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Album: Columbus, OH 2004
Bernie's Distillery is an underground (literally) bagel place and bar, lot of characters there. We played with an ex-Sebadoh member this night.

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Album: Fall Fest with Andrew WK 2002
This was our first Arena show and it was with Andrew WK! Very fun stuff. Taken by Melissa

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Album: Halloween at 1213 Rock Shows in Auburn Alabama, 2002
We didn't have any costumes so we borrowed an eyebrow pencil and drew on French guy moustaches and had a blast!

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Album: Recording Under a Killer Blue Sky at El Dorado Studio in Burbank, CA 2003
Not Exactly a show, but rockin' enough! Most pics by Nicole Ellis

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Album: 3 Dollar Cafe in Auburn, AL. 11.14.03
This was a fun little bar show with Kicking Howard and a riotous crowd.

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Album: Swayze's in Marietta, GA 11.15.03
We always have a great time at Swayze's

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Album: La Sierra University, May 2004
In the Eagle's Nest coffee shop at this mostly vegetarian college with some excellent friends rockin' with us!

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Album: Filming Arthur Nix/Kaye videos
These pictures are mostly by Sarah, shot during our video shoot for live sequences in both the Kaye and Arthur Nix videos in Dallas.

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