, 2003, 8:51pm
ok while we (or me anyway) are on the topic of parodies i had to dig this one up... for all you ben fans... this is a parody of arthur nix... it's about stephen dorff who has a beautiful face but tragically is pretty short.

I'm wondering what you're thinking, stephen dorff
because ever since i saw your face on HBO
And was quickly swept away by sexiness
You're getting hotter and hotter
Is your face better than your height is, Stephen?
If we had the power to combine the best-looking features human beings could ever see
We'd put them on an actor and watch him be sexy on screen, idolized by all the teens
but alas that can't be seen
So Stephen Dorff, Stephen Dorff, you had to forf-
eit just one thing
Cause your height really isn't that attractive
But you're in movies so we kind of can't tell
5 foot 9 is something you hide really well
That award you got for Blade is really cool
but in your indie flicks you have more attitude
And in them you hook up with lots of chicks
Just remember to remember, gorgeous men like you can always have first pick*
Stephen Dorff you're getting hotter and hotter
Is your face better than your height

*for this line i was gonna put something witty about height possibly being proportional to other things that rhyme with chicks but decided against it because that would be indecent.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on May 28th, 2003, 4:43pm
teeeeeheheheh gooood schtuff ash :) made me giggle. but that doesnt take a lot as we all know ...lol... but yeah i liked. better with out the..er.. word that rhymes with chicks ;) lol ;D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on May 28th, 2003, 9:28pm
an epic poem

we lay together, side by side
the blue glow of the television in the background
I hold onto you but more than that, you hold onto me
your smooth skin and warm body, though you swear your cold

together we lay thinking of nothing,
thinking of everything, thinking of you
together we lay waiting for sleep and hoping it never arrives
waiting for morning, for the new sun to rise.

during the day movies are one and chess is won
video games are played til there is nothing to do
perhaps there maybe tomfoolery or ballyhoo; )
away you may go, to the kitchen or such and waiting for you and missing you much

in the end of the day, the sun will set and together again we shall lay waiting for morning.

until at last that day may come, when I must part once more
the rain pours down and away I go
when I'll return I'm unsure
but I'll be back of that I'm certain.

so until next we meet I'll be waiting. goodnight, and dream well.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on May 29th, 2003, 11:29am
wow scott... just wow... very good... memories of NY... ::sigh::

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on May 29th, 2003, 7:15pm
Wow, Scott, that was really good. I'm impressed.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on May 29th, 2003, 7:32pm
i think it gets better (if at all possible) every time i read it... tomfoolery and baly hoo.. *giggles*

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on May 29th, 2003, 8:24pm
it gets better every time i read it.. which is a lot... mmmm maybe 20 or so times today... needless to say scott made a girl in albany very happy ;)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on May 30th, 2003, 12:31pm
gee..i WONDER who that girl is... *taps fingers on chin*  ;)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on May 30th, 2003, 9:20pm
Werd to that Krist

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jun 1st, 2003, 9:19pm
These dreams of death still haunt my sleep
So that there is no way of knowing
When i close my eyes, if i'll die again
And be reborn by morning.
I close my eyes still tasting life
Fresh on my lips, still on its threshold
When i open them, i have seen the grave
And felt the sting of its cold.
And in my last fleeting moments
Sometimes i have no regrets
Of the life i've had, all that i have done
I've paid off all my debts.
But worse is when, in my last hour,
In dreams when i die with the fear
That i haven't done, that i haven't said
All that i should while here.
These dreams of death still haunt my sleep
Keeping my eyes wanting to stay open
Knowing that one day I may die in dreams
And not awake again.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 2nd, 2003, 12:47pm
wow ash... once again you blow me away with your talent.. *claps*  :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Jun 2nd, 2003, 3:11pm
I wish I could write poetry like Ashley can.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 2nd, 2003, 6:28pm
oh but val, your very good yourself

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Jun 2nd, 2003, 7:01pm
Or... not.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 2nd, 2003, 7:06pm
you arrrrreeee!!! ::shakes fist:: and you better believe it! you write some good stuff.... so..  :P take that.......lol  ;D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Jun 3rd, 2003, 1:07am
Scott and Ash both your poems were really great!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RachelJS on Jun 3rd, 2003, 6:17am
wow, there's definatly alot of talent in this Forum!! I'd share some of my stuff, but I don't like to be judged, so I usually keep my songs to myself.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jun 3rd, 2003, 12:08pm
nahhh you should definitely post some of your stuff, i know i don't just speak for myself when i say we'd love to read it!!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 3rd, 2003, 5:24pm
oh defintly! post lots of stuff! i love reading this stuff... its fun....im sure your stuff is good :D

geek pride 6-3-03

We are proud of what we are
with our glasses, and pocket pretectors
we love what we do
with our knowledge and info too

We are cultured in many areas
of literature, and science
discussions always pop up
at the weirdest of times

We analyze anything and everything
no matter what
To pick it apart is what its about
thats why were proud
proud to be geeks

just made that up....not all that great... but meh, its somethin different than what  i usually write...hehe

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jun 3rd, 2003, 6:57pm
hehe krist that was cool, i started a poem called Dork Girl once that was about X-men and how superman is better than batman and all this other stuf... but anyway i wrote this one today..

What Happened to David Jones?

Pardon me, Mr. Jones, if i seem out of line
I lost sight of ground control from this height
If i lost my way could you bring me back safely
When I've got so much stardust in my eyes?
So tell me, if you sold the world, or met the man that did,
Was it worth it just to see the view from Mars?
So tell me, David Bowie, can Ziggy come out and play
Or is he gone away to where Mr Jones hid,
among the fallen stars?

Pardon me, Major Tom, if I don't make much sense
I lost sight of my hero from down here
If he's lost his way, can you tell him where to find me
So that i can touch his garment before he disappears?
So tell me, if you lost the golden years that passed away
Who will you become tomorrow to regain them?
So tell me, David Bowie, where has Jareth gone
And who will Ziggy Stardust be if you're Bowie today,
Who will reclaim him?

Pardon me, Mr Jones, if i seem out of line
Your theater stage is so big i can't see you
If you lost your way i hope you'll be back soon
I'm still a girl in blue jeans, so what's new?
So tell me, rebel rebel, if I honor you today
Will you still be my hero by tomorrow?
So tell me David Bowie, did you really sell the world
Or did you buy it out some other way
To Ziggy's sorrow?

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 3rd, 2003, 7:03pm
ash that TOTALLY ROCKED!!!!
and all i gotta say is one thing....


Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Jun 3rd, 2003, 7:05pm
Yeah! BOWIE!!!!!!!!! Ash, you rock my socks and then some.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by MonkeySleepy on Jun 3rd, 2003, 8:02pm
I am the dream child son of morpheus of old,
take my hand and slumber, beyond your wildest dreams is yours,
welcome the rapture of my gentle embrace and we'll fly far across the water, where never the sun has shone we walk together on the shore, sharing the seclusion of a thousand lifetimes
delve deep in the halls of darkest history lost in the silence and the dust
I draw you close and wisper "memory" for that is the strongest of all we posess
remember me, my sleeping maid and we will travel there, to lands beyond the oceans depths
to castles in the air

with all my love to my sleeping maid

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jun 3rd, 2003, 8:31pm
as always, dave, you rock.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 3rd, 2003, 8:44pm
ash you are sooooo right.... dave does rock..... soo good dave :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jun 4th, 2003, 4:09pm
i started a story the other night kind of backwards, i wrote the last page first and now i'm starting at the beginning.  This is the last page of it.. so now you know how it ends in case it gets published and they make it into a movie... lol  (PS: try not to think matrix blue pill red pill while you're reading it, it's totally different even if it seems the same)

"There are two doors in front of you," he continued.  "One leads to your past, and one to your future.  It's your choice which you'll live in.  You know where the one on your left leads; you've been there.  It's security.  You'll live again in all the joys, all the laughs of those you've lost.  But you'll live in the losses again, feeling the hurt, the sting of bitterness again and again.  You don't know where the door on your right leads.  Maybe joy, maybe sorrow.  It's unpredictable.  It's your choice if you want to live in your past or live for your future."  And after standing at the crossroads for many unchanging twilit nights, i went through.  I chose future.  By choosing to live for the future, i chose to live for something more, to take chances and embrace opportunity.  I got the best of both worlds, because i still have all my memories and highlights from life in the door on the left to keep me going.  It's true that by choosing the door on the right i would never again see the faces of my companions of days gone by, and never again live the best days of my life when things were happier.  But I can visit those times in my dreams, daydreams or in sleep. And i can make my own destiny.  If i went to the left, i would never know what could have been.  By choosing future, i acknowledge regrets of things i've done.  But i'll have no regrets about what i could have done.  With that choice made, my journey through the land of the eternal twilight had ended.  but my eternal journey had only just begun...A light shone under the door that led to my past, a comfort and certainty.  I opened the door to my future and could see nothing ahead of me, not even myself.  I took two steps into the darkness and turned back only once to close the door behind me.

so yeah it's gonna be a fantasy.. that's the end of it, i have the beginning, the rest is just filling :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 4th, 2003, 6:31pm
ash...that TOTALLY kicks ARSE!!!! i cant wait to read the rest of it! :D ill even buy it in hardcover! *giggleS*

im layng here
laying with out you
just staring at my celing
thinking of you

i miss you so much
when your not around
i need you here
here with me

ill just go to sleep now
with you drifting in my dreams
ill just lay here alone
alone with out you

just came up with that at the top of my head... kinda explains my afternoon... im gonna call it laying here alone ... ::sigh:: yeah

Title: Re: Writting
Post by stars_at_night on Jun 5th, 2003, 8:54pm
hey kids-this is the perfect thread for this post.

I have to write a commencement speech for my communications class, and I was wondering if you guys would mind reading it and telling me what you think. I would really appreciate it :)

Welcome friends, family, teachers, and fellow students to the graduation of the class of 2003. It has been said that literature imitates life, and as I look back at my past 18 years, I see how true that really is. Everyone has a story. When we were born each of us started one, allowing ourselves to be the main characters.

By the time we enter high school our stories have been turned into books. Even though our stories up to then seem long and important, it has all just been a pre-face.  

Through our four years of high school our stories have turned into novels and we quickly fill up the pages. New characters emerge, and although some only breeze across our pages, their presence is always remembered in the binding of our book. Some characters may become a permanent fixture in your book. They're the ones who are there for you when you need them. They're the ones who lend you an ear to talk to and a shoulder to cry on. They lift you up when you fall and hold on. And although they may disappear in a few chapters, they have a significant hold of your story along with your heart-and you hope they will reemerge in the upcoming chapters.

The memories you have made during these 4 years could write a book alone. The dances, the parties, the games you won and the games you lost, the classes you took, and the friends you made. Memories like sitting up through the night watching movies with a friend or driving around aimlessly for hours just talking. These are memories that will forever be remembered in your story.

And now we're here. Graduating. And this may seem like the end of our book, but in truth, it's only the beginning. When you look back at your life, high school will only be a few chapters that you will re-read fondly.  You'll remember the people and how they affected you. You'll remember that one teacher who made you see everything in a different light. You'll remember the people you loved, the dances you danced, the songs you sang, and the lives you touched... and then you'll move on to the rest of your book, all shining with hopefulness for the future.

Because after you finish your chapters on high school, there is the future. You may have chapters on college and your experiences there, and chapters on the family you make and the people you love, chapters on your jobs-jobs you hopefully love. Ones that make you want to get up in the morning and go-ones that help you live out your dream. Maybe you'll have a chapter on living out your dream-whether that dream is winning an Olympic gold medal or publishing a book. But no matter what, your future chapters hold promise in their blank pages.

The one thing that you don’t want to do is look back on your book and feel regret. And if there is one thing that I regret through my high school experience is allowing myself to fall into the background of other people’s stories. Never allow yourself to become a minor character, stand up and write your own story. Be the star. Besides, who would know more about you than yourself?

In conclusion, I would like to leave you with hope. A hope that you fill your upcoming chapters with more memories and success. Because all my fellow graduates have the ability to fill their chapters with anything they want and everything they vision. And when they get to the final pages of their novel they can look back and say they did what they dreamed and they were happy, and lived with no regrets.

I'd like to leave you with a quote: Sometimes when you want to read a really good book, you have to write it yourself.
Thank you.

(Im going to be playing aqueous transmission by incubus in the background-hehe, rock on!)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jun 10th, 2003, 10:35pm
i wrote this about a dream i had the other night, it was terrifying and realistic, left an impression...

Man with No Face

"Come with me and i'll save you all"
echoes in the crowded room
The voice i fear so much will set me free
Or lead to my doom...

Our footsteps after his
Following behind him in this empty hall
He leads us to a room and says to wait
Leaving us to determine our fate
temperatures rise and hope falls

I was so wrong, i should've seen all along
My throat cries out in a voice not my own
I was so lost, i should've seen the cost
My hands pelt the walls of the last room i'll know
Seeking a window
My God don't make me die alone

"Come with me and i'll save you all"
Reaching to the rescue height
As clear as day, keep control
I lift with all my might

Prayers flying in my mind
There must be some kind of way out of here
To break on through to another side
Disappearing act he lied
I have to be the strong one and think clear

I'm so warm, i should've seen the storm
My skin burns away in a room far from home
I'm so confused, can't see how i've been used
My hands reach to save the lives not my own
Seeking fresh air
Oh God don't let them die alone

(catch the 2 classic rock references?)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Jun 11th, 2003, 9:33am
doors rul, led zep I belive was the other way to go ash

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 11th, 2003, 7:11pm
ash you rock, that was awsome

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jun 11th, 2003, 8:15pm
ding ding ding scott's right but only halfway right... he's right just not as much right... lol it was doors and hendrix

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Jupitergirl on Jun 11th, 2003, 8:43pm
OK this topic has bugged me for the longest time now..I haven't read any of the post but the first one and "writting" is spelled "writing"  there is only one "t"

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jun 11th, 2003, 10:57pm
yeah that's annoying to me too... don't blame scott though for not knowing how to spell, he's still wicked smaaat...  ;)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RachelJS on Jun 12th, 2003, 5:15am
Ash you sounded rait' wicked Maineish!! ;)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Jupitergirl on Jun 12th, 2003, 6:41am
Ash...Well sometimes i wonder about him!!!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Jun 12th, 2003, 2:31pm
Scott is wick smaaaat, he should be in movies... like Legally Blonde 3. Hahaha.

Anyway, that poem you wrote back there was awesome, Ash. I did love the refrences. Jimi and the Doors make me a happy happy girl.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JewJewBENjupsun on Jun 12th, 2003, 3:36pm
yeah ash great poem, wish I could write like that

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 14th, 2003, 7:35pm
i like writting better than writing.. i think it looks cooler...so props to boston.....lol...me fale englsh thats umpossible!

i just want to be in your arms,
to listen your heart-beat,
feel your touch,
smell your cologne.

thats all i need to be happy
i dont need material things
just being with you,
makes up for everything else

you complete me,
make me whole
i dont know what would happen,
if i ever lost you

so please dont go
dont ever leave me
i need you to go on
to go on with me

you are my beacon of light
at the end of the dark tunnel
so i have something to focus on
something to look forward to.

just came up with that .... beacon of light 6/14/03

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jun 14th, 2003, 8:42pm
ahhh krist it's the telepathy again, we always have the same types of stuff going on in our poems, i wonder why that is lol... i wrote this one randomly spur of the moment on break today at work... ahh i'm such a chick lol

This Is The Part Where I Get Sentimental

It's the anticlimactic day that you leave
Twelve hours later, I've been seeing your face all day
In my mind you're all i think about.
Daydreams and wonderings, reflections and memories
I've had all day to hear you repeat words in my head
So this is the part where I want that glass slipper back
I want to find that guy i left part of me with
Don't want to be Cinderella anymore
Because when you're around I turn into a princess

it's the falling action and the rising anticipation
Twelve hours after Prince Charming and the ball
And in my mind, i'm still there
No pink dress or friendly mice or pumpkins for me
Just a man, a daydream and a heart full of desire
So this is the part where I want that glass slipper back
I want Prince Charming to come take me away
Don't want to be Cinderella anymore
Becuase when you're around I become a princess.

(thanks for making me feel like a princess...)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 14th, 2003, 8:46pm
oh ash, the telepathy strikes again. but you have such a better way with words than i do... that rocked

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jun 15th, 2003, 2:56pm
ok i know i post way too much stuff on here but i write at least 1 or 2 poems a day and i love sharing them with people so this is a good outlet.  i wrote this one today.. i was hanging out with this friend of mine and this girl he used to be with was doing some stuff onstage so it was just kind of musings from his perspective.


Spotlights and sunlight on your hair
You step up looking out, smiling at us all
Face done perfectly like a doll
They take their pretty pictures of your shining eyes
And i think i might just fall all over again

So sure of yourself from way up there
Your eyes are uncertain as they pass me by
But i still remember the first september
When you made me feel like i could fly

They take their pictures, you tell the story
About your life and all your ways
Still i remember those winter days
We took our pretty pictures of our shining lives
When i thought i'd lost myself for good

So sure of myself from way down here
My heart was uncertain as i reached for you
But still i fell and they all wished me well
Even now the feeling's so new

After the spotlights fade i find you there
Taking a step back to keep the past
From overflowing at long last
Let's take a pretty picture a hug it's been so long
i think i know where your heart belongs

So sure it's not with me way over here
My life was uncertain until i found you there
But still in today fate found its own way
And caught us completely unaware

Title: Re: Writting
Post by stars_at_night on Jun 15th, 2003, 2:58pm
I really liked that. I especially liked the lines
So sure of yourself from way up there
Your eyes are uncertain as they pass me by

very well done!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 15th, 2003, 7:36pm
wow. ash you did it again, you are really good, and keep them commin i love reading your stuff :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 16th, 2003, 5:49pm
ok, this one isnt that good... i just came up with it a wee bit ago... so..yeah..dont judge it too badly...

always there 6-16-03

whatever i do
you are always on my mind
when i wake up in he morning
to the time i go to sleep

when i watch tv,
read my book,
or work on art,
you are always there

even when i'm sleeping
you're still in my dreams
i try not to cling too tight
i dont want to push you away

but sometimes its so hard
you are just so perfect
you treat me like no other has
even if you dont feel the same for me
ill always be there for you.

i wish i had a bigger vocabulary... *hrumph*

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Jun 16th, 2003, 10:20pm
The late rising moon shines yellow in the night.
rising it strives for the higher sky.
longing for a blue shine to light the dark night
the moon is always jealous of the warmth
and wishes for something brighter
while the suns hopes only for darkness,

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 17th, 2003, 4:37pm
oh scott i like that one, :)

ps....the muffin man?

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 18th, 2003, 7:56pm
i seem to be on a writting rampage..or something.. but yeah, its about the same thing as...well...most of my poems have been about lately

highlights 6/18/03

you are the highlight
of everyday
when i talk with you
it makes me smile, everytime

you make me laugh
no matter what im feeling
you're always there
to cheer me up

so tell me something
i'd like to know
what would happen
if i didnt have you?

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Jun 20th, 2003, 11:51pm

all my stuff *newist is called Dream, and the picture page also includes 3-4  pictures from my NY trip enjoy.. more pictures will be up very soon as.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jun 21st, 2003, 9:03pm
ok so i'm spacing out my entries in here more, it's been at least like 5 days since i last put something up which in ashley-poem-time is a loooong time because i write stuff every day.  Anyway I wrote this one this morning around 3 or 4 AM... called it Ground Control

You make me want to be better,
Like there's great things for me to conquer.
To know that you're flying toward greatness inspires me
To know that you're making things of your life--
You make me want to be more like you
And all the things you do.

You make me want to do more,
Like there's people whose dreams i'll help fulfill.
To know that you're dedicated to a cause--
You make me want to be more like you
And all the things you do.

You make me want to swim across Erie
Or to run up St. Helens without getting weary
But for now i'll sit back and watch you fly from here
To the moon-- I'm the ground control talking in your ear.

You make me want to do better,
Like with all the things you conquer,
I want to be your wingman instead of ground control
I want to fly there with you where you go
You make me want to be more like you
I want to count galaxies and see the stars with you
You make me want to fly away with you
And all the great things you do.

(you're my hero!!)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 21st, 2003, 9:16pm
aww ash that was totally awsome!!!

oh by the way ash, i was reminising on this post... when ARE you gonna make a book of all our poems/writings? *giggles* i am such a dork.....haha

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jun 21st, 2003, 9:21pm
lol actually krist i started it a few months ago and got probably the first half of what's now our writing post... i haven't updated it in months though.  I was gonna run off copies for everyone but yeah... never got around to it.  maybe i'll get back on that...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 21st, 2003, 9:25pm
*wipes hands together* good.. ..  ::) hehe

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 23rd, 2003, 8:36pm
written just now
time goes on 6/23/03

why does this always happen to me?
what did i do to deserve this
not now
not again

it looks like ill have to deal
deal with this again
i thought it was done
done an over with

it will be depressing for a while
hopefully things will get better
better as time goes on

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jun 24th, 2003, 12:03am
that was cool krist i definitely have been there too.... the first thing that came to my head when i read that was this song by a canadian Emm Gryner...

You left a good drug on my tongue
And i know, i know, i know, i should write about the dizziness
But i can't talk to the constellations
Like i want, i want, yeah i want
because i know too well what's good for me

You just dropped your bomb like blood on tuesday night
like everyone else you found a pretty face and you're all set for life
Hey i'll always wish i was with you
Hurt me, it can't kill me, whatever you wanna do
Hey i'll always wish i had your hand
It would take away the acid if i thought you'd understand,
but i don't think you'd understand.

You say it happened like the movies
In a shot, in a shot, yeah you got all the things you were looking for
i got enough indigo to wash away my heart
no, no, no you gotta keep me on the side of the great wide city

You just dropped your bomb like blood on tuesday night
like everyone else you found a pretty face and you're all set for life
Hey i'll always wish i was with you
Hurt me, it can't kill me, whatever you wanna do
Hey i'll always wish i had your hand
It would take away the acid if i thought you'd understand,
but i don't think you'd understand.

Now i think i might get myself all 1967 on you
Run screaming to the balcony
But i can't do that, can't do i gotta keep my good composure
And swallow everything i wanna say

i always thought that was a really good song poetically because it has so much emotion to it and you can relate to it in a lot of different situations.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 28th, 2003, 7:36pm
i like that a lot ash, it was good i wanna hear the song now

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jun 28th, 2003, 9:03pm
another trip

As it turned out, we didn't go to Florida
Instead of the beach, we stayed in my living room
Instead of the sun, we had the air conditioning
But playing video games all day to me
beats sitting beside an aquamarine sea
And i was still in a tropical paradise.
As it turned out, we didn't go to the open mic
Instead of an audience to clap, i had you to throw me around the pool
Instead of driving to Albany, we took a pointless drive through Schenectady
But listening to your radio and not being allowed to touch that dial
Beats sitting and singing in front of people at a piano for a while
And I still felt like a rock star.
As it turns out, we didn't go to New York City
Instead of crossing the Brooklyn Bridge we played golf at an oasis
Instead of driving all day we parked the car and watched some movies outside
But lying next to you and talking in voices like a dork
Beats driving a few hours to go to southern new york.
Walking around with you and people thinking we're drunk
Beats seeing the ground where two towers sunk
Hearing you say that i succeeded in persuading you
Beats going to an important city with things to do
And i still felt significant.

...just wrote that off the top of my head for your reading pleasure...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 28th, 2003, 9:29pm
ash, i really liked that, soo good... i love how you write, you can get what your trying to say with style, and class :D rock on...sewously ash, youw cwazy! *giggles*

Title: Re: Writting
Post by MonkeySleepy on Jun 29th, 2003, 7:56pm
the whole world is bleeding
what can I do
trapped with out bandaids
lending a helping hand
to the crimson tide[tied?] down to this crying child,
monkey on my back shedding baby teeth. sinks deep into the bone. and i'm bleeding lost in a world of tidal waves and disco raves. sinking
ground floor, rock bottom, same any way.
deeper red darker pain,battling to the source. two trees broken by an idle wind, the willows weeping. what tree can I save? seperate equal and every decision final no refunds  no rain checks Prioity Mail and just want to retrun to sender.

but I digress, it's just the way I feel.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 29th, 2003, 8:29pm
wow dave... just. wow. i dont think i can use any other words to say that

this sinking feeling
in my stomach
im fading
further and further
dissapearing into nothing
where am i?
whats going on?
i dont understand
why i feel this way
i need some help
before i drive myself insane
please, why wont you lend me a helping hand?
wont you help me back onto my feet?

just came up with that. hrmph sinking feeling 6/29/03

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jun 30th, 2003, 8:28pm
Here's to you, Mr. Robinson.  Sorry you're not here
To witness how you've changed my life
And how your ghost has dried my tears
Over and over again as i rely on you
For though you lived and died long before me
You've been the one to carry me through.

Here's to you, Mr. Robinson.  For through my joys
And weaknesses, fallings, shortcomings
Your words remain despite all the noise
As I read them and they stilled my fears
For knowing that you lived through everything i did
Somehow makes things seem more clear.

Here's to you, Mr. Robinson. I think you're my soulmate
Something brought me to your pages
And maybe now i believe in fate
And as i get to know you even more
Your shadowy presence hovers over me
And strangely I feel as though you were always there before.

So here's to you, the unforgiven
Who wrote about feet that were cloven
Who stood facing the sun against the sky
Who dared to ask the unthinkable "why."

that's a tribute to my greatest hero E. A. Robinson, who's inspired me so much and who has had an incredible impact on my life and changed it even though he's been dead for decades.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 30th, 2003, 8:53pm
that was really good ash. i liked it :)

i was just reading some of my old posts on this thread...wow can my writting change like that *snaps fingers*....

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jun 30th, 2003, 8:56pm
lol kristine i was reading some of my old posts yesterday too, JS telepathy strikes again!  

PS kristine and dave i liked your last ones.

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Jun 30th, 2003, 8:58pm
yay for the telepathy! lol..... and thanks ash.. :)

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Post by RockChica02 on Jul 2nd, 2003, 8:42pm
Okay, stupid story I wrote..... it uses lyrics from Dashboard Confessional's "Brilliant Dance" which explain the situation perfectly.

"So this is odd,
the painful realization that has all gone wrong.
And nobody cares at all,
and nobody cares at all."

'No, I don't think I can do this anymore,' his voice was
so cold and uncaring, not the bouncing voice with a smile always behind it. Why was he dumping em over the phone? Who stole my best friend who'd just become my boyfriend and replaced him with someone I didn't know at all. The boy who kissed me in front of everyone and ran away without a word before he even asked me out. ... this wasn't the boy I loved.

"So you buried all your lover's clothes
and burned the letters lover wrote,
but it doesn't make it any better.
Does it make it any better?
And the plaster dented from your fist
in the hall where you had your first kiss
reminds you that the memories will fade."

I stared at my hand, it was a sickening pale white surrounded by intricate patterns of bright red. It didn't hurt a lot, not at first. I had no choice but to react how I did. My friend dragged me down those side stairs and I passed by the place he'd take me to. My mind blurred at the same time as my eyes. I felt my arm pull back and let go, full force into that wall. I wanted that wall to feel the same pain I felt inside my heart, I wanted all those memories I had to fade with that punch. All I got from it was a bruised hand, but at least I finally cried tears of pain for something other than a broken heart.

"So this is strange,
our sidestepping has come to be a brilliant dance
where nobody leads at all,
where nobody leads at all."

I thought it was perfect. Our perfect friendship which turned to the perfect courtship. He got me out of an abusive relationship. He wooed me by making me mixed tapes and playing the bass for me. He brought me to his church and helped me find the God I'd lost years before. He opened by eyes to the world I'd never seen before just as I had shown him things he'd never seen before. But in reality, we were leading each other down what seemed the path of least resistance. In reality we were slowly pulling each other apart at the seams. We weren't ready for what was going on and we lost ourselves in the process.

"And the picture frames are facing down
and the ringing from this empty sound
is deafening and keeping you from sleep.
And breathing is a foreign task
and thinking's just too much to ask
and you're measuring your minutes by a clock that's blinking eights."

I remember not sleeping. Staring the ceiling and seeing his face smiling at me. I could see the two of us skanking at the Five Iron Frenzy concert. I saw him comforting me when I had a bad headache and he gently brought my head to his shoulder. I saw the first time he ever kissed me and how I'd thoght it was all a dream. Then I'd look on my wall and see the picture of the two of us smiling huge smiles though we were both tired. I don't remember myself being that happy before that time or even after. He made me whole, my entire exsistance is held inside his hand. Sometimes I feel like I can't live without knowing that he still thinks about me sometimes. I catch my breath and hold it for what seems like ever when I think about the fact that he probably barely remembers anything we shared.

"This is incredible.
Starving, insatiable,
yes, this is love for the first time.
Well you'd like to think that you were invincible.
Yeah, well weren't we all once before we felt loss for the first time?
Well this is the last time."

'I've never been in love, but you're the closest I've come.' I don't remember when my heart started beating again after I read that IM on my screen. I had to re-read it 20 or so times to make sure I had gotten it all right. That night I cried more than I have for any othr boy on the planet. I read through every note he'd ever given me that I still keep in my drawer to this very day. I was the closest thing he had to love, but then he pushed me away. He has barely talked to me since he left at the end fof my sophomore year to spend a year in California. And then he says this in one of the few conversations we've had since. This was after the pain, the tears and the thoughts I had. That was the final nail in the coffin, the brutal fairytale ending of the book of us.

I smiled a little smile when I read his away message, he has a new girlfriend that he can't stop talking about. It's funny, he'd kissed a few girls since me, but I was his last girlfriend before now. 3 1/2 years of me being his last. I wonder if he ever thought about that. I had two boyfriend after him, but his was always on my mind, in some ways he still is after all these years. People can say what they want, but I loved him. Part of me will always love him. I know now that he will never feel the same way I did, I guess I will never know exacrly how he really did feel. He will always be my first, the first boy I ever truly loved. Maybe someday I will get up the nerve to tell him that.

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Jul 2nd, 2003, 9:22pm
oh val... that was REALLY (lack of a better term) good... wow... thats...just...like wow... i dont believe...lol
i did a few of those, writting a story to lyrics, but they were all love stories with billy boyd  ::) ;) ;D... yes im a dork....
but yours are way better than mine are val! i really enjoyed that..

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jul 4th, 2003, 12:17am
yeah that was awesome val, it was awesome how you combined perfectly all the emotion that carabba put into the lyrics with all your own passion about your experience.  I really liked the format of it, how it went back and forth.  I've also done stuff like that before but it never turned out that great.  

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jul 4th, 2003, 10:09pm
I just wrote this just now so probably not much good but if i've talked to you at all today it should be easy to figure out what characters it's talking about...

Beautiful For a Blind Man

Catch me if you can, I won't hold back
Because i think i may have met my match.
Touch my arm again, unclasp my wrist
Feel it make a fist..
I'm not a warrior, no
I just won't become a victim again
If it looks like i'm hiding, it's just until...

I don't understand you, it makes no sense
For me to let you be this intense
You're not the bad guy but you still want me
Though you can't see
I'm not a warrior, no
I just won't become a victim again
If it seems like i'm holding back it's just until...

There's something alike between me and you
Both veiled in the first drops of rain
But you pull away until i make you stay
Keep me locked in your chain

Catch me if you can, i can't hold back
Because i think you may have met your match
Rain on me again, make it the same
I'll tell you my name
You leave me in a daze
To find me in a smoky haze
When i find myself just wanting to look beautiful for a blind man

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Jul 5th, 2003, 8:11pm
wow ash....that was, totally awsome.... just... i think an SB quote can sum this up for me
uh, i..oh..uh.er..a..erm...im gonna buy you a pizza

:).. that rocked

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Post by wisensmart336 on Jul 9th, 2003, 8:40am
Cold winter bitter and harsh
falling snow white and new,
soon gives way to growing spring
blooming flowers and green grown things
next the summer heat, unbreathable
hummidity high and sweat is deep
autumn, follows soon after a brisk wind a bright sun
autumn shows us though its dying, still it is beautiful.
And so we come back to winter still cold and harsh
The circle has gone around and we are at the begining, or at the end.

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Jul 9th, 2003, 6:36pm
wow scott... awsome stuff :)

ive been slacking on my writting, doing too much artwork...but when doing art i dont think as much about stuff ... i dont wanna think about, so i think ill stick with that a bit longer

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jul 17th, 2003, 12:13pm
With the windows down letting the cool breeze in and the sullen sounds of metallica drift out, i felt that the car was a fair representation of my state of mind.  So many questions burning in my heart and soul had remained unanswered.  In the process of trying to let something in to grant me the truth i sought, all that happened was that i let out all of my confusion and other emotions onto those around me.  Yet somehow, even that was futile.  Because as the car drove by individual people and houses in the night they would only hear a clip of screaming guitar or a rasp of James' voice, and not the whole song to even identify it as metallica.  The only way that they would ever know what we were listening to, and th eonly way for people to know what was going on in my mind, was for me to stop and to let them listen.  But instead, the car sped on, and i raced forward with my life, convinced that staying in one spot was not a good choice.  As the white car drove on through the winding roads in the black night, everything was just a repeat pattern of the drive i'd made yesterday, the day before, and the day before that... the same drive i'll make tomorrow, the day after, and every day after that.  Was anybody out there?  Was my faith in vain or was someone listening to my prayers?  Doubts and monotony mingled and threaded together with some other intangible essence to form the cord that tied around my spiritual neck, strangling any pieces of faith and hope that remained.  When the journey home was about half over, from my seat in shotgun i say the headlights illuminating some shape in the road up ahead.  My brother's talking from the back was stilled in my mind as i strained my eyes to see what it was.  My night vision was weak from not wearing my contacts.  Was it a piece of garbage, some roadkill in the middle of the road?  When Scott, driving, saw it, he began to brake.  The car screeched to a halt just inches before it.  As we were getting closer i was able to see what it was--a beautiful, living, breathing owl in the middle of our lane, just sitting there, facing off the road.  As the headlights rested on her, she stayed where she was for a moment, adn then turned her head to face us for a few seconds before spreading her magnificent wings and flying majestically off to bigger and better things in the night.  The car picked up speed once again after she had flown away but i still had the image of her in my head for the rest of the journey home.  Her expression was vaguely familiar.  Something about it expressed very human emotions... she was not at all surprised, but almost seemed to recognize us.  There was no fear in her eyes, only certainty that she was going to be all right.  I felt like she had looked straight at me through the windshield.  Something changed and turned over in my mind as Metallica gave way to Eve 6 and the roads began to be lighted by the lamps that lined the streets.  The road that my life was on, this journey that i had been making for eighteen years of my life, was no longer so dark and confusing.  Someone, something, had assured me that i wasn't alone in walking it and that there were glorious things for me to see in the miles ahead.  I knew then that i had a companion, as i put together the pieces of my brokenhearted misunderstanding of truth and turned on my high beams to see what other beauties awaited.  I've heard it said that the holy spirit is a dove, but i know now that it's an owl...

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Post by wisensmart336 on Jul 17th, 2003, 11:30pm
Ashley like wow that was just amazing I can't even begin to form words that might fit in to describe how WOW that really was.

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jul 18th, 2003, 7:49pm
I walked by them as many times as i could without seeming creepy or suspicious.  i don't usually follow customers unless they're trying to steal something, which i know that they weren't.  There was nothing special about them, just three ladies.  Old, older, oldest, 2 blondes and a grey, with nothing very distinguishable about them.  But that smell...  I only noticed it after i'd already passed by them.  I know there's probably things more worth writing about than the smell of three old ladies in an FYE on Friday night, and i don't know what possessed me to write about it.  Maybe it's the book i'm reading that's gotten me in a more literary mood.  Anyway, they smelled exactly like my Nana's house.  Don't confuse nana with Nana.  It's not pronounced like the dog on Peter Pan, it's pronounced like the "Na Na" in the song, "Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye."  It smelled just like what i remember her house smelling like as a child.  I'm sure it still smells like that but i hardly go there now because she always comes to our house instead.  It's a combination of the sulfur in her city water plus the old-lady brand perfume and the spices on her shelves--maybe cinnamon and some oregano?-and of course the intangible essence of grandma that you can't contain or label but just is.  I walked by them as many times as i could.  It made my night to remember how my Nana smells.  I believe in miracles, the little ones that someone else might overlook but that to me are so satisfying, things like the sight of an owl in the road or the smell of my grandmother.  Logic will say that since the amygdala is the part of your brain that processes both scent and memory and that's why the smell of the old women in the store put a smile on my face.  But it was so precise a smell... i didn't think it could be duplicated.  Obviously i was wrong.

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Jul 18th, 2003, 8:07pm
1st off, ash, the one about the owl....just...wow...
and i TOTALLY know what you mean with the smells, its the same with my grampa Nook, he died in 1991 and we still have shirts from him that still smell like him, its almost like he had sweet sweat, i dunno, but i LOVE the smell of my grampa nook, and ive only found one other thing (besides some of his old possitions) that smells like him, and its Jackson, he has the same sweet sweat smell (i used to go to his soccer games and i just love it...yeah,,, yeah anyway, heres the poem i was just gonna put before i read that....its kinda a sequel to mourning weather from 5/26/03 i wrote this last nite before i went to bed
pouring rain 7/17/03

its raining again
but this time
its only for me

its comming down hard
the tears falling
falling for me

my pain is so great
almost too great to bear
nature feels my hurt
and shows it the only way it can

raining, sprinkling, down pouring
just for the anguish
inside of me
i wish he sun would come out

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Post by sillyfairy on Jul 26th, 2003, 3:40pm
I really liked Pouring Rain!! It was awesome

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Jul 26th, 2003, 6:49pm
aww thanks *blushes* :)

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Jul 26th, 2003, 8:12pm
I wrote this when we were at the drive-in a few weeks ago... just something that drives me crazy.. picture like a deer in a headlight type analogy:


I hate to see you watching me--
To see you stare me down,
As if you're seeking out your prey.
I'm helpless and have no say
Whether i want to be caught,
And kept as your pet in a gilded cage, or not.
I hate to know you're hunting me--
To feel your eyes on me
And know that i'll be caught off-guard
When I get shot, speared through the heard.
Then I'll go willingly as prey
Blinded by halogen, docile and meek,
For i'll be the agreeable prey you seek.

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Jul 26th, 2003, 8:17pm
wow ash, that was... just, wow, (i need to find some more words that express that same feeling lol)

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Post by MonkeySleepy on Jul 27th, 2003, 9:36pm
It seems the hours do grow late, and darkness deep will not abate, when shaddows play and and storms clouds roll, It's long dark teatime of the soul.

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Jul 28th, 2003, 6:21pm
yay ... good stuff dave .. good thing to say when your goin to be too :)

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Post by MonkeySleepy on Jul 28th, 2003, 7:22pm
The dark mist swirls acrost the dreadful moor/  vapours evil, cold and pure/ in the  dangerous deep the embers glow/ from darkness above and still darker below/ the lonely howl, frenzied, coarse/ grey as Death with same remorse/ red eyes bleed in terror black/ the lunging beast ne'er turning back/ the tired man looks up in fear/ as the Feind Incarnate drawning near / tears him deep the lifeblood seeps/ silent death the land still sleeps/ So hear this sad tale and feel it's fell dread/ for now's the Night of the Eaters of the Dead

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Jul 28th, 2003, 9:58pm
dave what can i say but, wow... amazing

ok, i just wrote this from the top of my head, basiclly influenced by a convo i had with dave
SuperHeros 7/29/03

being a superhero
isnt so hard
you dont really need
all those super powers
that everyone claims to have

all you need is to be there
its not all that hard
you can save the day
with out even moving from your chair

so come save me
from this hell
and i promise
one day, ill come save you
with my not so super powers

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Aug 3rd, 2003, 5:05pm
Dave-- once again you rock, i really like your style, the phrasings and stuff like that.  Krist-- that was super cool, i know exactly what you mean, y ou should write music to that

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Aug 3rd, 2003, 6:08pm
i've been writing a lot lately based on little snippets from The Notebooks of F Scott Fitzgerald... it's a book full of random thoughts, some only a few words long, some a couple paragraphs... each day i take at least one and write something based on it. it's really good fuel for creativity.

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Aug 3rd, 2003, 7:57pm
heaving breaths of emptiness---8/3/03

God it feels so good to cry again
Into this lonely night
God i watched you die again
I had to see all the reasons why again
Why at the end of the tunnel i can still see a light
The tears won't stop coming
And i can't keep running
I can't turn my back and try to ignore
The horrible things i see around me
i can't sit back and watch the slaughter anymore
so i'll try to look back at where you found me

God it feels so good to cry again
My heart and soul cry out
God to hear your reply again
To hear your reasons why again
In the middle of it all i still can't help but doubt
The little children keep dying
falling and hiding and all the lying
i can't turn around and face the other way
denying what causes such an alarm
Death of the little ones day after day
while you hold your dying son in your arms

now i see why
as i cry and cry and cry
i can't stop the tears
that pass by years and years
just to know there is no unforgiven
after all that has been given...

God it feels so good to cry again

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Aug 3rd, 2003, 8:33pm
wow ash... just...wow... that was.. er.. a.. chibbitybah.. im gonna buy you a pizza :) hehehe.. yeah that totally rocked. you have such a way with words. :)

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Post by RockChica02 on Aug 3rd, 2003, 8:43pm
Totally awesome Ash, I have a feeling that I am going to be the same way after I finish watching the movie...

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Post by MonkeySleepy on Aug 3rd, 2003, 10:39pm
you flatter me kristine. and make me cry. bastard!  thanks

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Post by MonkeySleepy on Aug 3rd, 2003, 10:53pm
when the curtain falls, the masks come off and only truly then can we see the content of our nieghbor's smile

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Aug 5th, 2003, 8:12pm
i wrote this when i was camping... it's about writing... lol what a dork i am

Pen to paper lighting my way
Through the starred darkness
Polaris vanished behind the hills
My direction now is in what i write
Of glittered heavens, of silent shores
Of an extra brother where one did not exist before
In the essence of my core
The paper's lines, my guiding light
Repetitions structured by me
Making my own way against the starry sky
Direction at my own mandate
All within my grasp when i just try
To make a destiny, to point
To tiara'd stars to loose the joints
In my own restraints
My planets pass them humbly by

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Post by Claudette on Aug 6th, 2003, 11:36am
In high school we had to write a poem about something we lost.  I cried because of how frustrated I got because English was not my best suite back then.  So I wrote and this is what came out.  It actually is one of the few writings I can show, so tell me what you all think.


Made To Last

There is this place inside of me
It hides in the deepest recesses of my mind
Constantly pounding on the walls of an open wound
This place has no future; just fear
A person made to last, but slowly dissolving into nothing
It's searching for a way to just move on
It's searching for a way to make it through the day
The light breaks through and I feel empty
Darkness comes in; I am alone
Once I had nothing, but felt everything
The space was filled with joy
It was then that I belonged
Yet, the hands keep turning and I stand still
Nothing has changed but everything around me
I lay awake, staring at life,
Wondering where it was while I was breathing
I look back at the mirror and see no reflection
I find no trace of something made to last.

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Post by JpSunriseRocks on Aug 8th, 2003, 10:46am
I havent posted here for a while, but here goes..

three weeks to live
three weeks to die
yes I will cry
b/c for sure my grandma is going to die

She has lived so very long
I have seen her be so strong
I will miss her when she is gone
Im glad we have been friends all along

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Aug 8th, 2003, 3:12pm
the last 2 rocked... Claudette i liked the line "Nothing has changed but everything around me", i so totally feel that sometimes.  And Mimi, you're my hero-- just like your grandma's been strong i know you can be too.

i'm in the process of putting a song together inspired by The Crow... i'll put it up when it's finished.

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Post by MonkeySleepy on Aug 9th, 2003, 5:10pm
The Summer is No Time for Idle Moods

Do you ever wake to realize that the person in the mirror is not you? That the feelings you have and the emotions in you are not part of who you thought you are? That your moods change with the wind, on the back of dice throw by the idle hands of fate? That you shadow is perhaps a bit darker than you know? That something in your eyes is something in someone elses? That you are torn, deeply, madly, truly and just maybe one side may not live to the sun rise? And that which strikes in you a fear so deep it has no end is that of the fact that part of you wants something to die, something born. And you don't know what from which. Savior/ Destroyer a line only seen by those saved and those perishing in a moment of indecision. And in that moment have you ever seen a forrest for a single tree, a man in crowd? In that single moment you know what you have to choose. And like a sunset you get ready to lay down your life just to see the stars one more time. Have you ever once wondered?  So when you see this man before you, pulled in a moment of crossroads, maybe then you will see that traveling a path to it's logical end is not the choice for those who truly love.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Aug 9th, 2003, 6:01pm

It's passing and it's passed
the seconds stretched to hours, the hours to a year
Now you see me, now you don't
But will you ever again? I behold the fear
So unfamiliar to me but so trivial
Compared to my own anguish and despair
At having to wreak a bloody havoc
All in your name, and know that you're still not there.
Maybe it can't rain all the time
Maybe your heart aches with mine
Mayeb someday i'll see what it's all for
When this bird on my shoulder will cry nevermore.
I'm falling through the glass
all over again and seeing your face
now i see you, now i don't
only tarnished rings and tattered lace
So familiar to me as they know who i am
But it isn't me
this mask can't hide the pain
of what i'll never see
But maybe it can't rain all the time
maybe you're out there not just in my mind
maybe someday i'll see you once more
when the bird that is my hindsight cries nevermore
This death isn't silent... it's the string on a guitar
that no one else can hear from this far
atop a roof where my only guide
is the midnight raven at my side

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Aug 9th, 2003, 6:09pm
1. claudette, that was really good i liked it

2. dave, i love it, just like all your writting, usually something i can connect with

3. ash thats awsome... the crow? .... er a...der...chibbitybah...im buying you a pizza ;) hehe

4. i should write more, but alas, my art takes over me sometimes, perhaps i shall later :D

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Post by MonkeySleepy on Aug 11th, 2003, 4:42pm
I wrote my own version of Radiohead's There There from the hail to the thief album

In pitch dark
I go walking in
Your garden
Broken branches
trip me as I speak

Just because you feel it
doesn't mean it's there
just because you feel it
doesn't mean it's there

And I'm always your Siren
Singing you to Shipwreck
Steer away from my shore
We'd sink so much faster

just because  you want love
doesn't mean it's there
Just because you want love
doesn't mean you care

there there

Why so blue and lonely?
Heaven sent me to you

We are all accidents
Waiting to happen
We are all accidents
Waiting to happen


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Post by NOXpunk30 on Aug 11th, 2003, 5:42pm
to let you all know, its really cool singing dave's version with the song :) hehehe

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Claudette on Aug 12th, 2003, 4:37am
Dave and Ashley!!  Great stuff guys!!  I really liked your piece Dave and your song of the crow took me through a flash of the movie.  Truly great stuff!  

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Aug 13th, 2003, 8:48pm
I Was, I Am, I Will Be

I can feel the hours passing by
and i can feel my mortal body slowly start to wither and die
mine was made to last but i gave it up for you
everything i was, i gave it all to you
so now i won't be able to walk this earth
for half as long as i might have once before
but you'll be there to walk with me
and that's worth dying for
i can feel the time go away
as i feel the weight of what i took on in each passing day
i was built to have more but i gave them all to you
everything i am, i gave it all to you
so now i won't be able to see
everything i might have anticipated
but you'll be able to see with me
everything that is fated
i can feel the days push aside
and i can see the hollow eyes that stare deep inside
they were meant to last thousands of years but i gave those years to you
everything i'll be, i gave it all to you
so now i won't be able to pass the days
and know that trillions more will return without a doubt
but you'll be able to live the few with me
that i have left to live out

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Post by sillyfairy on Aug 13th, 2003, 9:16pm
I really liked your poem ash

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Post by MonkeySleepy on Aug 24th, 2003, 6:03pm
"The World is Grey but I can see the Colour of your Smile"

One cannot slumber in the chambers of guarded thoughts for too long, lest he forget how to leave them and be forever trapped in the couches of isolation, hidden behind velvet curtains of self deceit. Seperate, we are but tears in the ocean, but together we shall ride the white capped waves to tear down the walls of our private palaces and again allow the sunny glow of companionship passage into our enclosed estates. So let us throw open our gates! Let glad tidings ring throughout the world, as we bask in each other's warm friendship. The World was frozen till it saw you smile.

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Aug 24th, 2003, 6:23pm
beautiful dave.. :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Aug 24th, 2003, 6:41pm

Everyone's asleep but you and me
You're awake out there somewhere that's too far away to see
the days seem so much longer after you've gone
and now there's this world that i have to take on
with mine and everyone else's problems, mine and everyone else's lives
i can't tackle it all alone, you're what makes me thrive

"so don't fall away and leave me to myself..."

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Aug 25th, 2003, 3:38pm
wow ash... ..that was AMAZING! imean, er yoiu... a.. chibbity bah... im buying you a pizza
;)  ;D

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i had a dream... then i had a dream that i wrote down everything from that dream.. but i really didn't write it all down. this is what i remember. it takes place in some sort of middle earth-type setting (We've been watching 2 towers at work) but kind of like present-day as well.. it's weird.

The dawn was breaking.  Streaks of grey coming in the loft began to illuminate its inhabitant.  Her creamy skin was white in the early morning light, and her aspect seemed paler than usual.  Her face was pure, her lips almost as white as the rest of her.  Her hair, by contrast , was a deep black, containing all the remaining elements of night as her skin proclaimed the dusky morning twilight.  As the sun's rays entered the house, her eyes opened.  Their color, a striking bright blue, brightened her face as they emerged from the sable lashes.  It seemed earlier than usual.
     She scanned the dwelling.  In the hammock on the opposite side of the room, hanging from a stronger branch, her father had opened his eyes almost simultaneously with her.  The paint was still on his face from the day before, still perfected even though he had been sleeping.  His face, a resemblance to David Bowie in his glam years, looked younger than it actually was.  He looked a lot like her, except that his hair was light and hers was short and dark.
     Without speaking, she knew that he was thinking the same thing as her-- yesterday's events were flashing before her face again and again as she struggled to understand the weight of everything that had occurred.  In the battle that had ensued, it had been she that had been the hero, not him or one of the stronger ones.  As everyone else was fighting, she had jumped into the fight uncertain of herself but with a determination that she could have an impact.  She had never been given a chance before.  Yesterday she had felt too helpless to stand and watch as everyone she loved was being slaughtered by the evil creatures.
     As soon as she had entered the battle, one of them had lunged at her.  It had a certainty that it would be able to pounce on her and finish her off with one sweep of its claws.  But as it came toward her, she threw up a hand to shield her face.  As the beast came closer and gravity should have brought him down onto her body, instead a blue sphere of light circled her body and enclosed her.  It blocked her off from the certain death that would have followed, and the animal was thrown back against a wall and knocked unconscious.  She turned her hand over in disbelief and stared at her palm.  It had a blue circle of light that pulsated and faded away while she watched and the battle raged around her.
     She didn't know if anyone had seen what had happened, but they certainly saw that she was able to cast aside many other enemies with this newfound strength.  Her family and her neighbors were all amazed as they watched her create blue light that was both defense and attack against the forces of evil.  She had forced many of them to fall out of the trees and to the ground below when she saw her neighbor's son, who they liked to call Peapod, about to be attacked.  Peapod was tall, at least 7 feet, and built up with muscle from training for events such as this, but his weapon had fallen from his hand and through the branches, too far below for him to reach.  He was older than her and had always been her defender in cases where she was being attacked.  The roles were about to be reversed.
     The animal lunging at him was about half his size, but his teeth were bared and his claws were sharp.  She cried out something unintelligible as she ran toward the defenseless Peapod.  In two giant leaps she was right behind him.  She threw one arm over his shoulder, holding him against herself.  Her other hand went into the air and cast out the blue forcefield, throwing the beast away when it would have certainly killed Peapod.
     After the battle was over, she felt that she, the youngest, the only girl, had finally come of age.  It was her battle; she had won it.  Reflecting on everything that had happened, she closed her charcoal lashes over her cerulean eyes and went back to sleep in the grey morning of glory.

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wow.... that.. was... amazing... one crazy dream... and you worded that totally .. great.. i  dont know how to explain it.. just ... awsome... rock on ashley....

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Like wow.... *Y 2 Kahi style* That was awesome Ash! You rock like no one else.

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I don't ever get dreams like that but I really liked what u wrote ash

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i would write the beginning of Dream meeting with Conan ...but alas, i dont think you all need to see the extreeme dorkiness side of me, and im already up to pg 6 *handwritten* and they havent even gotten to the day yet...lol

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For you, I'd drive the zamboni over the icy rink of love just so you'd skate smooth. And smile from the stands as you win the gold.

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Dude, come on Dave... that's making me tear up a little. So swwet...

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i know right? dave you cant keep being this good.. one of these days some one is gonna find you out and take you away and that would make me a sad panda *no pun inteded for the people that read the avengers assemble thread*

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here i am, again
sitting in this chair
just like everynight
staring at the computer

i should be doing something else
but im just waiting for you

you may think of this as a problem
but its not
why should you get all the fun?
i need my fun too

all i ever want to do
is talk to you
to make my day,
to make me smile

why should you get all the fun?
talk to me
so i can have some fun too

ok that wasnt very good... i just came up with it on the spot cause im fallin behind in my writting... ill call it.. *waves hand around* its not a problem *shrugs* gimmie a break, i need to get back into the swing of things

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That was good Kris, and writing is about expressing emotion, so it's ok. I'm just sorry you feel that way. We all want to do fun stuff with you and you knwo we will once you come out here.

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looking up at the stars, Chevalier the Gallivespian thought of his love Lady Salmakia. she was on a very dangerous mission in the far north. He missed her very much, and he was very worried for her.
you see Gallivespians are about the size of your hand, and each individual family clan breeds their own large differnt colored dragonflys that they ride. They are the best spy anyone could ask for and extremely good fighters, but because of their size they can be killed a lot easier if they are not careful.
Chevalier knows his Lady is very careful, shes the best, but all he could do was worry and hope shes alright. So he let his dragonfly loose to feed, and he layed back down to stare into the night.
As he was admiring Orion, one of his and Lady Salmakia favorite constilations, his dragonfly seemed to become rather nervous, and jumpy. Now this almost never happens, Chevaliers clan had breed their dragonflies to be fearless, and strong, nothing should frighten them.
So Chevalier got up to take a look around when suddenly a large, flying object came speeding at him. He ducked just in time for it to miss him. then his dragonfly, one of his only other defences besides his poisonous spur on his heel, flew up to join the other dark object.
Chevalier, stood his ground, he wasnt going to let his house be taken over by some random evil source.
they were in a type of death stare, even though they couldnt see each others eyes. Chevalier's dragonfly was buzzing all around him, and the evil being.
Then suddenly it came soaring twards him, though the outcome of this battle could be death, all Chevalier could still think about was his Lady, and that she was alright. at least she wasnt here to be harmed. all he wanted to do is tell her he loved her one more time
The dark force was only about 3 dragonfly lengths away, and just as Chevalier was about to jump up and fight with this thing, it stopped, and stayed there.
Now this was a confusing thing. what did it want? why was it there? why hasnt it said anything?
all of his questions were to be answered in a few seconds
the "evil being" as Chevalier thought, lit up a small lantern, as the flame grew Chevalier suddenly saw why his dragonfly was flying everywhere, he was excited.
The light shined on Lady Salmakia's delicate, yet ultimately beautiful face
"oh my dear Lady! it is you!" was all that Chevalier found that he could say. he ran over to his love, and hugged her close, they did not let go for several moments.
when they finally did Chevalier looked lovingly into his true love's face "i thought i had lost you, i love you so much, i dont know wha..."
"shhh my dear, im here now. i am fine. ive missed you very much" she paused for a moment, looked down, then back into Chevaliers intense and beautiful forest green eyes, "i love you too"
all that either of them could do was smile. they walked back to where Chevalier was star gazing. Lady Salmakia slowly turned off the lantern.
all that could be seen was their dragonflies soaring above, intertwining with each other, knowing of their masters love for each other....

ok...wow.. that was long... just random inspireation.. from a converstation about sprites and stuff * Gallivespians  are from a trilogy that ive read* ... yeah.. yay for random :)

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kristine that poem was awesome, and i loved that story!! super cool, keep it coming.. i wanna know more about what happens with the little people lol

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"My Anti- Anti-Love Song"

Everything used to make so much sense...
until you flipped my world upside down.
I waited for your touch,
I was never alive until I saw your smile.
People laughed at us,
people were jealous of everything we had.
Best friends forever,
that's what you always told me.
I still have that letter you wrote for me,
it's on the bulletin board over my bed.
It's starting to fade after all these years,
and the meaning behind it had drained away.
Sometimes I read it and travel back
to those days that made me so happy.
You ripped a part of me away,
I know you'll never give it back.
I wish I knew why you said those things,
I wish I knew why you stoped caring.
But you won't talk to me anymore,
do I even exist to you?
Do you remember those nights we spent
watching TV til 3 am?
Do you remember playing mini golf
and drinking peanut butter cup milkshakes?
Or the time you walked me down to the beach
and we stared up at the stars for hours?
We had something real,
even though now you deny it.
You run around with every girl on campus,
but do you ever think of me?
Did you ever really love me?
Were your hurtful words your defense?
Did you hide behind them so many times
to keep me from seeing you cry?
Sometimes I want to forget you,
never speak your name again.
But then I heard your name,
or see you walk into the room,
and my heart breaks open all over again.
I tell people I never loved you,
that it was just stupid puppy love.
Those were my defense,
the wall I kept up behind my pain.
I wish I could hold your hand again,
I wish I could run to you anytime I needed you.
But the person you were is dead and gone,
I can still see that person inside you.
Don't hide behind your pride anymore,
can't you see it's time to grow up?
We're not 16 anymore,
we're not naive like we once were.
I'm stronger than I used to be,
and I won't wait for you to come around anymore.
You liked it when I needed you,
when you could break my heart in two,
it made you feel stronger.
I don't want us to live like that anymore,
isn't two and a half years enough?
Can we remember the good times together,
and build new memories?
My door will always be open to you,
but I won't turn away whoever wants to take your place
in my heart.

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*wipes away a tear, and starts clapping*
wow... that was... amazing... very good val...very, very good... i can relate to a lot of that...
and if he ever hurts you again!!! *shakes fist* he'll NEVEr know what hit him

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as the day breaks Lady Salmakia got out of bed carefully as not to wake her loving man. She just stood there for a moment taking him all in. She loved him so much, she didnt think it was possible to love someone this much, but there she was, looking at him and loving him more and more by the moment. if she had looked at him much longer she wouldnt have ever wanted to leave. which she really didnt, but she had to get outside sometime right?
so she went outside to watch the sunrise. it was her second favorite part of the day. her first was of course night time. she loved the stars so much, and thats when she met Chevalier, under the night sky, looking up at their favorite constilation Orion.
Her dragonfly Lexa came over and landed next to her. she looked at Lady with a look that she knew. so wanted to go for a ride. so she figured why nto Chevalier wont be up for a while yet, he got a real scare from last nite, and hes always got tired after he got frightened. so she jumped up on her electric blue and black Lexa. and they took off for a short ride.
Lady Salmakia looked down from the great hight,(to humans its really only at the tops of the trees), she always loved this, riding in early morning, before most living creatures were up. just taking it all in. it was all soo beautiful, she was glad she was living here with her true love, it was one of the greatest places to live. very few natural predators.

....continued at a later day...

im likeing this story so far... if anyone can think of a name...or help me a long the way...thatd be awsome :D

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kristine is the coolest, that story's rocking, keep it coming!!

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"If it's before 3 i'll call you.  Because 3 is really late."

2:53 and almost to that mark
which will mean it's "really late" as i heard you say
and you're fast asleep, past the spark
beyond the clouds in my sky, much too far away
and i'm still sitting here wide awake
feeling like what was clear is completely opaque
like the clouds that keep the sky silvery grey

2:59 and only a week ago
we were folded into each other underneath a sheet
drifting off to sleep, not wanting to go
And now without you, falling to sleep is such a great feat
now i'm still sitting here all alone
with the feeling that what i should hold in my hands now is gone
like the stars that hide away in their retreat

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ash, that was totally awsome.. reminds me of times i used to spend....eep..ive said too much *scampers away*

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In the dark kitchen I wait. I wait for waiting one thing you never learn in school college or any other degree awarding institution is why at 5AM waiting five minuets seems to be eternity the ever long never breaking eternity.
Standing by a window, cold;freezing. thoughts images and memories mesh and mold together to form a mental colage. The blank spots are filled and looking back things always seem better, even the bad times seem like the best time of your life compared to the current state or to the unknown future. friends leaving onward and upward towards better things away from this barren wasteland, NY AZ... all of them leaving, escaping and good for them. Others staying refusing to grow up, slowly becoming alcoholics and in their own way leaving. and then is the thought the combining factor the one thing that they all have in common. Me. my friends go on to bigger and better things even the drunks will beat me in this 'Game ' of life.
Then after for ever my thoughts are intterupted but not forgot. and its time to go.
In a darkened kitchen at five AM waiting five minuets is an eternity.

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 1st, 2003, 5:40pm
aww scott!!!! *single tear*
scott...you rock!! cant wait for you to visit!!!

lying awake
not able to sleep
thinking of what has happened
why did it hurt me so?

i wish it didnt work out like this
i wish i could be happy again
like i once was
but its not that way.

ill just have to move on
on from this tradgey
why do i have to feel like this
why cant i be happy again

sorry... last night i felt all alone... and that just came out... happy again  :-/

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Post by JpSunriseRocks on Sep 3rd, 2003, 3:52pm
Its all started out when I was in pre-school. A boy for show-and-tell  brought in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume. It included the colored mask of one of the turtles (Michelangelo, the orange colored one). It also came with a set of nun-chucks, arm bands, and elbow bands. Ever since that day I have been hooked on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
     In first grade I would walk to the Jewish Community Center from Columbian Elementary for after school activities until my parents got off work. One day I wandered down to the gym to see kids my age doing karate (which I later found out to be Tae Kwon Do).  A great big smile went across my face as I stood there, with my face smashed against the window, watching in amazement.  For many more Fridays to come, I would sit in the bleachers and watch.  Each time having my dad pick me up and telling him how much I wanted to join Tae Kwon Do -- Join so that I could be like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
     I honestly do not remember how long it took  me to convince my parents to sign me up, but they finally did,  my dad met Mr. Kim one  night after class to enroll me. I started the following Friday and I was given a package. In it was a white cotton gi (uniform) and a white belt (both I still have to this day). My first class was so great, so many emotions were running through my body and my mind.
      The first tournament that I attended, was held at Burke High School,  right off 120th and Dodge ( my future high school). I saw Mr. Richard Borgeson break a lot of boards in the gym; it was very impressive. Mr. Borgeson was my instructor from the very beginning at the Jewish Community Center. He was then and still is now one of the best instructors that I have ever met and trained under. I not only looked up to him then when I was a child, but even now as a teenager/adult.  Mr. Kim was also a very frequent instructor during my time training at the JCC (Jewish Community Center). I really enjoyed the discipline that they both brought to class.

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Post by JpSunriseRocks on Sep 3rd, 2003, 3:54pm
I remember when I was a Pee-Wee white belt at the end of one of the Friday classes. My classes as a kid were held on Fridays and the best part was free-sparring. One class Mr. Kim decided that he would spar some of the students. With my hand in the air, bouncing up and down, I  wanted to spar Mr. Kim so badly.  As a young person I was very confident in my Tae Kwon Do abilities and more than likely a little too confident, even a little thingy y.  It was a lot of fun to spar Mr. Kim even though I know he was definitely taking it easy on me (which was  probably  a good thing).  I still to this day remember Mr. Kim and myself sparring at the JCC; that’s how much of an impression it made on me.  
     My first competition was at Lewis & Clark Middle School , now right up the street from Kim’s Tae Kwon Do School. (Back in those days Mr. Kim was located on about 50th and Dodge). It was 1993, I was a Pee-Wee purple belt , and I was nine years old.  After that tournament I was the happiest kid in the whole wide world . I had received 3rd place in free sparring. It was my very first tournament that I had competed in and I won 3rd place! It was super cool. I still have that trophy on top of my computer desk.  
As a kid I would go to the public library quite often to check out paperbacks, magazines, and of course martial arts books.  I started just looking at the pictures and reading the captions. The first martial arts book that I read as a child was called Billy Learns Karate by Bill Wiseman. I first read it in kindergarten because it was a kindergarten level book. The first time I opened the book I fell directly into the story. It was an amazing book. It was also amazing to not only myself who loved and enjoyed the book so much, but I even amazed the school librarian by how many times I had checked it out. She just kept checking that book out to me, time and time again without any question. When we were asked in elementary school to do book reports, that was my book. Since I had read the book numerous times, I really didn’t have the need to read it again. I would just summarize the book and bingo, I’d be done with another assignment. Over the years I have checked that book out at the public library just every once in a while. Just to go back and feel the magic that I felt when I read it for the first time. Not too long ago, on a trip to Chicago, I told my mom that I would love to have my own copy of this book. Just to have it and to be able to read it anytime that I wanted to. After returning home from Chicago, I went on the internet and found a website that sells old, out-of-print books. I conducted a search for this book and sure enough I had found it. It was being sold by a out-of-print book company in Canada. I sent them an email with an offer to buy the book, they replied saying ok, sent me the total cost including the shipping and an address to send the money to. I sent my money off to Canada and sure enough about 3 weeks later, my book that I had wanted to own so badly was in my hands.        

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While I was in elementary school my family took many vacations. Two of the places I remember  quite vividly were San Juan, Puerto Rico and St. Petersburg, Florida. On both these trips I brought my uniform along in hopes of taking a couple of Tae Kwon Do classes while we were visiting. When we arrived at our hotel rooms, I would get out the phonebook and look in the martial arts section. I would look first for Tae Kwon Do schools and also for places that weren’t too far out of the way of where we were staying. After I chose some places my dad would call and ask if I could maybe observe or participate in a couple of classes. In both cities I was welcome to come into classes and take part. Both in Florida and especially Puerto Rico I saw major differences between how they were taught and how I was taught back home. The most notable was when addressing the instructors the students in both places would say either  Maim or Sir to show respect. I was not used to this. I also noticed that they had a lot more colored belts or ranks leading up to black belt. I really thought it was cool in Puerto Rico when I saw a belt that was both black & red. That was super cool. I also noticed that in Florida the Tae Kwon Do was much more of an Olympic style. In Florida the sensei would also write on the person’s uniform their name in Korean, which was amazingly cool, (the sensei wrote my name in Korean on my uniform while I was there, I still have it to this day).
As a child I viewed Tae Kwon Do classes as not just as a sport but as an art. I was so serious about my training. I would get quite angry during some classes at the JCC because the other kids in class were just playing around and I felt that it was very disrespectful to those who really wanted to learn. I recently bumped into a pair of brothers that used to take Tae Kwon Do at the JCC, both whom have received their black belts already. When I was a kid my goal was to earn my black belt. Ever since I have been trying to accomplish this goal.

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I believe it was summer before 7th grade that I had to stop taking Tae Kwon Do. It wasn’t because I wanted to quit, but because my mom, manager of the AT&T phone center, lost her job. AT&T had decided that they no longer needed as many phone centers in the Midwest and she was put on a leave of absence, which basically bridged her time in case she ever decided to work out at the manufacturing plant, which at that time was located in Omaha as well. My life during those three years was kind of dull. I went to school, did my homework, read a lot of books, and did what I do normally besides going to Tae Kwon Do. In short those three years were really long and to me it seemed like five years out of Tae Kwon Do. These years off also set my goal of becoming a black belt back. Those three years while I was out of Tae Kwon Do were I believe the most frustrating years for me. When I told my mom that I was still very much interested in Tae Kwon Do as I was when I had started, she told me to go to different schools around town and compare them to Mr. Kim's methods. My dad and I did go to different schools and we determined that Mr. Kim’s methods were what we really liked. My mom and I went to Mr. Kim’s one day and  re-enrolled me. I was very eager to start back up again. Mr. Kim told my mom and I that because I did not keep my membership up-to-date I would have to start over. Mr. Kim also told me that even if I had kept my membership up-to-date, I still would have had my brown belt ranking, but because I was a Pee-Wee at the time I was only taught one form for each belt. (As adults you learn three forms per belt). If I were to test for my black belt as an adult I would have to know the forms that I had not been taught. So overall I would have had to go back and learn the forms that I was not taught as a Pee-Wee. I believe it was a good thing that I started over because I was definitely out of shape and I did not know the other forms.      It was very frustrating to my parents because we paid the testing fees when I was a Pee-Wee for all the belt testing up until brown belt and because I had started over, I had to re-pay each testing fee. In my parents eyes the testing fees were and still are a lot of money. Not only was it sweet to go back to Tae Kwon Do, but it was also a struggle later on to continue to go to class on a regular basis. Their were times where I just didn't feel like going to Tae Kwon Do for one reason or another and so that in my eyes was a difficult obstacle to over come. I also now had to spend hours on my homework, this also limited the times I could attend Tae Kwon Do class.  Another obstacle for me now is the amount of energy that I have to use to do Tae Kwon Do. As a kid I didn't have to worry about it. I had a lot more energy then, than I do now (yes, time is catching up to me). Recently I saw a girl who was the senior in class, she was tall, slender, and had brown hair. She reminded me of what I used to look like when I was young.

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Post by JpSunriseRocks on Sep 3rd, 2003, 3:55pm
Over the years I have read many other martial arts books, too many to list at this time. One of my favorites has to be Bruce Lee’s book on Jeet Kun Do. I have learned so many different techniques from reading these books. Also by reading these books, I have learned how the different martial arts have originated, some of the philosophies behind them, and where they are studied today, if still being practiced. I have also learned a good deal of information about the peoples of East Asia. The different clans, emperors, and daimyos of both Imperial China and Japan. It is amazing to me that I started Tae Kwon Do because of my love of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it has so to say evolved in to a fascination with the East Asian Cultures. I have continued to read books about the different martial arts, trying to learn as much as possible.  I don’t know what drives me to be so fascinated by the martial arts and its backgrounds/culture, but I am continually in search of new reading material. Someday I wish to travel to those places I have read so much about in books. Maybe even write a book about martial arts and where they came from.
 I am absolutely positive that it will continue for a long time. Just this past week my family and I were accepted to host a Japanese student for two weeks through a program at Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, Iowa. While this student stays with us I hope to learn about his culture as well as teach him about ours. It puzzles me sometimes why the young oriental kids want to dress and act like us (Americans). We do have a cool society, a good democratic system (depending on what your view of “good” is). However, their culture is so much more interesting to me. It’s so much older and goes so much further back into the past than ours. Our society is so much newer or younger than anyone else is in the world. Yet they still want to be like us.
     I have definitely learned, however, a lot of good lessons from movies that can be applied to taking Tae Kwon Do or any martial arts for that matter. For example, in the first 3 Ninjas movie, the grandfather, who is teaching his grandsons martial arts, mentions that one of the first rules of martial arts is one should only fight if they know for sure they are going to win. He shows them the pressure points on the human body (every time they hit a pressure point the stuffed dummy’s eyes would light up) and explains to them that they should only use these techniques as a last resort. Another example is in the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie the sensei of the evil foot soldiers tells one of his students during a lesson that he should never lower his eyes to an enemy. Thus giving any opponent or enemy an opportunity to defeat him. I believe these teachings to be somewhat true.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Sep 3rd, 2003, 3:56pm
There have been good examples shown in history as well. Some of these teachings for example, King Louie the XIV of France said that one should keep his friends close, but keep his enemies even closer. The daimyos of Japan and emperors of China believed that one could never put full trust into any of his men, for fear of plots to de-throne him, so that they may seize power for themselves or their allies. All of these sayings and even examples in history apply to Tae Kwon Do, martial arts in general, and everyday life.
I believe we as students should I believe have confidence that if a conflict should arise, we will be able to handle ourselves appropriately. I am also a very strong believer that we should only use these teachings for emergencies of self-defense, never just to show off, or pick a fight.  
This year I graduated high school and plan on attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha in the fall. Originally I wanted to go to college out of state because I was under the impression that U.N.O. was not that good of a school. Also because I really wanted at the time to get out of Nebraska. Since my brother is going to school out of state and it costs so much money I told my parents that I would stay home and go to U.N.O. for the first year.  Plus my brother worked while in high school, saved his money up, and has paid off half of his college tuition already. I on the other hand did not work through out high school and just concentrated on school work. So if I go to U.N.O. the first year, get my bearings on college, work a bit, and help out at home. I can save up my money so I can go to Chicago to finish off my schooling. I really enjoy Chicago. They have so much more culture that I believe we in Nebraska are lacking. While in college I will be majoring in East Asian Studies. I have decided that I am really interested in East Asian studies so why not pursue it further. Upon completion of my studies I do not know how I will make my living but I am positive that I will find something in my field that I'd enjoy.
I have also learned that UNO has a Black Belt Club and Tae Kwon Do classes as well so that’s super cool. The Black Belt Club is a club for people who want to continue taking Tae Kwon Do while in college. You are not required to be a black belt. You can achieve higher ranks by learning their forms and taking their belt testing. They not only have classes every week but, competitions around the Midwest during different times of the year. I did want to continue taking Tae Kwon Do when I went to college. This is a good opportunity to not only continue Tae Kwon Do but also to learn a new style as well.
     What I would like to accomplish in the future would be to get though my first year of college, continue taking Tae Kwon Do, and maybe move out of the house by next year. I believe that if I can do my best in everyday life as well as school then no matter what I do I will be not only successful, but happy as well.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Sep 3rd, 2003, 3:56pm
The road has been a long one but a great learning experience. It also proves that it is much easier to just give up rather than to keep on struggling and working hard toward that goal. Patience in this light is defiantly a virtue. Strengths and weaknesses will always be around. The only thing you can do is to push yourself to improve your weaknesses. I think that in life its self you have your strengths and weaknesses. They are not just in Tae Kwon Do or any other hobby or sport that one may enjoy participating in.
My weaknesses in Tae Kwon Do are probably my side kicks and my wheel kicks. Since I am so flexible I never really turn my butt/hip all the way around to do a proper side kick and my wheel kick my toes seem to be sideways most of the time instead of pointing straight up like they should be. Most of the time I do not realize that I am doing a horrible side kick, but Mr. Kim has been very persistent in pointing it out to me, lately. Mr. Kim yells at me I know that, “hey my side kick looks nothing like it should.” I have been working very hard on my side kick. Trying to make a conscious effort to think about the proper way to do a side kick. Then go through all the steps in my head while going though the actions. I have seen a difference in my side kicks ever since I started to try and do them correctly. My wheel kick I just need to use it more and if I do that I feel that I will get better. I feel that my real strength is my round house kick. When I do that kick I just relax and let it go. I think I enjoy the round house kick so much because I am so flexible.  I also enjoy double knife hand blocks as well as flying side kicks.
I believe that if someone really wants to change a weakness they will do it. You cannot keep telling a person to change. It has to be that person to decide on their own that they need to change themselves in order to make themselves better at what they are doing. If they don’t want to change they won’t. That’s all there is to it.
I believe that studying Tae Kwon Do has made me a better person. When I started studying Tae Kwon Do I was a bit thingy y. I would show off to my friends and just act like a kid that knew it all. Not only was it maturing in age, but maturing in action. The discipline that I have been taught in Tae Kwon Do has helped me not only balance out my home life, but my personal life as well.
While in high school most kids would go out every night during the week and hang out with their friends, they would work, and they would attend sporting events. They would do everything, but there school work. Then when it came to the weekend they would do the same types of activities. The entire senior year of high school most colleges said was wasted on hanging out with friends and taking easy classes at school that did not require a lot of effort. Instead of taking classes that would better prepare a person for college. My entire year of senior year was spent studying. Every night with about four or more hours of homework. Two honors classes the entire year and projects about every other week for those classes. It was a constant up hill struggle my senior year to find time to even go out with my family for dinner, let alone go out with friends on the weekends. I was taking a foreign language of which the teacher did not believe that I could pass her class due to just barely passing her first year foreign language class. Advanced Placement World History, A.C.E. Academy (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering), Spanish 3-4, Algebra 3-4, Team Sports for Gym Credit, Earth Science, and English 7-8. It was everyday, every week, the entire year. I had no breaks besides those which everyone else had, if we went out of town I would have to make up the assignments that were given out when I was gone, and I had a tutor for Spanish so that I could pass her class and tell that teacher who did not believe in me that yes I can do it and your not going to stop me or discourage me. My senior year I had by far the hardest classes that I have ever had in my life and I earned good scores in each class. I am an average person when it comes to school. If given the opportunity to challenge myself I will dig right in. Always doing my best and striving to beat the odds that I may be up against.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Sep 3rd, 2003, 3:58pm
I just found that essay that I had written as part of my black belt requirements when i was preparing to take the test... I never tested, but i really like what i wrote and thought id share it.

Srry it was so long, it had to be 15 pages, thats actually only 11 of the 15 pages, I couldnt save the other 4 pages, but they werent important, so i hope u guys enjoy what i wrote.

:) Mims

Title: Re: Writting
Post by MonkeySleepy on Sep 3rd, 2003, 5:35pm
Mimi, I really admire your dedication. It's awesome to see how far you have come through determination and perseverance. I think it's an inspiration to us all, regardless of waht our passions are. I only hope that we can be like you and keeping going when the going gets tough.

 david a. bauer

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Sep 10th, 2003, 4:48am
Scott-- that was awesome, i mean seriously... you hardly ever post stuff anymore but when you do it's like wow.  Kristine-- that was awesome too, everything you post on here rocks.  Mimi-- that was long but really awesome too!

Happiness is a lot like sadness and it's kind of weird beacuse most people consider them polar opposites.  WHen you think about it though, they're really almost alike.  I realized this the other night when I was walking around outside and instead of being in my own little world of self-pity and sadness, everything was making me happy.  When you're sad, when one little thing tips the scale to upset you, it seems everything adds to it and everything else that happens in some way makes you sadder.  One thing will start it and then before you know it, it's everything-- "I hate school," "I have no ambitions," "I can't be with you," "I don't get to see you for another whole week," and so on and so forth.  Happiness has the same effect.  When one thing makes you happy, it seems like everything is seen through that rose-colored lens and adds to the happiness.  One thing will start it and then before you know it, it's everything-- "I love Jupiter Sunrise," "I'm gonna be a rock star," "I get to talk to you," and "It's only a few more days till i see you again."  It's amazing how the tiniest things in life can change your entire perspective on things.  It's the difference between a night where everything goes wrong and a night where even things that usually serve only to piss you off end up making you happy.  Really, happiness and sadness aren't emotions, when you think about it; they're just perspectives, means of looking at things, a manner of thinking.  Any event can cause this manner to change.  In just a couple seconds, it can sway from "i hate my life" to "i love my life" in that completely bipolar way.  After a while you find that nothing has actually changed, only the way you look at things.  For you to change from sad to happy, it only takes a mental adjustment and suddenly the world is a more beautiful place where you're friends with your favorite band and you've accomplished things you only thought possible in dreams.

(inspired by a late-night phone conversation)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 10th, 2003, 12:39pm
rock on.. to add to that, when you totally feel down on your self, but then that one person can totally change how you feel like that  *snaps finger*

meanwhile back at the house Chevilier was still sleeping soundly. he had no idea that his love went out for an early morning ride.
then out of nowhere three came a huge crash, that disturbed the perfect peace. after the tremendous noise had stopped there was an eeire silence. not a peacefull silence that happens all the time in the deep forest. There were no birds singing their early morning songs, no bugs buzzing above and about the lake, or no toads or frogs chirping their harmonus mating calls. there was nothing
then seemingly out of the middle of the dust and debris, there came a clatter and a sputtering cough.Chevilier somehow made it out of the massive crash. he gave a look around, taking in all of his surroundings. he had absolutly no idea what had happened, but it looked as if something very large had crashed right in the middle of Chevilier and Lady Salimika's woodland grove

... to be continued at at later date

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Sep 10th, 2003, 4:57pm
She exited the bus to the tune of Motley Crue on her headphones, an appropriate soundtrack to the end of the day.  While "Wild Side" raged in her ears, the rest of the world was silent.  She walked in step with the beat of the song.  Her gait was confident, head held high, knowing that all who drove past looked for more than a second at her strategically designed outfit.  As she approached a street lamp, she looked up expectantly.  As if it had been hit by a switch when her eyes reached the light, the illumination died out on her side of the one-way street.  Her six shadows became four and followed her the same way she was trailing the man walking in front of her.  He turned his head at the corner, for the first time noticing her behind him.  She avoided his eyes, but that didn't make him any less suspicious.  He quickened his step and frequently turned back to see if she was still there.  Was she following him?  Maybe.  It seemed every time she raised her eyes from the sidewalk or dropped them from the skylit stars he turned to look.  She smiled to herself, knowing the one thing that made her the happiest about being herself:  that she was in control.  He nervously sped up more, turning into a parking lot.  She followed casually as if she went there every night on her way home.  Of course she didn't.  He opened a glass door and entered the building as she shrank back into the shadows of the foliage surrounding it.  Not just yet.  She was a creature of the night and could wait forever for him to exit the building.  Until then, Motley Crue kept blasting into her ears as they always did when she took a walk on the wild side...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Sep 11th, 2003, 10:48am
hmm.. i posted another one.,. i wonder where it went... but i won't be a double poster, right val? lol

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 11th, 2003, 11:55am
ash that rocks
i wanna read whats next.. quick POST! haha

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Sep 11th, 2003, 1:37pm
You just did post twice... oh no! Silly Ashley. Hehee.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 17th, 2003, 6:34am
as i lay here
wanting to sleep
all i can think of is you

of the next time we are togther
the fun we always have
the laughter in the air

you make me happy
in only a way a best friend can

we get closer every time
talking, sharing, advising
and all i can say is

im so glad i found you

meh.. just wrote that now...
"best friend"
*blushes and walks away*

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Sep 18th, 2003, 7:07pm
There's a long distance and there's long days
Today was another one of those
Where the day isn't quite so long as the distance that seems longer
Because the day comes to an end..
but it's never really over
1 AM's still yesterday because you're still on my phone
Talking about things we did today before you left me home
2 AM's still going to be today and not tomorrow
Because after we hang up will be a parting of the sorrow

There's a long distance and there's long days
Where my eyes just can't stay open
And the day without you is so long it wants to drag them shut in its heaviness
But the distance is what keeps them open
waiting for the cure of this emptiness
because 100 miles is still near the state line
Thinking about where you're at and why you're mine
200 miles is beyond what I can see
But 2 AM is still here today for me

There's a long wait with the days and the distances
Where I dont' know how long I'll last
And the wait without you isn't quite as long as I usually anticipate it being
But you call me back at 1:15 and i remember
the pictures of what i'm not seeing
because 1 day is already starting a new wait
Wondering did we ever have a first date?
2 days is eternity after you're gone
but the 2 am shadow still lingers on

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 19th, 2003, 5:26am
wow, ash... that.. was... amazing
i mean you.. er.. i...er.. chibbitybah.. im buying you a pizza....
that was awsome

*single tear*

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 19th, 2003, 3:16pm
ok, i wrote this today in my art class. ive heard the first couple lines in my head since last nite.. but alas i couldnt write them down.... i dont know what to call it.. so tell me what ya think....

i stand here on the sidewalk
staring at the sky
wondering what will happen today
will this be the day that i die?

so i cross the city street
when the light turned red
wandering from one world to another
where is this place? where am i going?

i continue to walk
down the ongoing busy street
i am all alone
like i always am, always will be

on i go
this is taking forever
where ever im trying to go,
i wish someone was with me when i get there
so i wouldnt have to face this alone

mer... just random thoughts... :/

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Sep 19th, 2003, 7:00pm
that was really awesome kristine as always...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Sep 20th, 2003, 9:05pm
jumping up and down
turning round and round
flying up and down
spinning on the ground
i cannot be found
by neither fox nor hound
i am falling down
people looking all around
i am living in a haze
looking around with only a gaze
looking out into deep space
am i a basket case?

can you see my face
how do i look
am i dead or alive
am i hot or cold
why cant i see you

i can only see a haze and the distance of space
i close my eyes to see the freedoms of the endless roads and skys ahead

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Sep 20th, 2003, 9:05pm
this forum is all messed up

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 21st, 2003, 5:54am
that was good mims :)

how is it messed up?

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Sep 21st, 2003, 6:44am
when go go to preview it posts and when u try and delete you cant..unless ive done lost it. lol

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 21st, 2003, 7:42am
oh.. i never use preview..lol

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 21st, 2003, 6:23pm
ok i just wrote this down in the laundry room, but i didnt have any paper so i wrote it in the back of my book The Dragonbone Chair


I feel so helpless
Sitting here at my computer
Wanting to be there,
There for you.

We are in so much pain
Caused by the ones we love.
We have to go through this
No matter how much it hurts

So I maybe way over here
Miles away from you
And we maybe going through tough times
At least we are going through them together

*sigh*... yeah... thats my poem.. :/

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Sep 21st, 2003, 7:15pm
Me either, preview I disagree !

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Sep 21st, 2003, 8:17pm
i have seen the light
i am rainbow bright
jumping on my horse
riding towards the evil force
to fight it of course
to always do right
to always use the light
to fight for good
that is my course in life

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 22nd, 2003, 2:22am
short and sweet... good stuff mims

Title: Re: Writting
Post by MonkeySleepy on Sep 22nd, 2003, 3:04am
And what of the Knight of the Word? He roves the world stemming the neverending tide of the Void. And at night, he dreams our future,dark and bleak. And with every waking breath he changes the world so the future won't happen. Futile I suppose, but to one who is called, what can one do? So he roams the world, unknown, unsung, saving a world that is destroying himself. And for 20 years, through doubt, failure and grief, he keeps going making the world a better place in his small way. And for his reward? A release, and by release we mean and end. His commitment done. And the cost? The life he never got to live. The wife he never loved, the children that were not his. All these gone as were his commitment. His reward? Death. Given by the one who gave him charge in the first place. So what of goodness in this world? What is it's reward? The reward of goodness is the machinations of evil men. And yet we fight every day. And dream the future every night. What of the Kinights of the Word?

--Inspired by Terry Brooks Knight of the Word trilogy

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 22nd, 2003, 5:30am
good stuff dave

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JewJewBENjupsun on Sep 22nd, 2003, 10:03am
I never write in this becuase Im not that good

Darker Side of me

My heart has been smothered
by pain ignorance and disgust
happiness is overcome with
selfishness greed and lust
im not the kind of person
that i always used to be
that part has been taken over
by a darker side in me
a side ive never felt before
that i didnt even know was there
a side that makes me feel
like no one will ever care
a side that makes me hate
that causes me to cry
a side that makes me give up
before i even begin to try
a side that makes me feel worthless
as though all i do is wrong
is it this that has destroyed me?
cause i used to be so strong
i used to withstand pain
although i thought it would never end
but now in my heart theres a tear
that no one can ever mend
i used to take so much pride
in the person that i was
but now im too concerned
weither anyone else does
i wish this would go away
and i could have a brand new start
i dont know how much more i can take
before im left without a heart

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Sep 22nd, 2003, 10:06am
whoa nicole you should defniitely post more stuff on here... that poem was amazing... i totally understand what you're talking about to in the poem.

Mimi rock the heck on, that poem was great, as soon as i saw the rainbow brite reference i loved it.

And dave, keep rocking as always :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 22nd, 2003, 12:41pm
you all rock :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JewJewBENjupsun on Sep 22nd, 2003, 3:25pm
oh I don't think Im that good ash...but thanks

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 22nd, 2003, 3:37pm
oh quite the contrary you are very good :D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Sep 22nd, 2003, 4:23pm
i third that and thanks

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JewJewBENjupsun on Sep 23rd, 2003, 11:39am
thanks guys I gonna post one more...but thats enough of opening myself up! Im shy about my work

Life isn't as easy as i thought it would be,
i thought you would be happier right beside me
just because we are different,
no need to be judged
I am just playing my part
in the world we are part of
life isn't fun and games
it's no easy thing
the up's and the down's
the smile's and the frowns
So don't give up now
i know you can do it
Just take it one step at a time
And please don't blow it
i know it's not perfect
i know it's not great
Please hold your head up high
Cause you can touch the bright blue sky,
do it for me
i know you can
don't give up now
Life is just about to begin.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Sep 23rd, 2003, 11:58am
ok that was really really good, i think u should post more...if u want of course..it was really really good, i hope i get to meet u next time im in town..

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JsRoXmYsOx on Sep 23rd, 2003, 1:47pm
Wow Nicole.....those were really great!!  I loved them.  You are really good at writing!  Don't waste your talent girl!!  Rock on!!!!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 23rd, 2003, 3:07pm
i agree very good.. i think its better than mine... but i think im gonna read mine at an open mic nite sometime soon.. eep! lets hope i dont st-st-studder too much

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 23rd, 2003, 4:55pm
ok i just got inspiration for this one from an Our Lady Peace song...


You should't have to feel like this
You dont deserve the pain
You are too good for that
You are too amazing

If I could
I would take all of your hurt
And put it on my shoulders
Just to give you a break

When I see you in such pain
All i want to do is help
I will do as much as i can
To lighten the weight that sits on your shoulders

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 23rd, 2003, 4:55pm
ok i just got inspiration for this one from an Our Lady Peace song...


You should't have to feel like this
You dont deserve the pain
You are too good for that
You are too amazing

If I could
I would take all of your hurt
And put it on my shoulders
Just to give you a break

I know you dont want me to
But i cant help it

When I see you in such pain
All i want to do is help
I will do as much as i can
To lighten the weight that sits on your shoulders

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Sep 23rd, 2003, 5:50pm
Tiger Dancer

I don't know what it is about going into those practice rooms at school but I feel like a caged tiger when i'm in them.  See, I'm taking piano lessons this year at school for the first time in 9 years and there's a lot of stuff they never taught me.  So i've had to start basically from scratch and I'm playing all the basic songs that you hear on people's cell phones and that everyone else at my school who's a piano major learned in 4th grade.  I always feel like everyone's listening to me when I play, even though I'm enclosed in a room, because it's in a hallway with all these other practice rooms where the other piano majors play.  I feel like they stand outside the door and laugh to each other, going "hey that's the chick who can't play anything." I always feel like I"m obligated to only play the songs that I'm learning in piano lessons.  Because if someone walked by and heard Coldplay, Evanescence, Zeppelin or Floyd, I just don't think they'd understand.  That's why I feel caged... Like I'm this big fierce tiger and they've pumped me full of some sedative (seda-give??) and hidden me away in a cage.  So I can't let out a roar, can't pounce on my prey like I do for fun, I can't be who a tiger is naturally supposed to be beacuse I'm so full of tiger valium and they clipped my claws.  BUt then... as the night starts to wear on and i can hear them all leaving as it gets close to 11, the drugs start to wear off and the claws start to grow back and I can feel the roar rising in the back of my tiger throat.  And then, without warning, the soundtrack switches from Mozart and Bach to Elton John and I feel like the true art is being released from the room in the form of Tiny Dancer.  I even start to sing along, belting it, not caring anymore if any other piano majors are listening, because this is me.  There's just something abuot that song that puts me at ease and gives me a carefree attitude, and it's even perfectly in my range and easy enough to play that I don't have to fudge it.  And the tiger's still in her cage but at least now she's free to run around and jump and pounce and growl and scream if she wants, because nothing can hold back a tiger who's realized her own freedom from the confines of her prison.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JewJewBENjupsun on Sep 24th, 2003, 6:47am
Ashley its really good. I wish i could express myself the way you do!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 24th, 2003, 5:28pm
ash rocks like always :D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Sep 24th, 2003, 5:41pm
Ash is an inspiration.... to MY PANTS!!!!!!!!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JpSunriseRocks on Sep 24th, 2003, 5:54pm
yes she rocks my pants too and i totally admire how she can express herself. Its amazing.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 24th, 2003, 6:37pm
val.. do you have to bring EVERYTHING back to your pants?

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Sep 25th, 2003, 1:26am
Yes, I love my pants!!!!!!!!!!

Title: Re: Writting
Post by MonkeySleepy on Sep 26th, 2003, 4:00am
I want to dance, in my new pants

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 26th, 2003, 4:01am
what a good song... :) ::)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Sep 29th, 2003, 6:51pm
the Lady was sitting on a toad stool letting her dragonfly zip around wildly at the flying mosquitos and other bugs. she figured it was about time to go back, she didnt want Chevilier to wake up with her not their, and she did miss him terribly. so she called her dragonfly over, just as she did Lady Salmakia heard the most terrible crash she had ever heard in her short life.  She could hear nothing but breaking branches, falling trees, shreeding leaves, it burned her ears it was so loud. She practicly lept to the ground and covered her senistive elf-like ears.
When it had finally ended she got up and she looked out, a huge cloud of dust was rising, in the direction of her and Cheviliers home. She got a sinking, sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. She called over her trembling dragonfly, calmed her down a bit and lept up, and sped off in the direction of the devistation ahead......

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Oct 5th, 2003, 12:04pm
what happens next?? what happens next??

OK this is another one of the poems i write about famous people so once again the prize will go to who guesses it.

Far Arden

I read the words of a soul passed on
Into the wilderness of memories and legacies
And i know his spirit remains instead of disappearing to the past
Because I've been searching and I think you see
And understand because you were lost, like me
I want to see far Arden once again too
I'll search for it, and with the answers, find you.

What is love, and who am I
Under this velvet fur and raven's wing encased?
Beneath the firelight I seek a meaning in your intrigued face
Because I've been searching and i think you see
And know the pain because you were lost like me
I want to see Far Arden with my eyes
And find you there without disguise

I read the words, immortalized
Of one who wrote and scaled monumental peaks
And I feel like I'm touched with every word he speaks

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Oct 5th, 2003, 12:11pm
wow ash, that is awsome....

and for a random guess by kristine... jesus? hes famous enough, just in a totally differnent way...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Oct 5th, 2003, 6:04pm
nope not jesus, but it could totally be interpreted that way too.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXpunk30 on Oct 6th, 2003, 2:12am
ok.. i tried...lol :)

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Oct 7th, 2003, 1:32pm
Chevilier scrambled out of the pile of woodland debris, he was so confused on what happened, but whatever had fallen came down right next to his home.  Everything was ruined, and he had no idea where his dragonfly was, probably scared out of its mind, if he was alive he'd come back, they never stray too far. Then panic struck... where was his dear Lady? where had she gone? He started scrambling looking under the twigs and leaves that had once been their humble home.
"M'Lady! where are you!? are you here!?"
where had she gone? even if the unthinkable happened, and she hadnt survied, wouldnt her body be here? and where was her dragonfly? as he thought of dragonfly his came back to him. which was semi-odd because if his had survived, then hers wouldve been with him.. when they are together, their dragonflys seem to feel the same love for each other as they do.. what had gone on... where is my love?

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Oct 7th, 2003, 4:12pm
ahhh!! you've totally drawn me in now!! it's worse than  my As the World Turns addiction... i wanna know what happens!  It's super cool that you give like her perspective and then his, i like that,... keep it up!!

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thanks :) im still trying to figure out all the details... i think if i actually write it out, like on one paper when its done, i can fix it up and every thing :)

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Ash, that poem was about jim morrison.
Kwistine sewiouswy you wock.

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Oct 8th, 2003, 7:45am
darnit scott how'd you guess??

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thanks scott

and good call,but i think its because you are going out... you...have..connections...errrahh.. something lol :D

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flying at great speeds through woods is not the safest thing to do with all of the obstacles everywhere. but Lady Salmakia was used to these woods, she knew them better than she knew herself, she was pushing her dragonfly as hard as she could go. they were dipping up and down over and under branches so fast that not the sharpest hawk eye could catch up with them.  
they slowed down a bit when they got closer to the disaster area because so much was was distroyed.  she couldnt even tell where her house used to be because the distruction was so large, it will take forever to try and find her love, but she would take that long jsut to find him, even if it ment never leaving again, she would not leave him behind, alive or dead...

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Look at what i have found
It is a knight
My knight
Wearing armor of past chilvery

He has come to save me
From this peril that i have gone through
Riding in from the sunset
Riding to me

Now that i have him
My knight in shining armor
What would i ever do
If he ever rode his horse away?

just came up with that... "My Knight"... kinda corny... but meh.. i kinda like it

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Post by JewJewBENjupsun on Oct 16th, 2003, 2:32am
(not titled)

You said you would keep it between us
You and I only
No one would find out
Then a while ago you told your dad
He told the rest of your family
Before you called I sat and thought about how much I loved you
Then you told me...
You said...

I broke your trust, I told someone
The deep secret that you kept from all
Is now not a secret
I didnt mean to tell
It kind of just slipped
I mean, he asked and I didnt want to lie

What do you mean?
Thats what I asked you?
You didnt want to lie, but yet you did to me?
What does this mean?
What am I going to do?
You broke my trust and now my love

What was I to do? am I suppose to just forget it all.
Not remember that the darkest thing in my life is now out in the open?
Why did you do this to me? I dont understand!
I did nothing but love you, and believe it or not, I respected your privacy.

Now you say we can stay together
As long as I forgive you and give you another chance
Well, honey, it isnt that easy
You were the one who was going to be with me forwver
You were the one who would hold my life together
Now youre the one who has hurt me forever
And you can no longer hold my life together.

I have thought this over. And I still dont know what to do.
When I do call you, I dont know if I am going to end this. But I want you to know, that if I do. It isnt my choice
I didnt end it, you did

Life without love is no life at all
but love without trust is no love at all

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Oct 16th, 2003, 2:09pm
holy crap nicole that was incredible, there was so much passion in it-- you should definitely contribute more!  That was so awesome-- was that last line from Ever After or was I hallucinating?  Kristine, your poem made me smile :)

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Post by JewJewBENjupsun on Oct 16th, 2003, 5:03pm
yeah it is, I meant to quote it and then ask if anybody knew what it was from
but alas you won anyways!

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Post by MonkeySleepy on Oct 17th, 2003, 4:37am
That's right just keep telling yourself how different we all are. How men are pigs, incapable of thought, feeling,  anything resembling decency and what is right. We all lie, cheat, steal, and would eat your children if we had a chance. We are just hunters anyway, only goal is the game we seek. We stalk, we strike, we sex, we skedaddle. Tell me how we "suck", how we will never make sense, what planet are we from again? Tell me how we hurt all the time, how we are stuck in the past and we hold you back. Tell me how it's never your fault, how women are the center of right in the universe. How their side is always the right one. How they are the bastions of what is pure and good in this world. How you can do no wrong, to me, to anyone. tell me again how this is none your fault and never was. How women never are at fault and always in the right. Tell me again how it is your right to choose what kind of relationship you want and how you have a right to taketaketaketake and never give. How a relationship based on sex is going to work? Ever? or Never more like.
Tell me how you don't need your mind to tell you anything, how you never needed to share with anyone. Tell me how you have been wronged, hurt. Tell me how you never saw anything coming when you were tap dancing on the edge blindfolded, on fire with your own volitile judgements. So lets not balance the equation. Let's leave it as it is. Two genders, hurting, different, falling over each other just to reach out. To stab each other in the back againagainagainagain. And doesn't that blood feel good, knowing it's not your own. But look behind. Your hate has opened the whole wide. and Where is your soul? Gonegonegone like december leaves in the cold wind. See what mistrust can do? See what difference is? It's being the same and having no one to hold on to. Your choice. Not mine. I hold out my hand with the olvie branch of peace and the only thing you can think is how you hate olives. So why do I even try? Because I want my tomorrow to be something other than what today has given birth to. Because I want to see the difference to dissapear. So hold on. I'm there. And believe or not, we all are.

To some girl in my English class that argue with me, got me rather mad, and that I felt bad about being mad at afterwards. Sorry it seems a bit negative, just how it was today.

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Oct 17th, 2003, 5:26am
that was very good dave, very negitive, but it was good, i love reading all your writing though

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Post by Ellenlumbe on Oct 17th, 2003, 5:01pm
ok, i wrote this story yesterday... er... yeah... just random mood..... its kind of predictable though.... enjoy...::)

Charlemange stared at her pale, thin beautiful throat, all he could see was her jugular pumping fresh blood to other regions of her body.  It was calling to him. He's been like this for a few months now feelint the thurst, the want, the need for the fresh blood.  Charlemange doesnt quite rememeber how it started, but the past few months had been a foggy haze.  He just remembers waking up and having an incredible taste for warm human blood.  Its not that it felt right or wrong, it was just different.
She was giggling now, her thrat was beconing to him, calling for him.  She was so beautiful, if he did this, he would suck the beauty right out of her, taking it from the world forever.  It was so tempting, he wanted to stay good, he didnt want to hurt her, and all of her lovliness.  
It was a dark cloudy night, she was leading him through the woods.  It was a beautiful night, and she was looking more beautiful every step they took.  He led her to a clearing.  The faint moonlight pushed through the clouds and reflected off of her smooth milky skin.  She tossed her head so her neck was revealed, he couldnt stand it anymore, that was just too much.  He lifted his hands and put one at the small of her back, and the other on her neck under her hair.  He reached in moving ever so slowly. As he was doing that a strong chilly breeze picked up.  Charlemange looked up to see the clouds parting revealing a beautiful full moon.  He had tunred back to his soon-to-be-victim, something happened.  She violently ripped away from him, she bent and half, and almost seemed to be shap shifting.  It took a moment for Charlemange to relize what was happening.  He shouldve resisted, he shouldve stayed in the bar.

Who's the Victim now?

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Post by KariJoTheBabysitter on Oct 17th, 2003, 5:43pm
Wow i feel left out. . . i dont think i could write to save myself. i usually paint. but props to all you writers, i love reading so i enjoyed it.

Kari Jo

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Post by Ellenlumbe on Oct 17th, 2003, 5:49pm
rock on to fellow artists!!

just try, i didnt think i could write either... give it a try... think of something and go with it.. :) we wont poke fun... we are a big happy family here :D

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Post by Mimi on Oct 17th, 2003, 7:18pm
Hugs and Kisses to my sweet
When is the next time we shall meet
You make me laugh oh so hard
you are such a cute tard
I always smile and grin so big
Like a big puffy afro-wig
How we both love to dance the jig

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Post by Ellenlumbe on Oct 18th, 2003, 5:37am
aww sooo cute! :D

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Post by Folkien on Oct 23rd, 2003, 6:30am
the only thing that i really like to write is fiction.  story wise that is.   i can't do much poetry but i wish i could... i have a story floating round my pokcets some where but i can't find it... d**n ...... ah well  i iwll find it later


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i used to think i couldnt write poetry either, well i stil dont think i can write good poetry... but you should try anyway, we are a loving community, we'll tell ya if you suck or not ;) but im sure you dont

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Post by MonkeySleepy on Oct 23rd, 2003, 12:10pm
For you I would cross Endless Deserts, to sit in the oasis of your smile.
For you I would roam the Icy Wastelands of Absence, just to be warmed at your fireside.
For you I would swim the Endless Oceans of Extranious Circumstance, for a glimpse at your far shore.
For you I would pass through the fires of Hel itself and remain safe, cloaked in your love.
For you I would scale impossible mountians, to shout from the highest heights "I love you"
For you I would hold back the forces of nature, to turn back the tide of the seasons, and say "Thy beauty is eternal."
For you I would pledge my love eternal, to stand the testament of time, steadfast and rooted in love deeper that time itself.

For the love of my life

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Oct 23rd, 2003, 12:13pm
awww DAVE!!! that...was... amazing

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Post by Mimi on Oct 23rd, 2003, 4:16pm
haha about a year ago i had never wrote anything at all..then some odd reason i was encouraged to write and now it just comes to me naturally, speratic, but natural..

thats what happens if you hang out on these boards and talk to all these great people, you grow for the better as a person.

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Oct 26th, 2003, 1:43pm
i started a couple stories on my computer back at the dorm but they're mad long so i'm not gonna put them up... in related news, here's a poem i wrote on thursday when scott was still here... because he stayed an extra day :)

Music, It Seems, Will Stay

I think I miss you the most when you're sitting beside me
And I know that tomorrow you'll be gone
I miss you more than the song I don't sing,
   Than the pick I didn't bring and the fallen lizard king
I think I miss you the most anticipating the dawn
Of tomorrow when you'll be missing.

I think I love you the most when you tell me you love me
And i know that you mean the words you speak
I love you more than the music I play,
   Than getting my way and singing "Yesterday"
I think I love you the most when you show you're unique
And i want to be forever in today

I understand the least why I can't see you more
Why i know that you always have to leave
I want so much to follow you away
   So much to let you stay, and not have this delay
Over the cell phone wires while I have to believe
I'll see you again another day

I'd leave a gig early if it meant I'd see you more
I'd break my fingers and sell my guitars to a cheap store
I'd tear my vocal chords if I could hold you every day
But I can't--and so music, it seems, will stay
As I once again watch your form go away

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Post by NOXpunk30 on Oct 26th, 2003, 2:25pm
*single tear*

ash.... that... was...... *sigh* wow... wow....and that is all i can think of to say, that was amazing

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Post by Nicole on Oct 27th, 2003, 2:38pm
The open field is right before your eyes
But you can't see it from the window

The future is right before your eyes
But you can't see it for the dark
You push the door and the gloomy dim
allows you to see outlines, a mere fragment of what they could really be.
You step forward, but are unsure
You could trip in the fragile conditions.
Nebulous figures skulk near you, undistinct in the light.

You look at your feet and they too cannot be seen.
Will you continue? Or turn back to the safety?

In the safety will you be sure?

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Oct 28th, 2003, 7:45am
nicole, that was incredible.

This is the continuing saga of something i started... i wrote the last page of it on here and i started writing the beginning, and today i felt like writing something a little bit in the middle.  it's sorta fantasy and takes place in the Land of Eternal Twilight, Bowiedorff. (cool name huh?)

The three of us traveled on through what we assumed to be Bowiedorff for days.  It was difficult to believe that we were really anywhere with a name, because all that we ever came across was wilderness.  There wasn't any sign of civilization.  I was beginning to believe one of two things: either my four guardians had drugged me into a deep, dreaming sleep, or they had somehow just dropped me off into the woods somewhere.  The first seemed more likely.  But then, in this place, nothing seemed to make sense.  There was never a daytime or a night time, no division between the hours.  I found that our watches all ran at different times, and there was no constancy to the intervals between them.  My companions and I were starting to wonder how exactly we were to save the people of this land if we never found them.
Finally, after about three or four days (by days, i mean number of times we'd slept), we saw lights burning at the top of a mountain.  Could it be that there was someone out here besides the three of us?  I started to regain faith in the four who had sent me.  "Let's go up," I said, walking toward the base of the hill.
"Wait," Alefric said, hanging back.
"What's wrong?"
"Why should we go up there?"
"To see if there's anyone who can tell us where we are," Keelan said.
"We know where we are," Alefric responded.  "The land of Bowiedorff."
"How do we know that?" I asked.
"You told us."
"Well, maybe we could get some more information," Keelan said.  "About how we can go about bringing order back to this place."
"I'm sure there's people up there," I said.  "Maybe they can give us something to eat other than this stuff we've been living off of."
If I had known what awaited us at the top of the mountain, I wouldn't have been so eager.  I would have been better off not knowing how lost these people were whose kingdom I had to save.  I could never have imagined anything like the people we encountered.  Nothing could have prepared me for the confusion and pain that they experienced every day.
But I had no idea that they would be any different from me and my companions.  I assumed that all people were like me.  Though the guardians had explained that the residents of Bowiedorff had no past and no future, because the kingdom had no daytime or nighttime, I just took it for granted taht they would still be just like Keelan, Alefric and me.  But they weren't.

...more to come...

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Oct 28th, 2003, 8:28am
oh tell us more tell us more!!!!

that rocked!

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Post by JewJewBENjupsun on Oct 28th, 2003, 11:39am
At times I feel like no one cares
and they're all out to get me.

Dealing with life from day to day
is getting harder and harder for me.

Life Changes so quickly
some transformations are unbelieveable.

My friends are all different now
and I no longer know whom to trust

I try to feel comfortable in my relationships
yet sometimes i feel like I'm going to far

My grades seem to be dropping
And school no longer matters.

I wish that everthing could be different,
that everyone could be ten years old again.

Why did we all have to learn everything the hard way?
Why did we all have to grow up so fast?

(Ashley, I need you to finish your story Im sucked in!)

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Oct 28th, 2003, 4:07pm
As i sit here
At my computer
I can see you
Staring back at me

I miss you so much
Even though you've only been gone
For a few short hours

When will i see you next
Not just the picture
Attached on my computer
Staring back at me

"staring back at me" yeah... im a chick, and i dont care.. deal with it ... i am :)

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ps... that poem was reallly good!!!

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Oct 29th, 2003, 4:37am
nicole-- it's so great you've hbeen writing on here, that last one really describes how i've been feeling a lot lately.  yeah there'll be more of the story up on here ASAP... hehe just like to keep y'all anxious...

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Oct 29th, 2003, 5:33am
It’s impossible to say exactly how long the climb was.  To me, it was two hours.  But as I was beginning to discover, time in this place was relative.  Alefric said that it was six hours, and to Keelan, it was a mere thirty minutes.  I suppose that in normal time, it would have been somewhere in the middle, maybe 2 and a half.  It may have been easier to explain the hike in terms of how many steps it took us to reach the top.  But none of us thought to count.
     It was, at some parts, a very difficult climb.  The cliffs seemed almost vertical in some places, and giant stepping rocks were covered in dewed moss, making it impossible to climb all alone.  We relied on each other to make it.  At other places, the climb was so easy, we marveled that this was a mountain at all and not a straight, flat passage through the woods.  Sometimes we lost sight of the lights at the top; other times, they burned so brightly they lit our way.
     Our last stretch of mountain to climb was most unusual.  We had to cross a green, swampy marsh in order to get there.  To do that and avoid sinking into the bog, we needed to jump from fallen tree to fallen tree.  They were on their sides, and roots pointed straight up.  After the swamp, there was a giant hill, at the top of which we knew were the lights we had seen from so far below.  The hill was covered in giant trees, and in the center there was a path that rode straight up.  The hill was very steep, though, and was covered in fallen dead leaves.  The leaves made it slippery and impossible to climb.  We tried going through the trees, but they were too dense, packed so close together we couldn’t fit between them.  The only way to make it to the top was to travel between the path and the woods, it seemed.  We did this by walking on the leafy path while holding tightly to the trunks and branches of the trees bordering it.  Most people, including us, are used to exclusively using leg muscles while climbing and walking.  This climb was the opposite, as we ascended with our arms.  Our feet were only anchoring our weight in between trees.
     At the top of the hill, there was a log across the path, set up like a bench.  Keelan immediately sat down on it.  Beyond it was a yard full of leaves and a great two-story wooden house.  It had two tower rooms, one on either side.  At the top of these were giant fires, burning orange light to make the setting as bright as day at the top of the mountain.  
     “Should we knock at the door?” I asked.
     “Yes,” Keelan said.  “Maybe they have food.  Or somewhere to sleep.  It looks kind of like an inn.”
     Once again, Alefric seemed cautious.  “How do we know they’re on our side?” he asked.
     “I didn’t know there were sides,” Keelan said.
     “Nobody told me anything about sides,” I responded.
     “Maybe they’re our enemies,” Alefric said.
     “Maybe not,” I said.  “Either way, they can tell us where we are, and tell us something about this country.”
     Alefric, still disillusioned, assented to going into the lodge to find out where we were.
     Keelan, being the strongest, led the way.  He turned off his lantern and knocked at the door.  It was only a couple seconds before we heard it unlatch from the inside and someone opened it.  In front of us stood the first person we had encountered since we had entered the mystical land of Bowiedorff.

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Oct 29th, 2003, 5:48am
and it is...bowie?

just kidding, that rocks ash..

the daylight was dwindling, chevilier had been looking all day, he had been searching through the mass amounts of debris, through all of his smashed and broken posetions, everything was gone, and he still didnt know 2 things, what had caused this, and where was his love?
then it struck him, what if she had gotten away? what if this was all planned and some one stole her?! he wouldnt stand for that, he whistled as loud as he could, but his dragonfly was no where to be found, so he found and grabbed one of the delicate eggs that him and his lady had for when their dragonflies had passed on. it would only take a few hours to hatch, so he put it in a bag with some food stuffs for him self and headed off in the direction of the setting sun, hoping to find some clue to where his love was...

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Post by Mimi on Oct 29th, 2003, 10:37am
Attack of the Vegan Pirates
by Mimi and Ashleytherockstar

help im drowning !!
*throws in a life raft*
mimi can't swimn!!!!  MIMI CAN"T SWIM!!! CLEAR THE WAY
hits my head*
*dives in after the life raft wearing a lifejacket*
*sends the midgets after mimi*
quick!! Grab a midget!! they float!!
where are teh party hats
oh no! it's a horsey in the water too!
*blub blub*
haha i just laughed out loud and val goes "are you talking to mimi?"
d**n horses dont float
i will lol
im gonna post it on the forum
*sends the pirates in to rescue the horsey*
pirates including Johnny Depp
because they're buff!!
AH MY wooden leG!
hey!! what about meee!
splashing around frantically
oh no the peg leg is gonna rot
im blind!!!!
Polly wanta cracker
*one of the pirates throws an eye patch to mimi* here, now you can be blind and look cool
*the pirates send their parrots all to mimi and they lift her up out of the water and onto the ship*
im king of the world!!
no way dude you've been kidnapped by pirates, you're not the king of the world
you're a captive
and one of the pirates looks shockingly like CHRIS SNYKUS WITH A BANDANNA ON HIS HEAD
no way dude im the mad scientist from bio dome
wheres mee timbers
trojan man!!!
Chris the pirate gets an idea and runs to the inside of the ship
and slips on a bannana peal
where he opens a cage and lets the Pink Gorilla loose (remmeber that story!?!?)
the pink gorilla charges and rescues the horsey from the waves
and then the gorrilla turns purple
cause all the dye came out
HAHA he changes colors
and then
James Dean's lifeless bodyt fell from the sky
and they fed it to the horsey
bodies bodies every where
and then BOWIE the pirate shows up
and we all do the wave!!
and he jumps on the horse and the gorrilla eats bowie
and the monkeys came dopwn from the sails and masts
and the gorillas started grooming Chris
i mean the monkeys
that fell from the masts and sails
eating all the bugs out of his hair
because pirates have no hygiene
and then they had a piratey soy horsey for dinner

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Oct 29th, 2003, 12:06pm
that, was, hiliarous :D

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Oct 29th, 2003, 3:21pm
oops double posting bug, ignore this message.

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Post by Ashleytherockstar on Oct 29th, 2003, 3:21pm
She looked about as normal as one can look, not much different than the everyday people I'd encountered in the real world.  (Is it the real world?)  She had very long dark hair and a blue peasant-ish dress, exactly how I'd imagine people in this fairy-tale land to look.  But she bore a look of confusion that seemed permanently sculpted to her face.  "Do I know you?" she asked, scanning our faces as if trying to locate some shred of recognition that she knew should be there.
"No," Alefric, the spokesman, said.  "We're traveling through and hoped that you would give us a place to stay.  We saw your lights from the bottom of the mountain."
"Traveling..."  The word seemed foreign to her, but it seemed as though she thought she should know what it meant.  "Oh!  The bottom of the mountain.  This mountain.  We're on a mountain.  I'm sorry.  Won't you come in?"
We followed her into the house.  It was one giant room downstairs, vaguely reminiscent of how i'd pictured a German beer hall to look.  There were tables and benches all over.  A quartet of musicians was playing in the middle, a strange sweet alluring song that made me feel at home and strangely unfamiliar at the same time.  People sat at many of the benches.  Some were together; some were all alone.  Most of them looked to be in pain.  There was a set of stairs at each of the four walls leading both up and down.  The ceiling was high, but there must have been a second story because the stairs went up.  "My name is Nija," our guide said.  "And... you can be here.  Go anywhere you like in the building."
"Where can we get something to eat?" Keelan sked as Nija was about to walk away.
She blankly stared at us.  "who ARE you?" she asked, then walked off.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Oct 29th, 2003, 4:33pm

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Post by JewJewBENjupsun on Oct 30th, 2003, 4:49pm
I wrote this is Class today because I was bored
its corny

One More Chance

It wasn't supose to be like this
It makes me scared inside

Im not suppose to feel like this
but yet its something I cannot hide

We broke up once, it didn't work out
Why are we getting back together?

You broke my heart once, but even still...
just thinking about you, makes me light as a feather

So please take care of my heart
Let what you say be true

I need to let you know
Im falling back in love with you

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Post by Mimi on Oct 30th, 2003, 7:50pm
man these are awesome, someone should put them all together as a book and sell them at the shows..

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Oct 30th, 2003, 7:56pm
ash was sposed to... she started once too.. but this just keeps on going, it willnever be finished :D

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 4th, 2003, 1:28pm
i am so happy
and its all thanks to you
you make me feel this way
just by being you

any time your around
nothing else matters
i have you
and you  have me

so what else is there to do
besides you wanting to be with me
and me wanting to be with you

what else really matters
we care about each other
and we both know we do
lets just stay together
and let everyone else sleep

just came up with that... "you and me" yeah you all know what its about :D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by stars_at_night on Nov 4th, 2003, 1:44pm
I'm not much of a poetry writer, I definetely prefer creative writing, but I want to hand a piece into my lit magazine and don't have time to do a story. I may submit this piece, but would adore some of your feedback, cause I suck at this game


You say I'm fine the way I am
that you love me for me,
but I can see it in your eyes
that you wish I were someone else

someone pretty and perfect
smart and focused
someone I am not

you look right at me
but at the same time, right through
pretending I am someone else
someone worthy of your love

and when you say my name
you pretend it belongs to someone else
someone who isn't me

and when I'm gone, will you pretend it's someone else who left,
someone worthy of your tears?
or will it be someone else in your memories?
will that girl holding your hand have my face?

So I'll allow you to pretend I'm someone else
as long as that someone is worthy of your love
and I'll be ok when you say my name and see someone else's face
as long as it's my hand you hold.

And you can pretend I'm someone else when you say that you love me
as long as I hear those words

thanks kids<3

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 4th, 2003, 1:51pm
wow... that....was ...really good

rock on

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Folkien on Nov 5th, 2003, 7:30am
I sit here all alone,
with a knife in my hand
and noone else is home.
Depression take over my mind
as i sit and stare at the phone,
cuz i know that i need help.

but the old familiar pain is calling,
calling to me..............
its call is getting hard to resits,
wanting to welcome me back
into its vicious embrace.


Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 5th, 2003, 8:29am
wow  that was really good... depressing, but good

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JewJewBENjupsun on Nov 5th, 2003, 9:00am
Beth Thats great....sad...but great, I totally can relate to it

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 7th, 2003, 6:50pm
how is it so that just 20 minuets ago i felt like i wanted to curl up in a ball and cry and cry, just give up on everything and just stop, leave everything behind, not have to worry about anything, work, school, people, myself, just lay there and dissapear
now all of a sudden im sitting here grinning like an idiot just at the thought of you, at the thought of next time ill see you, touch you, hear your whisper in my ear. So im glad i found you, you come and save the day when im feeling down
you are my knight in shining armor

ok that was in a totally different style than im use to... but hey i kinda like it... ill call it..."changing moods"

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Nov 8th, 2003, 6:45am
so this is something i just kind of threw together the other night, open mic, scott was sitting there right with me and this just came to mind... it's kind of the opposite of that one at the top of the page (which rocks by the way)

I know I couldn't ask any more of you beacuse you already do so much for me that I'm afraid I'll overflow/And I know I can't expect any more from you than you already give because being with you makes my dreams so/and I know who I am and I know that you know/because when you're around is when I let it show

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 8th, 2003, 7:18am
awww ash thats awsome :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Nov 10th, 2003, 5:42pm
i thought the rest of you JSers (especially krist who likes steal me) might like this....

I'm not sure how to draw a path to get to moonlight....
Me neither, Ben. But when I look at the picture of Scott in the tree that's sitting on my desk I come up with all these ideas for how to draw a map so that we can get home or at least be together all summer. None of them seem to be plausible though, because really, can anyone draw that path through the moonlight? It's the same moon that lights up the night and changes us from one form to another when we're together. It's like we become something beautiful and are fused together into one beautiful ethereal body floating somewhere in that moonlight that the evergreen soldiers are pointing at in awe. The stars, still farther away from the earth than us, circle around, glittering and showing off our celestiality and all our angelic innocence and form. If you can find that shortcut along the stone wall, maybe you can see us too on the nights where the clouds aren't too thick. You'll be able to see the fireflies blink past Orion, and so will we. When we're together or apart, we're still the same childlike mind that marvels at the small miracles of astronomy (as he might say) or a deity (that i might say). We can shimmer and shine above the earth, above the physical universe somewhere in my mind's eye. Maybe this whole lifetime won't have to be spent yearning for more and we can just stay in the twilight that lingers longer than i'll be awake... i won't be awake for much longer... but i'll still see the moon, that beautiful fusion of our two opposite worlds, shining and burning its way through the dark... so come on... steal me and take me there in the silver light that surrounds his shape and makes him brighter than Islington to me. Let him steal me, and steal all the powers of the night to hold me encased in his arms as long as the moon stays up. Let's just sleep in the grass tonight. He can become my daydreams and my night dreams that never last. Before I once again start over, let me rest upon his shoulder. Is the love that I seek the love that I'm leaving behind for all of my dreaming?

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 10th, 2003, 7:05pm
dude ash.... i do believe the walken said it best


Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 11th, 2003, 12:37pm
you tip your hat
down to me
a sign of respect
that is the key

You got this hat
as a present
it looks very good
it has a purpose dent

so when you take off your new hat
just for me
it makes me feel special
that is the key

yeah as we all know by now, i wrote that at the spur of the moment,"your new hat" sometimes the simplest guesture can make my day

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Nov 11th, 2003, 3:53pm
I remember that day
with more colorful details
than I ever wanted to remember.
The way your eyes shifted,
trying to hide yourself from my eyes.
You were afraid of my reaction,
but you didn't care at all....
your emotions were hard to read.
You simply blurted out your news,
that you were leaving.
You told me it was for only a year,
but I knew you were to go forever,
you'd never come back to me.
How easily you turned away
and left me all alone.
No real explinations,
just pack your bags and leave.
No need to finish high school,
no need to think of your best friend,
your ex-girlfriend,
the girl who was in love with you.
Four years later,
I can still remember
how hard I cried that night.
I never wanted things to change,
I never wanted to say goodbye.
Four years have gone by,
I wonder how it could've been.
If you had loved me too,
if you had cared for me at all.
That day will always be in my mind,
the day I lost it all.
The day I lost you.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 11th, 2003, 4:00pm
*sneif snief*

bravo val... wonderfull*sniff*

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Nov 11th, 2003, 6:41pm
You're too kind.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 12th, 2003, 12:20pm
im falling so fast
the clouds are swirling around me
im moving so fast
but is it really a bad thing?

where is the ground?
shouldnt i have hit it by now
im moving like the wind
flying twards the ground

im still not there
and i dont think ill ever make it
cause im falling so fast
and its not such a bad thing

"falling so fast" yep you guessed it, wrote it on the spot.... :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JewJewBENjupsun on Nov 12th, 2003, 4:43pm
I love and I hate
I love to hate or
maybe I hate to love
Shall I make an effort to love
or maybe discourage my hate

To live a life full of love is a mere fantasy
To die ending a life of hatred is a tragedy

To continue a life of confusion is the epitome of my existence.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JewJewBENjupsun on Nov 12th, 2003, 4:44pm
BTW Great Kristine :D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by MonkeySleepy on Nov 12th, 2003, 5:30pm
I just seem to fade away, silent gray on the backs of many minds. My world and theirs not the same anymore. I'm so far removed from them who am I? you? maybe so. The you you were, the me me was. Does it matter anymore? we just pass in the night, strangers with hat brims tucked low mumbling under our breaths about the damm cold and not sharing the body warmth. foolish really. we never see each other, bumping though each other, coliding like to frieght trains of mist and smoke. What we are left with is neither us nor them. but somewhere in between. knife blade. how I want to see you all, but my eyes slip past, clouded by duties even I can't see. someday we'll look back on this and laugh, but tonight I don't feel I have the energy for it.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 12th, 2003, 6:22pm
thanks nicole yours are really good too!!

wow dave.... wow.....

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 14th, 2003, 3:09pm
you are a vine, tangled up with me
i am a tree, that you wrap yourself around
its symbiosis, in its truest form

we fit together, as perfect as can be
im so lucky that its to me that you are bound
and it is to you that i am sworn

its an amazing feeling, to be held by you
being wrapped up in your arms
holding me tight, never to let go
tree and vine wrapped together as one

yeah... im just working on some random art, with trees and nature and such, and i had sudden inspiration... er.. yeah... "tree and vine"

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 18th, 2003, 8:46am
ok. i know i havnt finished the other story yet... im still working on it... but alas, ive started another... lemmie know what you think

He stops a moment resting on a tree, you can barely see his breath as he gasps for air.  Hes been running for at leats an hour now, hes had to have lost it by now. But why was he really running? Alan has been a High Lord and a master warrior for hundreds of years.  If he hadnt lost his sword during that last fight he wouldnt have to run anymore. d**n those mutants, they seem to mutate more and more every time he meets up with one, pretty soon they are just going to take over everything.
Alan heard a russel and a deep growl from a few ells away. He thought to himself 'nuts ! i got to start running again, if i only had a drink i wouldnt be so weak, and i could get my self out of this.' The only problem is Alan's choice drink is fresh rich human blood, and he is stuck in the middle of a forest.  His cool dark blood was pounding in his ears, normally this would mean his muscles are turning anarobic, but not that there's a lot of oxygen in his body to begin with. He could still hear it chasing him, tree limbs craking, leaves russling, and animals fleeing from its path of distruction.

..... and i dont know where to go from here... :D but ill get to it soon enough :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Nov 19th, 2003, 6:52am
a simple love story....

He loved her, he loved her with his everything he felt deep down that no matter what he did he couldn't live without her in his life. She was the constant, the always there, the one and only thing he could count on was his undieing love for her.;

She loathed him.

but still he would wait... and wait... and wait for her until she would recognize how much he loved her and then realize that in truth she loved him. so he waited.

In truth, she really did loathe him.

Loathe is the correct word because hate would be too strong she didn't hate him he was tollerable, at times. but she definatly didn't have any plans for falling in love anytime soon especially with the one person whom while she didn' hate, she did wholly loathe.

10am saturday morning he began his walk as he always did it wasn't very far and he for the most part enjoyed it. He enjoyed it because it was fun, and because it was now autmen and because during the walk was when his anticipation grew.
He rounded the corner and could see her house in the distance hiding just behind the tree line. he paused a moment to let out a deep heart felt sigh of love, then continued on his weekly journey just as he always did.

He knocked on the door, he could hear the rumbling of the people inside then the door was pulled open.

"Hi johnny, how are you doin."
"Hi Ms Cullpepper, I'm fine. Is jamie home?"

thats all I gots so far and the names are very likily to change because I'm really bad at coming up with names for my charecters.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by liv on Nov 19th, 2003, 7:58am
That's neat, very strong opener.  I like the foreshadowing of she certainly didn't expect to fall in love with the person she loathed.  Funny too.

On another note, I was just looking back and this thread was started over a year ago, so cool that it's still going strong (and with mostly the same people too!).

On another note, Kristine, quit writing stories and go do your homework.  ;)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashleytherockstar on Nov 19th, 2003, 8:38am
It was a restless night for Dr. Jean Grey.  She didn't even talk to Scott about it, knowing that if she did, they would try to sway each other's opinions emotionally.  He never was one to change his mind based on emotion... most of the time.  It was for the sake of those other times that she didn't try to influence him.  She knew that if she did, it would be more likely that he would influence her.
The age-old question of "Should I Stay or Should I Go" kept her up all night.  She slept for about an hour altogether, but was kept awake by the thoughts running through her head.  Leave the team?  Live her own life, be independent, get along on her own for once without anyone else's help?  Leave her friends?  Or stay in the comfort and security she had known for a decade, being a part of a cause to bring social justice?  If only she knew how Scott felt...
No, she told herself.  Regardless of where he goes, I have to make up my mind on my own for this one.  She rolled over in bed to watch him in his sleep.  Was he sleeping?  Or was he awake?  She never could tell.  His eyes could be open.  It was against her principles to try and read his mind to figure it out.  On her side, she put her head on his chest and wished that this could be all that mattered.  She fell asleep with that thought, steeped with indecision.

Once he was sure she was sleeping, Scott Summers gently slipped out of bed.  She didn't move, assuring him that she was indeed soundly asleep.  He ran a hand through his hair and went to the balcony of their room.  It was a warm enough night with a little bit of wind.  Here, in the middle of the woods almost, where the mansion was, it was so peaceful.  It was pitch black outside, even darker through his ruby quartz sunglasses.  
He looked up at the sky.  He couldn't see anything clearly enough to make out constellations.  He closed his eyes and took off the glasses, feeling the warm air and the cool breeze against his eyelidsfor the first time in ages.  He opened his eyes wide and stared up at the stars.  A streak of red flew out from each eye, going nowhere he knew, since he was staring straight up.  
Stay?  Or leave?  It was his team.  He had been the first one, and he was the leader.  How could he leave them all behind?  Few of the originals remained, and he had the feeling that more would leave in the morning.  The new ones were so inexperienced, fumbling with their own mutations and tyring to make sense of a world that didn't understand them.  He understood them, though.  He knew that the professor did, too.  But could Charles really run everything on his own?
It was with that thought that he knew he had to stay.  It was his blessing, his curse, having beams shoot out of his eyes.  Where could he go to attempt to live a normal life?  Anywhere he went, people would wonder.  What kind of job could he get that would allow him to wear sunglasses every day?  besides, the team needed him.
He crawled back into bed, wishing for just a moment that he had Jean's telepathy, that he could read her mind and know if she were staying or leaving.  He held her sleeping body close to him, wondering if it would be for the last time.  "I love you," he whispered futilely.

She knew that he had chosen to stay when  he said that.  It wasn't that he normally wouldn't say it, but she just had a feeling, even without delving into his thoughts, that he was staying.  
She wanted so badly to be able to stay locked in his embrace forever, but she knew it was not to be.  She had to move on.  She was an adult now.  When she had come to Xavier's, she was a child.  Everyone she had come to love-- with the exception of Charles and Scott-- were leaving the mansion.  There was nothing left for her there.  She had nothing more to gain from the danger room.  More than anything, she was afraid that if she stayed too long she would be stuck.  She wanted to live her own life.  She leaned into Scott.  "I love you," she whispered back, not knowing if he was still awake.

And he knew then that she would be leaving.  If she could see his eyes, she would have seen them close with resignation, fear, and helplessness.  He kissed her hair, and heard her sniffle.  It didnt make it any easier on him to try and be strong, knowing that the woman he had loved for so many years was leaving and going to miss him.

yesterday i was reading one of my old X-men anthologies and that kinda came along...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 21st, 2003, 2:51pm
1st ash.. thats great!!! rock on

2nd.. ha ha very funny liv... but i much rather write stories.. so much more fun

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 25th, 2003, 9:19am
He leaped back up
Onto his brown stallion
and rode into the sunset
away from me

so im left again
to do this on my own
ive lost my knight
riding away on his roan

Im Standing here
all alone
with nothing to say
and no where to go

"loss of my knight"

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 25th, 2003, 5:37pm
her eyes burn
and her tears are hot
why is this happening again
again to her

she's gone through this
too many times
now shes forced to do it again
when she doesnt have the strength

she had thought she was done
at least for a while
done with the hurt
the pain
the heartbreak

but shes not
so let the burning tears run
down her gentle face
because this pain cant last forever

"burning tears"

yeah... so writting is better when your depressed then when your happy... at least for me.... :/

Title: Re: Writting
Post by MonkeySleepy on Nov 26th, 2003, 11:19am
Gentle sister you know that
I am the sun and you are the moon
do you not know that for every pinprick
of light in the heavens
an angel had to bleed
The world is born in misery and pain
and clouds may darken your brightest day
but only for a day
tommorow comes
stretching before us
possiblities unfolding on
the wings of a dove
I will not say dry your tears
and every silver drop to earth falls silent
on your fears, your doubts
will you not shine?
I will not say it will be better
of the future I am blind
but I will rise every day
purpose burning in my stride
I'll cross the world
and share my light
so that at night
you may still shine

I love you lots baby sister

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 26th, 2003, 5:51pm

love you too big brother

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 28th, 2003, 12:24pm
this poem was in my friend nicole's profile...its her poem, and i really liked it and found it fitting..... just figured i'd share

Tread Lightly
By Nicole D. Moquin

"I'm scared to cross this river of trust;
The stepping stones are of many sizes.
I attempted once but slipped into lust,
And now over, a new journey arises.
Do I dare attempt another chancy risk?
This river seems so rough and wide,
And if I fall again, will the water whisk
Me away with not one hope by my side?

Oh feet be solid and river calm,
For I have found courage to try once more.
Let my crossing be a victory psalm
And guide me safely to the other shore.
Do not misguide me with false steps of hope
For I have already been deceived.
Tread lightly with me oh wind of hope,
Tread lightly and I shall believe."

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Nov 29th, 2003, 1:17pm
you know my name
and im always here
just in case
you are in need of me

so dont be afraid
to call me
dont ever hesitate
to reach out to me

you know that i am here
and you got my number
you know my name
and i am always here

"always here"... dunno.. just kinda random....

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Dec 1st, 2003, 7:32am
pushing and pulling
back and forth
up and down
in and out

whats going on
i cant make up my mind
one moment im fine
the next i cant keep
the dark thoughts away

why cant things be like always
but thats not true
cause the times that are now
are like always
how things have always been for me

so maybe ill make up my mind
to be happy or sad
to stop thing revolving
around and around
how can i make it stop?

"revolving doors" (no i didnt get that from radiohead ;) )

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Dec 1st, 2003, 9:35am
They always used to tell me,
the more that things change
the more they stay the same.
As all this passes me by,
I can see how much this is true.
People come and go in my life,
very few people stay.
Yet it all seems the same to me,
all the emotions and the motions,
they don't add up as unique.
The same people fill the roles
and nothing ever changes.
Faces, places and name change,
only to protect the innocent,
but I lost mine too long ago.
Chipped away slowly,
like the shell of my sanity.
And my life continues,
around and around once more
in this vicious cycle
someone once called life.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Dec 1st, 2003, 9:37am
wow...rock on vally

Title: Re: Writting
Post by RockChica02 on Dec 1st, 2003, 9:39am
No rock on to me, rock on to you. Good stuff. (Things?)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Dec 1st, 2003, 10:09am
things defintly things..i almost wrote for you 'good stuff keep it commin' but then i decided against it for that very reason....lol

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Dec 3rd, 2003, 8:59am
So then I sit and wait for work
snow on the ground sun in the sky
Driving along I know what waits in the dark
am I really the only one who keeps asking why
I dread the day that awaits me ahead
Know I must go is the worst of them all,
all I can feel is how some how I must just fall.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Dec 3rd, 2003, 1:20pm
*dramatic pause*.... wow *does the 'w'o'w' with my fingers* you rock scott, and there is no other way to put it

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JewJewBENjupsun on Dec 4th, 2003, 2:19am
found this in my notebook

I use to wish
I use to dream and my dreams
Would be my one priortiy in life
My one meaning, my one goal
But i've gone weak
When you try and try and try
Nothing ever changes
You give up hope
Your heart gets weak
Everything goes down hill
Because that one lil' dream of urs
Was everything to you
And now that you've leveled w/ reality
You know it will never be real
You give up hope
You've gone weak
Nothing really matters
Nothing that actually counts
Your friends and family will always, but the extra things don't
Your sports,school, all your hardwork
It doesn't matter
You've gone weak You figure its nothing
No matter what you'll do
You'll never amount
So why try
Why try and dream
And figure out it will never be
Why wear down your heart
Is it actually worth the pain, agony
In your heart that you feel when you go weak?

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Dec 9th, 2003, 5:40am
i wish i knew how to sow
with needle and thread
then i wouldnt need anyones help
to sow my heart back together again

this happens all the time
i find someone
they tell me im so beautiful
special, wonderful

then after a while
they tear my heart to pieces
even if they didnt mean to
they still did

so if i had a needle and thread
and i could sow
id mend my heart back together again

then i find someone new
and they slowly bring the broken pieces back
back together
my heart is almost full again

then they tell me
im not right
they arnt ready
and it happens again

so i have to find
all of the pieces again
untill a while later
someone comes and finds me

they tell me more things
that make me so happy
things i hadnt heard in a long time
things that bring my heart back together again

then for some reason
i am still not good enough
not for them
one that i thought was perfect

he had my heart back together again
but of course it will never be full again
every time it was ripped to pieces
and i had to go pick them up
i always lost one,
my heart will never be whole again

"wish i could sow" yeah.... ive kindof been thinking of this one for a while, but here it is finished.... meh

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Mimi on Dec 9th, 2003, 9:10am
those are awesome guys...once again i am going through a dry spell..oh well

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Dec 10th, 2003, 5:26pm
as im sitting here
at my computer
thinking of what has happened

some people may blame God
but not me
he must have something more
more just for me

So ill move on
after a long time
and further down the road
ill find what God had set for me

"what he has set for me"
feeling rather peaceful at the moment.....

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Dec 13th, 2003, 6:36pm
why do tears burn so?
welling up in your eyes
they sting like nothing else
and hurt just as bad as we feel

but when they glide
gently down your face
they cool off so
in an almost refreshing way

then why is it
when the burning rises again
the tears do not come
to refresh my lonesome face

"refreshing feeling" *sigh*

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Dec 14th, 2003, 5:46am
deep way down
in a hole in the ground
moving and hiding
dodging and lying
we storm his house look again and again
we look and look and when it looks helpless
there he is grab him, and stop all his feinds
"ohhh no, they've got me ahh F*CK BEANS"
"thats right saddam your ass is mine"
now america can sleep just that much betta
casuse saddam has a hot date with a big black bubba

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Dec 14th, 2003, 7:29am

falling, floating, fluttering
down to the ground
little white snowflakes
flying down from the sky

so go outside
and stare straight up
open your mouth
and let them land on your tounge

its so beautiful
a white landscape
laying out before you

so take it all in
while you still can
before it all melts away
before your very eyes

"flying snow"
i love the snow...its so purdy

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Dec 14th, 2003, 8:37am
grrrr snow Bad

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Dec 14th, 2003, 11:56am
im sorry scott, but i dont work in it so i love it :) but you have good reason to not like it but ash thought it was purdy poem! :P

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Dec 16th, 2003, 4:01am
cold is this yearning
as I long for thee
everynight without you
seems like I'm with out me
alas the sorrow seems too much to take
and knowing the sun will rise
it will rise and the shining glow will light your face
your beauty is unmatched even by its illuminecents
for while every night the sun dissapears into the west
your beauty stays never wavering within me

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Dec 16th, 2003, 4:10am
aww scott!!! :D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by AshleytheAmateur on Dec 18th, 2003, 9:34am
scott is the best, even thoguh he refuses to believe it.

there's a blue desert sky that i may never see
breathing you in i ihave found what i need
even though it may end someday now i don't care
combing my hand through the blond in your hair

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Dec 18th, 2003, 10:12am
aww ash, that was so cute!!!

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Post by RockChica02 on Dec 18th, 2003, 10:26am
Yay! Pretty!

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Post by liv on Dec 18th, 2003, 10:42am
Nice adaptation there Ash, I think I like yours better actually!  :D

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Dec 18th, 2003, 7:28pm
"deep blue eyes" written tonite at the larkin 12/18/03

Your intense blue eyes
seem to see straight through me
so deep and pierceing
where will they stop?

How much can you see
with those deep blue eyes
what have they seen
seen in me

After all of what happened
do you still see
what you used to see
when you look in me

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Post by AshleytheAmateur on Dec 19th, 2003, 4:31am
umm spur of the moment inspiration, it's a metaphor.


Hidden in your corner
I can't be warm unless i'm right next to you, huddled close for heat
Otherwise I freeze
Blankets and my own clothes can only hold in the heat i have
They can't create it like you
And this old Victorian house's walls don't insulate too well
Hidden in your corner
I have to get up out of bed to be near you
Leaving the comfort of my security to seek something better because your warmth draws me in
Oh, how i wish i could be near you always.

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Dec 19th, 2003, 1:18pm
awww *single tear*

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Post by Magnets on Dec 30th, 2003, 3:58pm
...a story written by Kristine and Ashley in a spontaneous moment of inspiration a thursday night several weeks ago, one line at a time, passing the paper back and forth writing a line each...hehe

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Joo-Joo.  Now everyone made fun of Joo-Joo because of his name, except on Fridays when he brought them smoked ham.  Everyone loves smoked ham, didn't you know that?  Joo-Joo owned a pig farm, and he always brought leftovers.  This wasn't any ordinary pig farm, it was magical.  A sorcerer named Fredonius had bewitched it years ago.  Fredonius had an apprentice named Seoman, he enjoyed wearing earmuffs even in summer.  But he never wore socks or anything on his feet for that matter, so it was ironic that he liked earmuffs.  Anyway, Fredonius was actually at Joo-Joo's farm to curse it, but Fredonius didn't know how to.  So he ended up instead making Joo Joo's pig farm the bestest farm...ever.  Even the British said "Joo Joo's farm is the greatest farm."  And the Brits were very tough when it came to pig farms.  The blessing on Joo Joo's farm meant that all the other pig farms were doomed... DOOMED...to failyre.  All the pigs of the other farms quickly got herpes and died.  And everyone thought poor Seoman killed then, when in actuality his mind was being dontrolled by the evil dragon named Trogdor the Burninator, who hated pigs.  With a passion.  Trogdor needed to be stopped.  And Joo Joo was the chosen one to stop him.  If he didn't, he knew every last one of his pigs would be ruthlessly given herpes, a very violent and painful disease, especially for pigs.  Joo Joo began his quest to Trogdor's not-so-secret cave.  It is lovated somewhere in the sky.  The problem with finding it was Joo Joo couldn't fly.  He did have one pig that grew wings but it was only a piglet.  So he decided that he would give it to Fredonius and Seomon so they could make it bigger.  Unfortunately, he didn't remember to bring his set of earmuffs to give Seoman.  So Seoman went crazy and tore the wings off the piglet.  Which sucked, but Fredonius could put new wings on a pig.  So he did, after which he enlarged the pig to the size of a horse.  Which was big enough for Joo Joo.  Except Joo Joo didn't have a saddle.  So he sent his best piss boy, Edgeroni, to the sky on the giant pig-horse thingy so he could get a saddle.  Instead, Edgeroni rode the pig to Robert Goulet's cowvell boutique.  Which was only a little off the track.  Edgeroni spent all his money on a giant cowbell.  It didn't fit on the pig, so the pig rode on the cowbell because it was majick and it could fly.  Unfortunately, it couldn't float and they tried using it as a boat.  So the cowbell sank to the bottom of a very deep puddle that kids like to splash in on rainy days.  The pig's wings got wet and soggy, but Edgeroni was able to dry them off with his portable flame thrower that he kept in his back pocket on weekends, holidays and all throughout May.  So the pig was able to fly away.  Unfortunately the cowbell had to walk itself back to Seoman and Fredonius's place.  It was tired by the time it got there.  So it went upstairs to take a nap while Seoman tended to its cows.  You see, in the cowbell's wanderings, many cows followed it back to where it was going, because that's what cows do.  They follow cowbells and dogs.  Joo Joo was surprised to see the cowbell instead of a saddle, because cowbells were notoriously uncomfortable to ride...hard on the buttocks...but he tried anyway.  Luckily the cowbell had some padding.  That's because his mom was a sheep who always had pudding.  And he knew how to get to Trogdor.  It was a long winding road but cowbell knew a shortcut.  SO he took JooJoo there and Joo Joo stood face to face with him.  And Joo Joo totally kicked Trogdor's keester!!  Trogdor fell from the could cave and landed in a big pile of dirty, smelly clothes that were out to be incinerated.  And they incinerated Trogdor.  And Joo Joo saved his pigs.  And everyone was happy execpt Seoman, he still had herpes.  The end.

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Post by liv on Dec 31st, 2003, 3:21am
Wow, that was really beautiful.  Single tear ... ;)

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Dec 31st, 2003, 11:11am
glad you enjoyed :D

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Post by Mimi on Jan 10th, 2004, 8:27am
wipin your shoes outside the door
forgetting what you came for
Standing and looking around inside
you can see a sofa and a chair
but where are your friends,
they are not here

You sit alone in your room
talking on the phone and realizing,
they dont care, they were suppose to be staying here
but they arent, and you didnt even put up a fight

Suppose to be calling to go to lunch
it is almost time for work
how true i knew this would be the case

Those friends daring to compare with JS
But do i really care, for the most part, nah i only get to see them once a year
At least i know one of five really wanted to come over and hang out
I guess i shouldnt pout
They just sent an email out

I guess we will see what happens

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Jan 10th, 2004, 2:59pm
awww mims!!

wish i coulda been there. but alas im in NH....wooo... lol

wow, i really need to write more eh? go me

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Post by RockChica02 on Jan 10th, 2004, 5:35pm
How often I sit in a room,
talking to myself or a blank wall,
pretending that I'm talking to you.
I am comfortable around you,
I can be loud and annoying and immature,
because I know you're following the lead.
But there are some things I dred,
the truth and the emotions,
because I don't want to scare you away.
At night I stare at the ceiling,
seeing colorful quotes hanging over my head,
and I just smile to myself.
For the first time in so many years,
I wake up truly feeling happy.
Knowing I get to see you,
knowing I get to talk to you,
just the simple fact of knowing you,
makes me happier than I ever imagined.
I'm afraid of losing that,
of letting it go because of a mistake,
or a simple mis-spoken word.
I wish that I could just make you
want me as much as I want you.
You're so hard to read sometimes,
hiding behind your shield of humor,
and it makes things hard for me.
Maybe one day I'll be able to tell you
exactly how I feel...
Until then....

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Post by Mimi on Jan 11th, 2004, 7:32am
they are bad, never called, i went to work thinking about who my true friends really are, Bob for one is the coolest. Maybe i will see him in NY this summer.


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Post by NOXsucks30 on Jan 14th, 2004, 1:10pm
this is a continuation of my ongoing story...... from a while ago.....

As Lady Salmakia started twards the area where she thought her home had used to be.. she started to sift through some of the debris.  she lifted up a large torn to shreads, leaf and gasped as she saw a bright green flash, that flew up into the air and then swirled around her, it was Chevilier's dragonfly. 'how' she thought 'could this be? if his dragonfly is alive and here, he shouldn't be too far away'
whats going on... where could he be, what could have happened? there are so many questions with no apparent answers...
when out of the blue in the middle of Salmakia's pondering she felt a cruel blow to her temple, it hurt very badly for a moment before she blacked out, the last thing that she thought before she fell to the rubble 'i hope that my love is doing better than this'

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Jan 16th, 2004, 6:32am
well at the larken i had some inspiration, so here are 2 of the like 4 i wrote

At the Larken 1/15/03

Nine blocks away from me
Its right down the street
It may be a whole in the wall
With a resturant underneath

Beautiful music is played
Long into the night
Friendships are made
In the dim light

Love is Born
A new love, or a rekindled one
For something...someone
It is all found down at the Larken

now the next one is a little more...uhh morbid... but all i could think of was when my character was in battle in my trilogy, and these are basiclly his thoughts, just written out by me...lol

Battle=Hell on Earth

Have you noticed
the color of blood?
the texture?
the taste?
the touch?
It flows the same from your
    body as it does mine
So why are we doing this?
Killing those that i used
     to see everyday
They were up on their high horse
and i idolized them
Now times have changed
And we are now enemys
My sharp, stained metal sword stabbed through your flesh
when you were left open
I knew you, once
Now you're dead
But it had to be done
you came after me
After my Home
So now you're dead
what will become of your family
Now that you're gone?
I won't ever know
and now i dont want to
Battle is a crazy thing
I guess it just had to
    be done
So your Name is now in
And my home will live on
Why did you have to come
    after us?
We did no wrong
And now you are dead
And we have Won.

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Post by Mimi on Jan 16th, 2004, 10:28am
d**n that was hot

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Jan 16th, 2004, 2:07pm
tee hee

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Post by RockChica02 on Jan 17th, 2004, 10:38am
You're darn tootin' Mimi!

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Jan 21st, 2004, 11:43am
Dark was really starting to set in, and Chevilier was getting extremly tired. he decided to make camp for the night. He was debating on preparing a fire or not he wasnt really in the mood for unwanted visitors, but if his Lady was out there the fire would be a beacon for her to find him.... 'no' he decided...too risky, she'll find me, or ill find her. i cant lose her, i wont.
Just as he thought out that last thought something wizzed right over this head he ducked so he wouldnt get hit.  when he looked up, there was his Lady's dragonfly.... but where was she? he wildly looked "around and couldnt see any trace of her, so naturally he looked at her dragonfly and it was zipping in and about, this is the most excited hes ever seen Lexa. But this didnt seem like the "good" type of excited, she seemed worried, and paranoid, as much as one can tell from the expressions a dragonfly makes. so he walked to her and calmed her down a bit, after a few moments she flew off in one direction, then flew back, made a few circles and flew back in the direction she had just came back from...then it donned on him 'shes showing me the way to Salimika!!!'
Lexa flew back, and landed just long enough for the exausted Chevilier to jump on and fly off twards his Lady

as he looked up, he could see through the small patches of sky between all the trees, Orion...
"im comming my love" he whispered more for himself than anything else.

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Post by RockChica02 on Jan 21st, 2004, 11:59am
Right on, sistah!

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Jan 26th, 2004, 12:18pm
When Lady Salimika awoke, she found herself in a very dark damp place.  She could barely see anything, even with her incredible night time vision, there just seemed to be almost an absence of light. She felt around a little bit, and came to the conclusion: she was trapped. but that was kind of obvious at this point, she noticed that at least her bedding was clump of soft smushy moss. at least she'd be comfortable for a while, but only in a physical sense. All she could think of was her Chevilier, and oh his poor dragonfly. She had seen him killed the instant before she blacked out from whatever hit her on the head.  But Lexa was out searching for Chevilier, if anyone/thing could find him, she would be able to... i hope she can still find her way to me though.   just then her stomach growled tramendously. "oh i hope they bring me some food soon, i wonder when was the last time i ate...probably the last time i was with my love...."

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Post by RockChica02 on Jan 26th, 2004, 6:21pm
In the words of you guys and of Scott:


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Post by NOXsucks30 on Jan 27th, 2004, 9:06am
hahahhaha!!! good call val!

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Chevilier was becoming more and more exausted, it had been a long and terrible day. All he wanted to do was find Lady Salimika, but his eyes were closing more every tree him and Lexa passed. He finally gave in and had her stop. He could tell she was just as tired, she barely gave up a fight about resting for the remainder of the night.  They found a small groove of bushes and laid down, and promtly fell asleep, he knew the next morning they would continue the ride, and he would find his love.

When Chevilier woke up it was extremly bright, his first thought "what time is it?!" he got up and Lexa was already catching some food for the meal. But what meal, Chevilier looked up at the blinding bright sun and after a few moments he figured it was about noon time... he had slept way too much, but it was better than being exausted when he meets up with whatever has taken his Lady.  So after their meger breakfast they were off again, in the direction that Lexa was taking him, he concluded that it was west, The Forsaken Land....

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Post by RockChica02 on Jan 28th, 2004, 4:00pm
And the drama continues...

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Jan 28th, 2004, 4:10pm
hey i can write a drama if i wanna! :)

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Post by wisensmart336 on Jan 29th, 2004, 8:51pm
unquenchable is the thirst in us
deep is the hunger inside
the pain is always there
even when you don't feel it its there waiting
it is then that pain is in a remission
it is when we feel our best when nothing is wrong
when everything is as it should be and perfect
it is then that pain rears its ugly head for all to see
but its is the pain that drives us
the fear of pain allows us to continue
and it is because of the pain we experience that lets us strive for better things
Fierce is the force that drives us

"love is pain, pain is weakness leaving the body, love is weakness leavin' me."

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Post by wisensmart336 on Jan 29th, 2004, 8:56pm
unquenchable is the thirst in us
deep is the hunger inside
the pain is always there
even when you don't feel it its there waiting
it is then that pain is in a remission
it is when we feel our best when nothing is wrong
when everything is as it should be and perfect
it is then that pain rears its ugly head for all to see
but its is the pain that drives us
the fear of pain allows us to continue
and it is because of the pain we experience that lets us strive for better things
Fierce is the force that drives us

"love is pain, pain is weakness leaving the body, love is weakness leavin' me."

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Jan 30th, 2004, 8:18am
*sniff sniff* :(

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Post by AshleytheAmateur on Jan 30th, 2004, 9:46am
i love you.

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Jan 30th, 2004, 10:41am
*single tear*

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Post by MonkeySleepy on Jan 30th, 2004, 11:29am
Just not myselfish little song

I want to be the next jack johnson, or fran healy, or chris martin, or greg wood or.....
someone who uses their voice to show emotion, not just move a song along
cos that's what I am
a big ol box 'o motions
for good or bad
don't get me wrong, I'm not terribley emotional
but I live, breathe and  think emotions
They usually camp out on my face
so its not hard to express them
maybe hard to understand
to cypher past the masks
but it comes out like a wound
my toungue is poor, it twists and writhes to shape that which would come forth uninhibited
like these awkward feet keep me from running as fast as I can
there is a break in comunication from my heart to my head
they didn't get the memo
so casual friday rolls around I'm stuck with what I wore yesterday
so I'll sing, tie oh so straight
oh so straight
of what it's like to be in different clothes from different days, in a different life
where these emotions flow like the milk and honey-I love you but I'm just not myself today
just not myself anyway

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Jan 30th, 2004, 11:57am

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Feb 1st, 2004, 11:58am
skipping a beat 1/30/04

my heart isnt even beating anymore
cause every time i think of you
my heart starts to skip

its so wonderful to feel this way
but at the same time, its just as scary
because any other time ive felt similar to this
my heart has been broken

so whats going to happen?
i havnt a clue
maybe ill just continue
To talk with you

wrote it at ashes last nite.... ::)

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Post by RockChica02 on Feb 1st, 2004, 12:11pm
Awwww! :D

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Feb 5th, 2004, 5:41am

;D :) :D::)

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Post by RockChica02 on Feb 5th, 2004, 10:16pm
Oh there she goes again!!! :)

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Post by AshleytheAmateur on Feb 9th, 2004, 10:43am
i wrote this over the past couple days with a certain un-phil-spectored version of a beatles song in my head.

The long and winding road that has led me this far
Brings me out into the light after darkness has paled me
Now i'm in plain sight again instead of hiding among stars.
The gold and sparkling light that will lead me among
Heroes and legends of old so i can follow in their footsteps
Adorning my crown with tales they've spun and songs they've sung
Many times i fell away
Many times i slowed in patches of grey
There were times the coulds' heights
Cut me off from the sustaining sunlight
And still i found my way on my own through the dark
By the voice ahead of me singing to this wayward one
But the scrapes that i endured still leave lasting marks.
Still you find me here in the sun walking on
To see what awaits me in the winding road ahead
And if you think i've left you here, i've never truly gone
Wait for me, I'll be around
Follow me over the frozen ground
There are times that lie ahead
For you and me, places we're to be led
ON the long and winding road that has led to where we are
We may flourish, we may fail but we can't see the road ahead
It may lead us together to our home, lead me to our door.

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Feb 13th, 2004, 2:18pm
Busy Days 2/12/04

running all around
too many things
in so many directions
so much to do
i just need some time
time to calm down
to get away from it all
so come back to me
take me away from all this
so i can just rest
from all this mess

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Post by AshleytheAmateur on Feb 15th, 2004, 4:15pm
wicked long stream of consciousness piece about love and music

Rich chords--deep bass notes, graceful dischordant pulses and a common tone remaining consistent throughout--form a beautiful cacophony.  I have a feeling they're chords I've heard before because there are only so many varieties you can get combining third on third with an occasional 2 interval between noted.,  But I feel quite certain I could never play these on my guitar.  Sometimes I feel like I've dreamt these chords, this song before, the way I feel like I've dreamt about the moments I've shared with you.  There's a strange familiarity.  Whne the atoms split and the chords break into my future memories, it's like the glass shattering when your hands break through into my senses.  Snow's falling down outside and some couples will get to enjoy the magical romance that comes along with a precipitated Valentine's Day.  Instead of enjoying it, I can only think of you looking up at the same beautiful sky and cursing it.  For tonight, at this show, I'm just one of many singular faces in this crowd who aren't with anyone.  When she ends a song on e minor 2 like that, it leaves it feeling open and yet to be finished.  I wonder how the song that is you will end-- on a perfect authentic cadence the way the music department says you're supposed to end them, the conventional white picket fence marriage between perfect thirds?  Or on a beautiful, horrible minor 2 or unresolved V7 that the music department can't stand to call music because it's so far from what they would care to write?  I wonder what your melody will be.  After a year with you, it's too soon to tell much but that it's far from usual & an epic fluctuating in parts from major to minor.  It's something of a daydream.  Maybe people will sing along someday the way they do when they know something well.  Maybe it's just something fleeting, no more than black dots on a page destined for a fireplace.  Maybe it'll be a longing tune, lovely and brokenhearted only because it had to end on an unresolved seventh.  Maybe it will turn out how I want it to--maybe the conventions set in place by Scottish monks and German pianists will mix together in an unconventional way (nothing involving you or I could ever be completely conventional) and I'll n ever have to finish it.  But I'm a writer, an artist-- I can't decide where my creation leads me.  It has a will of its own.  The chords place themselves under my fingers, the appogiaturas jump onto the keys all by themselves.  You are merely the impetus and I am just a hopelessly romantic composer.  I can't control how it all turns out.  All i know is that right now this song is in a lovely grotesque wonderfully conflicted aria, the intensity of which I have never created before.  And I, the contralto vocalist involved in a contradance between writing and performing the aria, can't even fully express the song--especially not alone.  As the song goes on and my voice matures and warms up, fluid mellismas and rigid vocalises will finally have some direction.  From the audience, you'll always watch me, I know.  It's only a matter of time before you understand that this song will never finish until you start singing along.  At last, you will find your instrument and learn to play, joining me onstage.  And our voices will unite to create a brilliant harmonic that we can't even imagine now when we're just singing along to the radio.  Someday we'll know our ending--when it changes from being two separate songs (yours and mine) to being one . our song. I can't get it out of my head--it's like a dream i know will come true.  Rich chords--deep bass, graceful loving repetitions and one common tone remaining constant throughout are a beautiful cacophony.

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Feb 20th, 2004, 1:50pm
who the f needs it?
apparently not me

im running on one hour
that i gathered in class
where else would i get it?

so here i am
sitting dazed and tired
in front of my computer
with a blank, bored look on my face

untill you came to talk to me

i have no clue.... just basiclly what happened today... lol "one hour sleep"

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Post by AshleytheAmateur on Feb 22nd, 2004, 2:21pm
... this is continuations of a character that i've brought up on here before...

She got off the bus and started waslking up the one-way street.  It was going up a hill and the sidewalk was icy.  The bus had dropped her on the right side of the street, and after about twenty strides she took an extra effort to go out of her way and get to the other side of the street.  She climbed over the snowdrifts on both sidewalks, finally starting to walk on the left side.  The right side was next to the college campuses.  The left, unlit sidewalk passed by lots of darkened alleys and alcoves.  She quickened her step, knowing that someone was approaching and would soon be in view of her.  She darted into one of the alleys just as someone came towards her at the top of the hill.

It was a female, in college probably, and the fear showed in how she walked.  Why'd you go by yourself, kid? she asked her silently.  Don't you know the streets aren't safe?  For a moment she was almost sympathetic.

The girl must have seen her crossing in front of her and made her own efforts to cross the street, utilizing the safety of the brightly lit campus buildings.  The huntress smiled to herself.  Honey, nothing can protect you from me.  She watched the girl make sideways glances at her alley as she approached, knowing something was there but hoping it had gone away.

It hadn't.

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Post by AshleytheAmateur on Feb 22nd, 2004, 2:23pm
hmmm... oddly the last couple posts don't show up unless you hit reply and then scroll down...

:) nevermind!

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Feb 23rd, 2004, 5:45pm
i just had random inspiration, and i wrote this, its kinda a poem/song cause its got like a chorus... but yeah

I cant concentrate with or without you
Everytime i try to do something
you are right there
on my mind

now ive got a small problem
im not sure on what to do
and im not positive on how to tell you

but i cant concentrate with or without you
everytime i try to do so
you are always right there
occuping my mind

So nothing is getting done
but when does it ever?
so ill go and try harder
to get some work done
Though i know its not going to do any good

because i cant concentrate with or without you
everytime i try
you are constantly there
occuping my mind

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Post by AshleytheAmateur on Feb 23rd, 2004, 5:56pm

i wrote this one at open mic last week.

Don't look at me like that when I walk by
I've never felt insecure except beneath your eyes
With a stare that says more than words could display
I"d choose the words over the stare any day

In your eyes I could be a model, a starlet, a one-night stand
If I were lucky maybe you'd be my man
All we are is skin, don't watch me like that please
I'm not what you'd want me to be

I hate to feel your eyes run me over
From my knees up to my shoulders
Above and below but never very far beyond
MOlding the image to make it what you want

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Post by princess on Feb 23rd, 2004, 7:37pm
i am terrible
at writing, and yet i can
construct a haiku


Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Feb 23rd, 2004, 10:21pm
I really liked your poem ash i think it could be lyrics to a song  

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Post by Ben on Feb 24th, 2004, 12:35am

  hey, what's the haps, guys?  i've been writing some poetry lately on some of our long bus rides... (this is a great string with some nice stuff on it, by the way... Ashley, i really liked your last poem from open mic) here's one i wrote the other day about long hours spent building a house:

building into night

looking up
he sees the crescent moon
of her shoulder
backlit by outdoor lamps
she stirs the sand, lime and water
as he wipes his face
dust is caked to his cheekbones
and fingernails etch canyons
in the desert that covers his body
they're building a house of stone
into the night they keep working
great rivers meander down their hands
and between fingers
grappling in the shadows, heaving rocks
winged comets plunge toward the lanterns
walls rise in the darkness
they are two titans
as big as planets
inexhaustible creators building
their palace in heaven

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Post by liv on Feb 24th, 2004, 4:08am
That poem kills me, babe.  I LOVE it.  :-*

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Post by liv on Feb 24th, 2004, 4:10am
Ash, I agree, that last poem was excellent.  

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Post by ooohbbbbenny on Feb 24th, 2004, 9:32am
I wrote a poem about a month ago but I don't know what to title it...

Everytime I see you
my feelings start to grow
I really think I love you
I hope it doesn't show
I'm not sure if I should tell you
cause of how you may react
But what I'm really hoping
is that you say you love me back
I wish that I was braver
and could tell you how I feel
Everyday I sit and wonder
if what I feel inside is real
As what I feel inside grows stronger
I hope we never drift apart
Cause I know that you will be
forever in my heart

Any suggestions on a title???

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Post by liv on Feb 24th, 2004, 9:35am
The title should be the name of your crush!  ;)

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Feb 24th, 2004, 10:12am
you guys all rock

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Post by AshleytheAmateur on Feb 24th, 2004, 5:40pm
thanks guys... yeah i was actually going to make it into a song...

i wrote this one this afternoon for my scottie :)

One full revolution the earth has spun
Now we've come full circle about the sun
Today's the last day of a revolutionary year
And we've only just begun
Since the day loneliness disappeared

I've spent a year trying to make you happy
     And you'll say that i've won that game
Since you entered my life I know that
     Nothing will be the same
I've let my world revolve around you
I can't believe I"ve actually found you
I've said I want a revolution and now I know my world has changed


We've spent a year trying to change each other
    Into who we've wanted to be
Instead of that, our ideals have changed
    to encompass what we see
You've let my world enclose you
So your brightness shows through
You've said you want a revolution and instead you found me


Seasons have changed and our motives rearranged
but still we find our way back to each other
Rotations have formed a revolution that's been born
If we're lucky we'll endure another

One full revolution we've caused to spin
Coming full-circle, it's still unclear if we'll win
Tomorrow's the beginning of a new revolution
we've still yet to begin...

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Post by RockChica02 on Feb 24th, 2004, 5:42pm
Rock on Ash!!! I like that one.

And I like Kristine's too... times four!

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Post by AshleytheAmateur on Feb 24th, 2004, 5:42pm
PS Ben that one rocked, i really liked the imagery.

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Post by liv on Feb 25th, 2004, 3:36am
That was really nice, Ash.  A really creative way to celebrate a one-year anniversary.  Ben would really love the astronomical approach.  ;)  (Did you guys like his poem above?  I thought it was really good!)

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Post by AshleytheAmateur on Feb 25th, 2004, 5:09pm

yeah ben's was really awesome.

(i like kristine's times 2 times whatever you like it!  in other words..

Ash's Approval = A
Val's Approval= V


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Post by LeahbugLuvsJS on Feb 26th, 2004, 1:43am
Great poem Ben. And everyone else. I wish I could write, but oh well!

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Post by RockChica02 on Feb 26th, 2004, 3:32am
V = 4A

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Post by Ben on Feb 26th, 2004, 4:31am

Man, there's so much good stuff on this string.... i just read a whole bunch of it!  What a thoughtful group of people ya'll are... all you guys!  boy am i sleepy... oh no, I'm going to write my masterwork, ready?
here goes....

i got my self a new computer
it's really fun to use
but when i stay up till 9:00am
I tend to loose some snooze...es..?
I'm sleeping on my buddy's couch
way down in New Orleans
I still smell a bit like Mardi Gras
'cause I'm wearing the same jeans
we had a few days off
so I haven't used a razor
bet if i asked a girl the time
she'd probably use a tazor
hahaha..!!!  I'm a genius!!!

 wow... that's enough of that ...
... hey, i just put up a video i edited
from tour - it's in the visuals section if you wanna check it out
goodnight everyone!  zzzzzzzzzz.........

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Post by RockChica02 on Feb 26th, 2004, 4:37am
Haha, awwwwwesome! I was talking about tazors yesterday, how ironic.

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Post by liv on Feb 26th, 2004, 6:33am
I believe the word we're all looking for is taser, which does rhyme with razor but doesn't look the same.  (Casey, back me up on this, you're the spelling commander and I'm your first lieutenant.)  Ben, I hope no one attacks you with a stun gun for being stinky.  :-*

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Post by Casey on Feb 26th, 2004, 7:11am
You're absolutely right Liv, but thanks for the authority.

Speaking of razors, I'm sure Aaron is as bad as Ben, except it's on the top of his head!  I told him he had to cut his hair before spring break or I wouldn't come out there.

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Post by Casey on Feb 26th, 2004, 7:16am
OK, since everyone else is adding to this string, I will too.  Let me pull something out from way back...some of you will be able to relate to this:

"Long Distance"

Technology keeps us in touch,
but it also keeps us guessing...
keeps the void alive.
I want to declare my love to you darling,
but not now
not like this.
Not through plastic circuits and wires,
miles of empty air.
Our palms must meet,
my eyes to match the green of yours,
my lips, the heat.
Your ear is not a speaker next to my mouth
And until you emergy, butterfly,
from this technological abomination
lying on my bed in place of you,
the words will remain
swallowed by my heart.

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Post by liv on Feb 26th, 2004, 8:58am
Oooooooh, that was really good!  Too bad I don't have a creative bone in my body or I would add something too.  I'm glad to bask in all of your creativity.

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Feb 27th, 2004, 5:39am
i wrote this in my religion class... just random inspiration...

Breathing you In

breathing you in
anytime you are near
taking any part of you with me
that i can hold dear

i dont want to leave yet
dont make me go
i want to stay, to take as much of you in as i can
before you go away

so stay a little longer
please dont leave yet
let me breath you in
to take you away with me

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Post by RockChica02 on Feb 27th, 2004, 8:46am
Awesomely awesome! Two thumbs up!

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Post by AshleytheAmateur on Mar 19th, 2004, 5:48am
dang this thread hasn't been touched since before i went to scotland!! i'll be the first to resuscitate it.  last night at open mic i was writing up a storm... i added 8 or so pages to my current story and then wrote a couple little things, one of which is this:

Leap from the tower

And so it came to pass that for the first time in my life i felt like i'd found him.  I leaned out my balcony window for the longest time, hoping that this prince would be The prince, and waiting for him to climb my hair.  Waiting for it to grow was an ordeal in itself.  Frustrated, I wanted him to make it work.  Why hadn't he brought a ladder?  It wasn't until later that I realized a truth: that for him to go find a means to climb my stone tower would mean for him to leave me alone.  Even though it would only be a short while, he didn't want to be without me for any period of time.  So, instead of waiting for hair to grow as a means to bring us together, I jumped.  I never thought I'd do it for anyone, no matter what prince it was.  But since he wasn't willing to leave me and golden hair takes too long to grow, I couldn't wait any longer.  I leapt from the tower of my security to reach him because i saw that unlike the others, he wasn't going away.  The rest, upon seeing my tower and the difficulty involved in reaching me, had just walked away.   But this one was different.  We fell in love.  So I jumped to reach him.  It was the only way to be near him.  The fall was scary but i never hit the ground because he caught me.  I fell right into his arms, so h e bore the shock of the impact, not me.  And now that we've reached the ground, I finally feel that I've found the one I'll be with forever.  I didn't think I'd know what this felt like, but knowing that it's the back of his horse that we're riding down the road to his castle feels like somehting in itself.  And i think, for the first time, i know where i'm going.  wherever anything else in my life goes, I'm riding with him.

i love you scott :)

disclaimer: for those of you who may find this piece cheesy and think i should stop being a chick because you've never had anything as good as what i have, i'm NOT SORRY!  

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Mar 19th, 2004, 9:55am
*wipes tear*

ash you are simply awsome (and a really good writer) :D

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Post by AshleytheAmateur on Mar 26th, 2004, 9:26pm
why are you so far away? i need you here
i've never been this alone
why do you work so late? i need to hear you
even if it's just over the phone
but i'm all by myself once again and i'm lost
here without you comtemplating the cost
hopeless and empty, i don't know what to do
i'm locked out of my house and i'm alone without you

why are you so far away? i need you here
and i've never been this alone
why do you work so late? i need to hear your voice
even if it's just over the phone
i just need someone to talk to who'll hold me close
out of everyone i love, i need you the most
i'm tired and lonely, blistered by my shoes
i'm locked out of my house and i'm alone without you

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Post by AshleytheAmateur on Mar 26th, 2004, 9:26pm
p.s. i love you.

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Post by AshleytheAmateur on Mar 26th, 2004, 9:52pm
my second poem in about 20 minutes.

i don't want to disappear
from your memories so keep me here
i don't want to fade away
like everything else that turns to grey
these times we have now are all we've got
and i don't want to be left behind
you're more than anything i could want, so i thought
i want to hold you forever in my mind
to see your face even after i've gone blind
i don't want to be forgotten
like the smell of something washed out of cotton
i don't want to be a memory
of something gone, no longer contemporary
what i have with you now is all that's real
and i don't want you to disappear
the wounds run deep that only time can heal
but all that matters is that despite any fear
you've still always been here

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Frosty the Spoo Rancher on Mar 26th, 2004, 10:36pm
Here's a poem for ya'll. It's called "Jet Black and the Three Angry Scots Enjoy.

Here sit I, half asleep: half empty,
In that place where dreams are woven.
An adventure, of every audible image is born.
A knock on wood.
A knock on wood.
I, dreaming, at the table lounge.
Reality, against my sanction, with fantasy melds.
Three dwarves, four lacked.
Into the room tumble they.
They shove, they push, with clubs they beat each other.
They shout in unknown tongue, but their burr I recognize.
They are Scotch.
Pensively, one eyes me.
He runs. He leaps. His club swings he.
His aim sure is, his bludgeon on my forehead lands.
A sound like wood on wood.
A sensation like rubber on skull.
With heavy brogue, three words speaks he:
“Tag! Ye’re it!”

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Post by wisensmart336 on Apr 10th, 2004, 9:25pm
making its triumphent return from page 2 (slackers)
the writing thread.

I have lived through my spring
and thrived in my summer
I have loved my fall,
while reluctantly accepting winter
I have watched the golden sun rise
and the orange sunset
I've lived in rainbows that strech forever
and basked in the falling drops
I have enjoyed the flakes as they flutter
and warm nights by the fireplace
I have lived but a short life thus far
loving the highest highs
loathing the lowest lows
wanting to stay; saying goodbyes
everyone thinks and no one knows
I'm lucky though it doesn't feel like it
there are many less fortunate
and many less happy
so at the end of the night
I lay with the darkness
when all are asleep
and no knows I'm here
I stay with the nothing
with no one  to hear me
as I scream silently
the loudest scream you've never heard
I lay there alone  
afraid of nothing
afraid of everything.

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Post by Ashley on Apr 11th, 2004, 5:56pm
wow. a triumphant return by the man who started it all... rock on.

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Apr 12th, 2004, 1:55pm
awsome scott

and sorry im such a slacker, but im a little swamped at the moment with all the crap i have to do for school.... sorry

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Post by Ashley on Apr 13th, 2004, 8:19am
Anchor's Away

you've always been the solid rock on which i stand
But now you're far away
And i wonder if i'm even on dry land
Or drifting out to some faraway sea
As the chains erode away that once held you to me
In the middle of an ocean I'm lost
The undertow pulls me out farther
As over the waves I'm bounced and tossed
This tiny b oat has lost its crew
And everything that kept me close to you
You've always been my anchor, my solid certainty
But now I can't navigate
And the dry land is farther away than i can see
Sandbars and shoals give me falso hopes and pride
but are quickly washed away by the tide
All hands on deck, for this ship is bound to sink
It may be faster if i just dive in
Without having time to think
Thel ine that's tied to my anchor has snapped
Leaving nothing but the salty sea intact.

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Post by Casey on Apr 13th, 2004, 8:32am
Ok, since you're all posting sad, lamentable "I miss my boyfriend" poems, I suppose I'll join in.  I actually wrote this one a few weeks ago when I was on tour with the guys.  It just made me think that I can still be lonely even when I'm with him because he's got his own separate sphere of things to do.

"Tour Song"
I'm looking forward to myself
A test of will and strength of
eons I've been left alone
gaping at a mile-wide parking lot,
a mile-wide parking lot...
unfolding to the trees,
thin and regal, green with needles
prickling my throat,
and catching thoughts that float above it,
wash it down with hope,
But the light will never reach you,
no, my light will never reach you.
Still looking forward to myself
A test of will and strength of
eons I've been left alone
gaping at a mile-wide parking lot,
a mile-wide parking lot...
A race across the concrete,
glitter and gold will not drop it,
shiver and cold could not stop it
But the light will never reach you,
no, my light will never reach you.
Right next door, on the floor
mornings temperature does not care,
barely unaware
Hypnotic melodies of the road,
slowly oversold
I'm cold and can't grow old like this, so
I'm looking forward to myself
A test of will and strength of
eons I've been left alone --
turned to stone and how I've grown,
gaping at a mile-wide parking lot,
a mile-wide parking lot...

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Post by LolaJane on Apr 13th, 2004, 9:11am
now that is awesome.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Casey on Apr 13th, 2004, 9:15am
Thanks!  (I'll assume you were talking to me)

And by the way, if down the road, Aaron ever comes out with a song that has those lyrics, he stole it from me.  Well, I mean, he borrowed the words from me, although I told him he could do something with it if he wanted to.

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Post by liv on Apr 13th, 2004, 10:17am
Take credit where credit's due, girl!  That was really good!  I liked Ash's seafaring metaphors too.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on Apr 13th, 2004, 12:15pm
that was awesome casey.  I've done the same thing with some of scott's poems-- put them to music because it's harder to do with my own words, i don't know why. sometimes i'll just look at something someone else wrote and hear it sung in my mind.

oh and my last one wasn't an i miss my boyfriend poem, just the two before it were.

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Apr 13th, 2004, 12:27pm
spending time with you
is time like nothing else
everything is surreal,
and everything is you

i never want it to end
the time is so wonderful
just as wonderful as you
so dont let this end
before i have a chance to say
i love you

short and sweet.... "time with you"
(yes i know ive been slacking with my writting, gimmie a break im wicked busy)

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Apr 16th, 2004, 12:07pm
i wrote this during my religion class.... just inspiration cause my boyfriend didnt believe me when i said that when most people see him they think hes a cutie

How is it that you cannot see?
Its something really quite obvious
To a girl like me
And i think that most people would agree

Its something about you
That really is quite great
But thats not a good way to say it
Because you are in everyway great

I just hope you will understand
What all the rest of us can already see
Just how cute you can really be

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Post by Ashley on Apr 20th, 2004, 9:07pm
I wanna be Uma Thurman when I grow up
I wanna kick ass, I wanna learn kung fu
When I have parties, the media will show up
and I will never run out of things to do.

It must be nice to have so many friends
I bet it rocks to know rob reiner
It must be nice to be so attractive
I’ve never seen a chick look finer.

I wanna be Uma Thurman when I grow up
I wanna get nominated for awards
I wanna have so much money that I can donate
To charities whenever I get bored.

It must be nice to be Uma Thurman
I bet it rocks to be in movies
It must be nice to have admirers
And for people to think that you’re groovy

I wanna be Uma Thurman when I grow up
I wish I dropped out of high school at 15
I wanna have parents who know famous artists
I wanna become an action movie queen.

I wanna hang out with Quentin Tarantino
I wanna be credited as somebody’s muse
I want people to say that I’m so gorgeous
whenever they see my face in previews.

It must be nice to be famous like her
It must be nice to be adored
It must be nice to be in Rolling Stone
And to learn how to use a sword

I wanna be Uma Thurman when I grow up
I wanna be in Kill Bill Volume three
I wanna beat up so many chicks I lost count
But to not have a conscience that will bother me
And I want everyone else to sit and think
To wonder what it’s like to be me

a little ditty i came up with this morning while lamenting the fact that i am not, indeed, uma thurman.

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Post by Ashley on Apr 20th, 2004, 9:07pm

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Apr 21st, 2004, 8:30am
ash=the bomb

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Post by Ashley on Apr 26th, 2004, 10:41am
i wrote a little songety song this weekend when i was muchly afraid of my scottie leaving me here.  I guess it's more driven by the melody, so the words by themselves aren't that great but it's there anyway.

If you go away, it will be four weeks ere i see you again
And then for just two days on your holiday before you're sent off again
I'm not really one for rushing into things,
And i know you're not one for buying diamond rings,
But darling, if you join the airforce, will you marry me?

How many times have we had this talk?
You always set 30 as the number.
I love you more than I love rock
So please don't make me sit and wonder
If the wait will pull me under


A year ago i wouldn't have cared, a year ago you could have left me here
And I'd have found somebody new
You'd have gone off to save some lives, maybe meeting future wives
But then I fell in love with you
Leaving just one more thing to do


This may be a sad proposal, sometimes i'm not good with words
I know at 20 the thought of marriage is more than a bit absurd
but i love you...

(chorus again)

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Apr 26th, 2004, 1:59pm
awww single tear :*(

okay this poem i wrote today in my american urban studies class... we were watching a video on immagration and this poem was inspired by this quote  during the film "the jew of all countries kisses his wife and children like he has all the kisses in the world and intended to use them all up quick"

All my Kisses 4/26/04

Leaving you is so hard
I never want to go
I wish we never had to part
Please say it isnt so

But I know I must leave
To get other things done
But i can only leave
Because i know i will see you again

And when i find you again
I will leap into your arms
And give you all the kisses in the world
Just one at a time

im not too keen on the ending.... but thats what it is at the moment

Title: Re: Writting
Post by liv on Apr 27th, 2004, 7:21am
No, I like the ending.  The idea of giving all the kisses in the world, one at a time ... that's romantic.  :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Apr 27th, 2004, 7:25am
aww thanks liv!!! my boyfriend liked it too ::)

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Post by Ashley on May 3rd, 2004, 8:14am
in digging around in my desk and getting rid of stuff i don't need, i found this poem written on a piece of register tape... i wrote it at work last year.

I'm tired as the creaky drawer in front of me
I open it and it doesn't want to wake up
slowly, reluctantly, i follow it with my eyes
that want to close as quickly as i slam the drawer shut again
But i'm glad it's slow-- despite the inconvenience
because it matches my mood
change rattling tiredly in the slots
like the changes sifting in my mind.
I'm tired as this cash register drawer in front of me
Thet's been working all day and just wants to close again
Sleepy bills faded and worn
Like all my daydreams

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on May 3rd, 2004, 12:43pm
thats really cool... great analogy

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on May 4th, 2004, 7:11pm
In my Dreams

At night when i'm lonely i see you in my mind
And I watch for you;
And I wait for you.
At night when I miss you and I feel left behind--
I'm waiting for you all the time.
At night when I listen to hear what you will say,
I want to hear
The things that I fear.
At night when I see you I just want you to stay
But I hide my fears day after day.
I could take all these things and say them to your face
But then I'd start to feel so out of place.
I could ask you what you think, if you feel the same
But i can't wrap my lips around your name.
At night when I'm lonely I see you in my dreams
Waiting for me,
Smiling with me;
Things beyond my vision aren't always what they seem
Waiting for me in my dreams...

just some musings to the tune of a song i wrote back in high school...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Casey on May 4th, 2004, 7:25pm
We fill our lives up in these walls...
I don't know

but now I'm packing them all up into boxes...
for someone

I just want to be with you...forever
I don't know...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on May 19th, 2004, 10:09am
it can be so lonely out here
in the boonies of New Hampshire
there is so little to do
in so much time

everyday i am searching
for things to do
when i have no energy
to get them done

why cant i be just where i want to be
be with the ones i want to be with
instead i am stuck out here
with no one anywhere near

"in the boonies"

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on May 27th, 2004, 5:39am
theres only a few days left
till i get to see my love again
but how will these days go?
all i know is extremely slow

all i want is to be with him
to spend time in his arms
with no one to but in

So i will continue to move along
in this extremely boring land
just counting down the days
till i get to see my love again

"slow summer days"

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on May 28th, 2004, 5:49pm
knife cut blade
pale clean skin
bringing out the tyrant within
slice rip tear
open wound
gradual flow of something new
something to do
how many times do i get shot down
how many people actually stick around
when this is over what more will i see
than scratchmarks and cuts all over me
cold warm scab
dry empty skin
bringing to light my passion of sin
heals so slow
slice again on me
to control this therapy
how many times...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on May 28th, 2004, 5:49pm
...oops!.... double posted.

Title: Mods!
Post by Guest on May 30th, 2004, 7:34pm
Can a mod please fix the spelling error in this thread's subject header?  This is a very popular thread that is frequently at the top of the board.  It is very off-putting to see all this beautiful writing in a "writting" thread.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on May 31st, 2004, 12:49pm
"writting" is a part of the culture now... granted, scottie can't spell very well and it's a mistake, but this thread has been up for a year and a half, and nobody's complained about it since it first started.  

thanks for calling our writing beautiful though :)

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Post by NOXsucks30 on Jun 1st, 2004, 4:41am
ash your poem....wow......just.....wow

Title: Re: Writting
Post by liv on Jun 1st, 2004, 6:45am
I think Ash is right.  I would change it but it's sort of become part of the identity of the thread.  Scott was teased back when the thread was first started, but the name stuck.  

However, I'm open - do people really want to change it?

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on Jun 1st, 2004, 9:00am
i wrote this one at work the other day... it seems kind of dr seussical now when i go back and read it, but i think it gets the point across...

The Joyful Israelite

There's a joyful Israelite in the hall
Whosings John Lennon and whistles Jim Morrison
Sings Freddie Mercury, he sings them all
But some people wish he'd take his joy far from the mall.

The joyful Israelite in summer sings
The music he shares with the soap he brings
With salt from the Dead Sea he peddles his wares
And his voice echoes down the hall, up the stairs.

There's a jovial man in our hallway
Who sings from his kiosk and seeks customers
I speak to him almost every day
H ecalls me things like "sweetie girl" and for once, I think it's ok.

There's a happy Israeli who sings by our door
Who makes me smile when I see him
But some people don't like him by our store
And as for customers, he could always use more.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Jun 3rd, 2004, 5:57am

the moon is low and yellow
full of hope
it will soon rise to white and blue
full of passion
as the sunrises the moon will disappear
full of woe
but the moon will rise again as it always does
full of longing
knowing that you are gazing at the moon as do I
full of love
someday we will be gazing togther only to sigh and walk away from the moon.
full of hope for the days to come
full of passion burning for eachother inside
full of woe of days long past without eachother
full of longing for the future bright and gleaming
full of love for always and forever.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by liv on Jun 3rd, 2004, 7:36am
What a poetic couple you two are.  Those were both really good.  I feel like I've watched your poetry evolve over the last couple years and you have both become excellent poets.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Jun 3rd, 2004, 10:45am
first off...both ash and scott... great poems... 2... writting just fits.... i even made a cover for it for ashley :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on Jun 6th, 2004, 4:14pm
thanks liv!  I just kinda went all chick-mode just then... scottie hardly writes me poems but when he does they're amazing.

i love my scottie
because he's quite the hottie
and sometimes naughty
he has a nice body.

i love my honey
he's pretty funny
he sometimes gives me money
and makes the days more sunny.

i love my goofamaball
he's cooler than kids in the hall
we always have a ball
and when he has to leave we stall.

i love my scottie
he's quite the hottie.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by JewJewBENjupsun on Jun 10th, 2004, 3:19am
hey all...here is a sad one....


I use to wish
I use to dream and my dreams
Would be my one priortiy in life
My one meaning, my one goal
But i've gone weak
When you try and try and try
Nothing ever changes
You give up hope
Your heart gets weak
Everything goes down hill
Because that one lil' dream of urs
Was everything to you
And now that you've leveled w/ reality
You know it will never be real
You give up hope
You've gone weak
Nothing really matters
Nothing that actually counts
Your friends and family will always, but the extra things don't
Your sports,school, all your hardwork
It doesn't matter
You've gone weak
You figure its nothing
No matter what you'll do
You'll never amount
So why try
Why try and dream
And figure out it will never be
Why wear down your heart
And hopes like that
Juss for sorry
Is it actually worth the pain, agony
In your heart that you feel when you go weak?

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on Jul 15th, 2004, 3:38pm
kind of fictional, i made this up today.

They rode in, 6 of them, on the backs of horses.  The crowd, made up of hundreds of people, locals and otherwise, watched with as much intensity as if the reenactment were actually happening.  It was as if, for those moments, the entire town had been transported back the hundred and thirty years that separated them from the events that were being acted out.
A couple entered and exited the bank, and then-- "Get your guns, boys, they're robbing the bank!"  Gunfire.  It was a big event.  For the town of Northfield, Minnesota, there are really only three things that make it noteworthy against any other midwestern farming town:  The Malt-o-Meal factory, the pleasant fumes of which can be detected for miles on a humid day; the two colleges, Carleton and St. Olaf; and Jesse James.  Almost an icon of the town, ironically, the bandit had his last stand here in Northfield when he was shot robbing the First National Bank on what is now Division Street.
Several men on both sides fell to the ground "dead" in the reenactment.  Not appearing today is Joseph Heywood, the bank teller who refused to let the James-Younger Gang have the funds they demanded.  For the occasion is an outdoor event, and Heywood defended -- to his own death-- the bank indoors.  
After the gunfire and Clint Eastwood-like western scene is finished, the James Gang got back up on their horses, to the cheers of the audience who stand and sit on the sidewalks, spilling over into Bridge Square.  The bandits rode down the block and back around by the river, and up past the square to more applause.  The riders smiled and waved, laughing and talking with each other.  "And that's only the first one," one commented to the other, referring to the later Jesse James days the following month.
"Well, it isn't on the top 5 reenactments in the country for nothing!" another one replied.
After riding off into the sunset and inclimate weather, one of the younger members of the Gang tied up his horse outside a very particular restaurant toward the edge of the downtown.  Still in costume, still acting in character, he stepped in like John Wayne, kicking open the door.  "This is a hostage situation," he declared to the occupants.  He got the attention of most of them, some of whom played along, some of whom laughed.  One of them, with her back to the door and a glass of water on her table, was too wrapped up in the book she was reading to notice.  Either that, or she chose not to.  When she felt a blunt object against the back of her head, her first instinct was panic, until "Excuse me, Ma'am, I'm gonna have to ask you to come with me."  She supressed a smile and feigned fear.  Putting her hands up, she stood.  "Whatever you say," she said, facing him.
Putting one arm around her waist and keeping his gun raised to the air with the other, he backed out of the restaurant.  "Nobody make any funny moves," he said on his way out.
Once outside, he hoisted the captive up onto his horse, then climbed up behind her.  He held her close to him as he drove the horse back out to the outskirts of town, through the cornfields in the dimming twilight.  Then the bandit leaned in and kissed her on the top of her head.  She smiled, tipped her head back and said, "I love you, even when you're the bad guy."

Title: Re: Writting
Post by val on Jul 20th, 2004, 8:21am
isnt writing spelled with one t? i enjoy writing poems and short stories... its a shame they all suck

Title: Re: Writting
Post by liv on Jul 20th, 2004, 8:35am
It is indeed spelled with one t, but the person who started this thread very long ago accidentally put two t's in there, and since we are all fond of him we let his mistake slide by.  Eventually the mistake became accepted and beloved by all the "writters" on this forum.  :)

P.S. I bet your stuff doesn't suck.  If you enjoy writing, how can it be bad?  

Title: Re: Writting
Post by val on Jul 20th, 2004, 8:45am
:-* thanks for the little info. im kinda new as you can tell

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Casey on Jul 21st, 2004, 8:04pm
Oh man, new Val, for a minute there when I read your thread that says "too bad they all suck" - I thought you were referring to the writing on this thread!!!  I was more than taken aback, to say the least!  But I get it now, sorry for the misunderstanding.  Anyway, as I told Aaron just today (about starting to write songs), just write stuff down, anything that strikes you.  If it's bad, who cares, getting started is the hard part!  And save all your work -- you can always come back to it later and work on it.  And what if it doesn't suck?  It could be the start of something wonderful.  Take it from me, I've been writing poetry for 10 years.  Sure, some of it "sucks," but I'm proud of a lot of my writing.  With some work and practice, I'm sure you will be too.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Jul 22nd, 2004, 5:22am
quick poem i wrote yesterday (7/21/04) of course for steve i hated to leave him yesterday

"Just for you"

Every breath i breathe
Every word i speak
is for you

Every gesture i make
Every move i take
Is all for you

Every kiss i share
Every hug i give
Is just for you

This is a poem
A poem of love
Just for you

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on Jul 22nd, 2004, 12:40pm
casey, you must be kidding!! you're a poet and you haven't shared?  When do we get to read your work?

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on Aug 14th, 2004, 4:37pm
just a little symbolism for you all...

i thought i heard live music out my window,
so i put on my shoes and a clean shirt to go outside and follow it.
As I began walking, feet clomping and resistant against new tar,
Knowing that someone would prefer it if I stayed inside tonight,
it started to grow louder.
I didn't know exactly what I would do when I found it, only that I wanted to be closer to it--
as is the nature of live music.
When I had gotten halfway down my road,
close enough that I could almost hear the lyrics,
enjoying the unique riffs,
wondering whose house it was that had these musicians outdoors on this summer night,
I paused...

...waiting for something to start again, but it didn't.
And so, as sensible girls do at night, I turned and went back down the dead-end street in the direction I'd come from at the very end,
knowing the opportunity to meet the creators of the live music was gone forever.
something about the drums, from up in my room,
clued me in that it was the real thing, and not just someone's stereo blasting loudly at a party;
but even as bass notes began to sound again when i'd reached my driveway,
I pretended not to hear
and walked back to the security of my home.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Casey on Aug 14th, 2004, 5:13pm
What?!...but...I, I have shared!!  Look back in this post, you'll find a few of my works.  But I don't have any of my old poems with me this summer, being as I'm on the road and everthing.  But I'm working on a brand new one for my brother who's going off to war soon.  I'll post it when it's finished.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Casey on Aug 14th, 2004, 5:15pm
Ash -- try pages 43, 44, and 45 for a few snippets.

Just a sidebar, who in the New England area is excited to see me again next week??  ;)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on Aug 25th, 2004, 4:03pm

Sitting on the bus, mourning for all that was lost, it was easy for him to blend in.  Sometimes nobody even saw him.  He was elusive and mysterious like that.
At the end of every day, after he'd ridden through the city streets, or walked down the alleys and avenues, helpless to do anything about this world he loved so much, he cried.  He went to whatever his home of the night was, under a porch, up on a roof, or in the aisle of a 24-hour grocery store, and cried himself into a state that couldn't be called sleep-- sleep is only for the living-- but couldn't be classified as awake either.  It wasn't until 12 years after that his pale ghostly form that was still frail even in death found some redeeming value in being what he was.
He was riding the city bus, number 10, the same one he'd been riding all day.  It started off as a 55, early in the morning, but then switched between being a 10 and a 12.  For now, it was a 10, coasting down Western Ave.
Seeing all that was around him, the fragility of human life, was a tragedy.  He only knew that they were all doomed, as they pretended this life lasts forever.  He had just watched a father file the paperwork to divorce his daughter's mother, which led him to his slump on the bus.  Another one bites the dust.  He was almost singing it aloud, thinking the words to himself.  He looked around the bus at the few inhabitants, all doomed, all lives ebbing away from them as each day wore on, all of them lacking any enthusiasm for this precious day...  his eye stopped on one.  She was the only rider of Bus 10 that day who had a smile on her face.  She wasn't

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on Aug 25th, 2004, 4:19pm
sitting with, or talking to, anyone, just listening to her headphones and enjoying whatever it was she heard.  He smiled with her as the songs recalled distant and recent memories.  She was tapping her hand against the side of the bus to the beat.. another one bites the dust... he laughed.  Queen.  Another One Bites the Dust.  She was listening to it, that's how it got into his head.  She glanced up at the front of the bus as her eyes wandered and he knew that she could see him, wasn't seeing right through him like so many.  She wanted to see him, so he was there.  Her gaze went back out to the window, but he felt her eyes back on him several times.  She started to hum when Killer Queen came on, and he sang the words along in his head.  Of course, he knew them by heart.  She mouthed the words to We Will Rock You, and he tried not to sing.  She was getting off the bus and humming Somebody To Love.  He followed her off and she began to sing it in the quiet street.  He began singing along, falling into step with this fan whose world was, for the moment, a part of the Queen universe.  She heard him, but didn't realize it.  It was only at the mellisma toward the end of the song-- "somebody to...... love....."  that she turned. She had turned off her CD player at that moment to put down the headphones and make a phone call, but the music had continued.  The voice of an angel was singing from behind her.
She turned.
"Queen fan?" he asked.
"Yes."  She wasn't frightened, or even wary of a perfect stranger addressing her downtown.  "And so are you, apparently."
"Why do you like them?" he asked, genuinely curious.  It was the type of thing he would have asked a friend or acquaintance when he was alive, years ago.
She made the face that he had seen so many times-- the girly swoon face.  "Freddie," she said.  "He has the most beautiful voice the world has ever heard.  His voice is more breathtaking than any pyramids or mountains that i've ever seen.. and i'm a world traveler."  She laughed and brushed a strand of hair from her face.  Her tone grew serious and sorrowful.  "Is it possible to miss someone so much that you've never even met?"
"But you feel like you know him," he responded.
"Yeah.."  She stared on down the road, daydreaming... When she looked back, he was grinning.  There was something vaguely familiar about that jawline, that overbite, that she had seen once on a DVD from Wembley stadium.  She blinked, but then he was gone.  Looking around, she thought it was too incredible to be real, not believing in ghosts or anything paranormal.  But then, as her CD player started itself up again, she knew something was out of the ordinary.  As "Save Me" started to play on the headphones around her neck, she was certain there was a whisper of a voice behind her, singing in her ear.  "Save me," whispered the marvel of a voice belonging to a man once called Farrokh Bulsara.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Aug 26th, 2004, 4:57am
ash, that was wonderful... i love how you write

i have a poem dedicated to the late Pip, but its on my computer upstairs, and im on the downstairs... it will get posted soon, as will the next 6 parts of my ongoing saga

Title: Re: Writting
Post by NOXsucks30 on Aug 26th, 2004, 9:41am
Poem for Pip 8/25/04

Moving, seeing, smelling, living
That was you just a few days ago
Living life to the most you could
The most you could in a cage in my room

You filled the empty days with smiles and joy
You gave me company when I was lonely
You made me happy when I couldn’t find it
You gave me what I wanted in a pet

You listened when I needed someone to talked to
You happily watched me play computer games
You listened to music with me when there was no one else
You were my fail safe when I needed you

This is a poem
Dedicated to my first snake Pip
That was the only pet I ever really wanted
Though he wasn’t with me very long,
I loved him the entire time he was here

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on Sep 21st, 2004, 5:50am
this is the second installment of my "lament" story that i wrote before...

Since he'd first seen her, she intrigued him, and not just beacsue of her musical preference.  He saw a vacancy, an apathy in her eyes toward anything, as though she had been dulled down by so much pain.  Nothing mattered.  He felt a great sympathy for her and wanted to know more.  If he found out more, then he could figure out how to help her.
And so, doing only what ghosts and highly trained professionals can, he followed her  undetected.  He couldn't be completely invisible-- even death has its limits-- but if someone didn't want to see him, they wouldn't.  He could take on the shape of anyone he had seen.  He had been on the earth long enough, come into contact with enough arena crowds to have seen great quantities of people.  He could pick from the banks of his memory images of people he had seen, or else put together pieces of features in a conglomerate of many.  Sometimes he was a man, sometimes a woman; sometimes he was a child, sometimes he was aging; he was every race and build at some point in time, but very rarely did he look like who he had been when he was alive.  If he passed a mirror, that was who he saw, but he knew that everyone else saw whoever he chose to look like.
What he found out about her saddened him.  Having been rejected too many times in years past, the man she was in love with now didn't treat her as well as she deserved to be.  What was left of her once-fiery faith was waning, partly due to her current boyfriend's vastly different values.  She wanted to be a musician, but like many, had met with a grand share of discouragement that led her to give up on her dream as her guitars collected dust in her closet.  Rejection after rejection had built up for years, but on the surface she pretended everything was all right.  Secretly, under the watch of only God and her new guardian angel, she silently cried under the blanket of darkness.
He longed to reach out to her, but didn't know how to do so as a perfect stranger.  When he'd been alive, having an idolic status made it easy to talk to people.  In fact, it was usually people approaching him and not the other way around.  People already felt like they knew him when he'd been a cultural con.  It was completely different if a stranger was suddenly interested in your life.
First, he tried coming to her as a different celebrity.  Obviously, a dead celebrity wouldn't inspire anything but fear or disbelief.  He went to her store in cognito as his former guitarist, Brian, but she didn't recognize him.  He went again on another day as a comfortable, un-made-up version of a popular actor, but she wasn't impressed.  With no other way to reach out to her, klnowing nothing more familiar, he decided to seek her out as himself-- in her dreams.
He knew from the way she spoke  of him that she felt a connection to him, even though he was dead long before she even knew who he was.  It wouldn't be that difficult then, to manifest a presence in her dreams.
It was a particularly rough night.  Silently she wept as she spoke to God.  Her loneliness was opening her up for all kinds of pain.  He started whispering in her ear just before REM set in, and then slipped into her subconscious.
She woke up in a great mood.  She didn't know why, but when she'd finally approached him in her dream, after anticipating the meeting for what seemed like hours, she broke down and started crying.  He'd given her a long, sincere hug.  A conversation had occurred, but she didn't remember any of it.  All she knew was that, as she met him, she felt strangely as though everything was going to be all right.  Mission accomplished.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by MonkeySleepy on Dec 2nd, 2004, 8:11am
Well folks after many late nights working on ginormous projects for school (just got back my 14 page Luther paper.. a 99 by the way) and sleep deprivation borderlining on a waking delusion, I'm back to game and gaming is good indeed. I picked up Doom3 yesterday and started playing towards the evening.

I stared the game with great anticipation. Like the game suggested, I turned off my lights and turned up the sound. I went through the same levels that were included in the demo nearly flawlessly, completely spanking my enemies because I knew where they all were, when they would move. Even so, I could feel the anticipation growing as I knew that eventually I would come upon waters uncharted then the fear began to grow. As I grew closer and closer to the end of what I knew, my gaming grew more frantic, my shots less certain. I could hear the voices in the dark, feel their fetid breath on my neck as I'd whip around to find them. I could feel their clammy arms enfold me to drag me back into the darkness. My only chace was to shoot hard and shoot fast. The Imps kept coming. I was running out of ammo. I shot once twice, down to my last clip and they wouldn't stop. I had nothing, clickclick sounds of my Doom OhGodImgonnadie killit killitwiththetorch KILLIT!!! *SMASHSMASH* LIGHTDARK LIGHTDARK.. I catch my breath in secluded corner of an office as I witness the carnage around me. The bodies of the foul demons burn away leaving only the stench of brimstone, the sound of my blood dripping on the floor the only thing I hear. 10 health left. I come across a health kit and wrap bandages around my arms and torso. In flash, they fuse into my skin and the tellatale needle jabs under my skin tell me I'm healing. A little better now. I gotta find more ammo. I creep down the hallway and for once I'm not stalked, not suprised to find something that goes bump in the night. I make it to an office with the glass kicked out. From the bloody trail leading to the door, I aproached cautiously, I know I can't win another firefight. I have plenty of fight, my fire's just gone out. Crouching down I open the door. The emptiness that greated me was welcome indeed. I searched the computer desk and though the console was out, I found a PDA. I uploaded the data and scanned for anything I could use. Great! A security code for the locker I saw in the back corner of the room. I type in the code and open the locker. I grab the ammo and jam it into my SMG.4 fully automatic strapping the rest to my bandolier and back. I reload my shotgun while I'm at it, slinging it over my should within easy reach. Hrmmm Grendades.. I could use these. I find another medpack and I wrap the bandages around my leg and shoulder. The needle jabs return and I feel like I'm in peak condition. I take out my hex tool and pop out a few damaged armour shards and pop a few new ones on. I grab a stim and head out the door... and nearly trip into a lurking imp, he lunges up riping his claws across my face. as he grapples with me, I let off a burst shot....

Title: Re: Writting
Post by MonkeySleepy on Dec 2nd, 2004, 8:12am
right into that mothas face. I bust out my shotgun and blast him close range. His hellish scream echoes through the empty halls as I take a deep breath. I sure as hell am not out of this yet. As I clear the blood from my eyes, and jam a stim in my arm, I can hear my heart beating, the blood pounding through my veins, drowning out the hum of the machinery I pass. As I approach a lobby, an Imp launches a ball of fire at me from a balcony. As I lunge to the ground, I feel its flames sear the back of my head and smell the stench of burning hair. I jump up gunning as I aim for the foul creatures many eyed head. The first few shots tears through its head, shredding its eyes and face but it still keeps coming. I aim for its chest as it leaps down on me and the shot sends him back away from me as I roll away. As the demon burns away, I make my way to a large security office with a huge glass wall. I scan the consoles and try and log onto the system. I still don't know what the hell's going on and the radio's been dead for an hour. I'm able to access the security Database and I secure the area, restoring lights and restoring access to the elevator to this sector. Without preamble, the lights flicker and fail. Strange red lights with runes begin glowing on the wall outside the office and the entire base seems to shudder. A strange diabolical language makes a pronouncement, harsh and gutteral. An evil laugh follows and the air around the runes seems to waver. An unholy roar shatters the glass and a giant thing emerges from the ripple in the air. Its front was built like a hairless bull, except that its gaping maw was full of row upon row of razor-sharp teeth and its feet terminated in long, wicked claws. The back of the creature whirred and hissed as it's mechanical legs lunged at me. It bore me back to the wall, its jaws locked around my waist. It's teeth screeched acrossed my armor as they scrambled to find purchase and crush my chest. I smash it in the face with butt of my shotgun and it drops me and howls in rage. It rears on its back legs and lunges at me again with claws poised for my face. I roll aside and squeeze off a shot to its hind legs. One of the servos overloads and its left leg snaps free with sparks flying,  the twisted metal leaking coolant. I run at it and shoulder it in its barrel chest, knocking it over. d**n that things heavy. I think I broke a rib. I shoot a burst to it's chest and head, perforating it as its leg flails helplessly against the empty air. I step on it's neck and set off two shots straight to its head. In an near inaudible gurgle it coughs up blood and shudders for a minute till it lies still. It's hind leg is still moving slowly as it too burns away to nothing. 3 shells left... I need to reload but before I can I hear...

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on Jan 25th, 2005, 10:24am
i rediscovered my soulmate E. A. Robinson this week.  This is one of his that I never understood before but am now fond of:


By some derision of wild circumstance
Not then our pleasure somehow to perceive,
Last night we fell together to achieve
A light eclipse of years.  But the pale chance
Of youth resumed was lost.  Time gave a glance
At each of us, and there was no reprieve;
And when there was at last a way to leave,
Farewell was a foreseen extravagance.

Tonight the west has yet a failing red,
While silence whispers of all things not here;
And round there where the fire was that is dead,
Dusk-hidden tenants that are chairs appear.
The same old stars will soon be overhead,
But not so friendly and not quite so near.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Mimi on Jan 29th, 2005, 11:13pm
this came really late at night after the phone rang

ive always had this feeling inside,
ever since i met you way back when,
inspiring me while i am awake and asleep
when feeling cold and all alone, you are there

you are patient with me,
helping me understand myself and the world,
helping me smile when i am down,
helping me find positive when i am negitive,

i have been falling in love with heros, with brothers, with friends.
You brighten my days with your music, your travels, your smiles, your hugs
when family is not able to help, there you are, on the otherside of an email, the otherside of the phone
teaching me new things about life

when grandma died and when grandpa got weird you comforted me,you listened

back to back on the road you played my request
back to back on the road I made you a double decker p,B &J,crying to my request, being extremely happy that i found my friends, my brothers, my heros, so thankful for times past, present, and future
back to back on the road, getting sick

helping me gain confedence by encouraging me
helping me gain confedence by showing me again where that guitar/drum head goes,
helping me gain confedence by emailing me that secret reciepe
helping me gain confedence by showing me how to draw trees
helping me gain confedence by showing me a cool way to take an opponent down

being happy for me when going home with a boy
by telling me that i shouldnt be so hard on myself
for helping me learn how to drive my car better
for holding the rock show until i arrived
for being real when need be
for making me go out and play basketball, baseball, and tennis
for showing me your cool math/basketball game (thats way confusing, lol)

For being my heros, brothers, and friends

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on Jan 30th, 2005, 5:50pm
mimi= the best! :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by andrea on Feb 1st, 2005, 10:26am
aw mims. you made me stop listening to my programming teacher and get sucked into your words. that was crazy. all of a sudden im done reading and my teacher is like 'okay that's all of your time that i'll take today, get to work' and im like. nuts . on what? lol. my silly mimitree. i love ya! and that was very nice. :)

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Mimi on Feb 1st, 2005, 8:48pm
I also wanted to mention that a lot of people feel the sameway that i do, I just chose to write it up and give them a lot of credit, in essence for all of us really.

People help each other all the time and never are given credit for it. Even if it is super simple and small.

We are all so lucky to have the guys.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Feb 7th, 2005, 5:13pm
I've totally missed reading your guys stuff. You guys rock! Keep writting this good stuff ;D

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on Feb 9th, 2005, 6:47am
Lately I've been writing some poems about Albany based on the style of E.A.Robinson's poems about Tilbury Town.. he basically captures an emotion and uses a place to illustrate it.  So here's one of them... in the style of Mr. Robinson:

The Larkin

Whenever I go by there nowadays
And think of all the memories we made
The joy is overshadowed by a haze
Of anger at the things that have to fade.
And when I think of all the songs I played
Upstairs there, all the friends I made, the frays
Of what once was unravel, and the ways
That I remember things have now dismayed.

For all the joy and laughter in that place
(Cramped as it was) we had to pay a price.
How feleeting were the times when we would taste
The sweetness of good music in those nights!
But as it seems, the source of our delights
Could only last so long. And so the Fates
Decided that our bliss could be replaced--
Which meant the Larkin was struck from our sights.

The one who made us leave has now gone, too
And so it all seems pointless.  But we kept
Our memories and ambitions.  Still a few
Of us play once a week; and though we left
The Larkin behind us, none of us wept.
What has been sung before now still rings true.
When the old ends, it gives way to the new,
And endings leave beginnings to be blessed.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by wisensmart336 on Feb 9th, 2005, 11:04pm
It wraps its hand around everyone
it squeezes out the life with long black hands
it cannot be stopped its hold is like quicksand
the more you fight, the stronger it gets
the black hand engulfs its victims
and takes over everything they are
soon only a shell of what once was remains
All is lost,

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on Feb 11th, 2005, 7:58pm
The darkness closed in, engulfing us all
And now we're all helpless and wait for downfall.
Nothing can stop the inevitable black.
All we can do is wonder when it will attack.
I sat in the darkness beside you and cried,
Feeling too helpless to answer your "why?"
And yet, something changed-- for deep in the night
Somewhere beyond us I saw a great light
And in that dim starlight where I could now see
The beauty around us, you only saw me.
When I pointed out the star, rising up high,
You refused to look behind you at the sky.
I can't make you move, and nothing I say
Will get you to come close to seeing my way.
The darkness will always be here in the night,
But never unpierced by the Christmas star's light.

isaiah 9:2

Title: Re: Writting
Post by Mosh-N-Slippers on Feb 11th, 2005, 10:34pm
Heaven is a Sandwich Bar

I quietly let myself in,
light heavy on the air,
Is what we do a sin,
Our lusty affair?

Nervously, I asked for you
And was replied to by a frown
"Oh, right", they said,
I paid my money, we sat down

I unsheathed you from
your paper protection,
and slid you in:
Oral perfection.

Your soft, warm meat
Entered my wanting mouth,
And I tasted the sweet,
spicy sauce, my spirits rouse.

Horseradish sauce,
Hot, tender beef,
Soft, warm bread:
You're the sandwich chief.

Oh, sexual sandwich,
Oh, nutrious nirvana.
Horseradish heaven.

If there's no Subway in the Promised Land
Then f**k it, f**k off, I'd rather be d***ned


Title: Re: Writting
Post by Ashley on Feb 15th, 2005, 9:15pm
i have multicolored band-aids
that come in a pretty box
with disney pictures on them
to cover up the marks

this way when i look down
to see what i have done
the blood becomes invisible
hidden to everyone

it makes the scrapes look better
when band-aids smile back
their faces a reminder
of all the things i lack

because with pretty band-aids
i can deny the pain
and since they look so happy
my loss becomes their gain.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Mar 31st, 2005, 8:11pm

I watch you as you walk by
Not noticing my eyes
That's what I liked about you
To confident to care
And still I stare
Knowing that you will never be mine
That my love will never shine
It hides away in me
So sullen and stale
I try to rememeber your goodness
But then I ache
And then I feel it all again, the pain
I'd like to be like her, to capture you
But I don't want to fool you
I'd rather look at you
And love you from afar.

I wrote it awhile ago but just finished it tonight. I haven't written something and finished it in a long time.

Title: Re: Writting
Post by sillyfairy on Mar 31st, 2005, 8:17pm
The Defective Heart

I can't love you, the way you want me to
I don't know how to love
I don't want to love
I've forgotton what it feels like
I've forgotton what it tastes like
It's been beaten and bruised and wants to give up
It's scared and angry and want's you to shut up
It still beats again and again
But it feels pain to no end
Incapsulated in a place and time
In a state of self hate in it's prime
The defective heart

I wrote this today feeling inspired...and I really like the title that's the first thing i thought of and thought I must write a poem about that

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