Cypress Hall in Metairie, LA 2.28.04
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The rock sign in the house!
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Chris rocks it*
Viewed: 78 times.
Chris gets posessed*
Viewed: 99 times.
Does John have Antlers?*
Viewed: 141 times.
Ben and Mark *
Viewed: 144 times.
The crowd was awesome! (as evidenced by the awesome crowd)
Viewed: 125 times.
On the rock box!*
Viewed: 121 times.
chris and aaron
Viewed: 68 times.
Laura got gothic on Mark for kicks*
Viewed: 191 times.
That's Nick from Bring Back Edgar takin' over on bass for the end of the show*
Viewed: 97 times.
Notice Aaron in the background, his bass in the foreground? *
Viewed: 82 times.
Who's shoe is that?*
Viewed: 140 times.
Those are Mark's feet
Viewed: 125 times.
Rock sign in the house, Josh!
Viewed: 61 times.
Mark and the sister of the girl who took these pictures*
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Viewed: 67 times.

Viewed: 64 times.
Thumbs up indeed!*
Viewed: 107 times.
what a hottie.*
Viewed: 179 times.
Somebody's sweaty
Viewed: 85 times.
This guy wore a bathrobe and slippers and got his big toenail pulled off! Yeouch!*
Viewed: 177 times.
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 Gallery: Jupiter Sunrise Gallery  Album: Rockin' Pics from Rockin' Shows   
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