Jupiter Sunrise Featured Artist

The Class of 98 are great people and a slaying band. We managed to do a few dates with them at the end of 2005 and liked em so much we're back on the road with them in 2006. Their new album is just released by the Militia Group.

Websites that have featured us and we support (in no particular order)

Bands we have played with and other friends (in alphabetical order)

3 - Kingston, NY - Incredible musicians, pants soiling drum solos and Joey's got a voice like Justin Timberlake, except he doesn't use it for evil. These guys are doing some touring with Coheed and Cambria, which is very sonically appropriate.

the Actual - LA, CA - Met these guys on tour in Nevada, now we see them all over the place! Smart post-punk with a raunchy voice and a little dash of metal every once in a while. We like.

Amanda Rogers - Syracuse, NY - We've known Amanda for a long time through the upstate music scene, but recently she's done European tours to packed houses as well as opening for us for much of 2004. Look for much more of her amazing classical influenced piano and haunting voice in the near future...

Big Collapse - LA, CA - Played a couple of shows with these metallic rockers on Militia Group. Good guys, but watch out for the bunnies with chainsaws.

Will Brierly - Boston, MA - Our bestest buddy and mega-talented comrade in arms. Magician, musical conquistador, hypnotizer of women.... Willy B.

Coheed & Cambria - these guys are from upstate New York not far from where Mark, Ben and Chris grew up... total sci-fi, epic, hyper-melodic, sicko-instrumental metal/rock band. One of our favs.

Clearmotive - Buffalo, NY. Great friends in a very intense emotional rock band. Recently toured the country themselves in '04.

Feable Weiner - Mufreesboro, TN - Apparently the name is both an homage to Little Richard and a guarantee these hilarious dudes will never have to take themselves too seriously. An awesome live show and a twinge of nostalgia (a la trapperkeeper), we love 'em.

Fish's Eddy - Albany, NY - Played many an upstate NY show with these robot totin' bad boys!

Five Till Midnight - Albany, NY - Cool kids classic rockin' it! Our good friend Ashley the Rockstar plays bass.

Get Set Go - LA, CA - Fun times rock with a great sense of humor and a kick-ass lady drummer. Mike TV practically created from scratch the coolest underground scene in Los Angeles and now his band is finally touring the country.

Harris - Boston, MA - Rockin' dudes. Drummer has biggest tongue in rock and roll next to Gene Simmons. Played all through the northeast with them. They like Modest Mouse and Glen Garry Glen Ross.

Hello Goodbye - OC, CA - Rad rock band from southern California who have shared our stage many a time. Sexy T-shirts too!

I Voted 4 Kodos - We met these Wisconsin rockers on the 2005 Warped Tour and toured with them again in 2006. They rule, they invited us over for Easter dinner.

Matt Hopper - Anchorage, AK/Sea, WA - Matt is a friend of ours through that mysterious Alaska connection. His band The Roman Candles was doing really well in AK, then fell apart and now he does solo stuff based in Los Angeles. He is now on perpetual North American tour, check out his dates!

The Kamikaze Hearts - Albany, NY. Ben's old bassist from The Orange, Bob Buckley, plays in this amazing alt.country, indie bluegrass band.

Kicking Howard - Auburn, AL - Great punk rockers, with a rad Back to the Future logo and a ton of energy.

The Last Year - Albany, NY. Rockin' emo punk band that has helped us promote shows. Just signed to a German label.

Limbeck - OC, CA - One of our favorite albums of '03 is Limbeck's "Hi Everything's Great" They've got a tinge of country and blues that gives their superbly written songs that push over the edge.

Legends of Rodeo - FL. Great friends. Did an east coast tour with them in the summer of '02. A real original with great songs. There needs to be more bands like this.

Ludo - St. Louis, MO - We met these rad rockers through Anything But Joey (RIP) and clicked right away. They won the FUSE "just add video" contest and we hope to go on more dates with them...I mean, DO more dates with them later!

Melee - OC, CA. Piano and guitar driven rock. Really great. We toured with these talented fellows across the Midwest. On Warped Tour '04, with their first full length album out now!

Moneen - Canada - Energetic Canadian punkers who are really taking off! We've met up with them on accident in a couple of places in the US and it has been a pleasure each time.

The Matches - Bay area, CA - A wild punk rock quartet, we've played with these crazies a number of times, many of them at the last minute!

Onelinedrawing - Bay Area, CA. OLD is now defunct but Jonah's new group Gratitude has a record coming out in late '04. He's been involved in many extremely influential projects. Groups like Thursday and Dashboard Confessional cite him as a direct inspiration. We toured with him in '02 and were blown away every night.

Never Heard of It - OC, CA - Hard workin' pop punkers, played a bunch of shows at random in the USA with them. Met them while promoting in the mall too!

Ozma - LA, CA. Incredible song writers. Great people. First met them when they stayed at Mark's house on a Weezer tour. Alas, they are no more. Look for solo work and collaborations from Daniel Brummel soon.

Mike Park - Bay area, CA - Former Skankin' Pickle member and current head of Asian Man Records, Mike is an excellent songwriter/solo performer too. Working on touring Asia (not just a coincidence!) with him sometime soon.

Rapid Fire - Phoenix, AZ - do you like metal guitar? Slaying dragons? Grim Reapers? If so, then you're metal and you must proceed to this site, metal warrior!

Remedy Session - FL. We did a few East coast dates with this emotional three piece. Very tight and melodic. Super nice people and great friends.

Sally Stitches
- New Orleans, LA - Great friends who we toured with in the southeast. Their sound is reminiscent of the Beach Boys, but the Beach Boys beating up the Ramones. Their harmonies are really lush and well arranged. Their songs are super catchy. And they play a mean game of kickball.

SnMnMnM - LA, CA. Very quirky indie rock with Tubas and accordions. Very catchy and fun. We played our first and only show as an acoustic three piece at the Knitting Factory with these guys. Ben's old guitar player went to school with their drummer.

The Start - LA. We played with these guys in WV and it was like a nuclear bomb went off on stage. Female fronted new wave punk.

Greg Wood - CT. Excellent singer/songwriter and friend. Toured with us in 2003 and now plays and sings in Punchline who took us on tour in 05.

Andrew WK - FL. You might not understand it until you see it live but Andrew has recently become another one of our great heroes. He's sincere and his show is incredible. Go see it!

Sites that have featured us and others we support:

Myspace.com -
Perfect community for music and the world, be our friend, join a JS group and find countless other rad bands.

XOK - Not pronounced "Zok", a great clothing company and positive company from Utah, many thanks to them for their support.

Purevolume - Massive online music repository

Peta2 - Vegetarian activisim and information, with an interview by us!

Grease not Gas - Friends of ours helping us with using vegetable oil instead of diesel fuel. Big deal for the whole planet!

Your Music Network - Soon to be a new cable music network, these guys have broadcast our videos and believed in us.

Absolute Punk - legendary underground music site.

Rockinsider - So much love and support for JS and L.A. local music.

Division G - Cool guy, podcast with a song from us in Dec of '06

Mohawk Radio - Streaming punk radio, very nice guys too.

The Drive Music Group - Our T-shirt printer and online merch store and great friends. Get your shirts made with them!

CD Baby - Ultra friendly and useful site for music distribution, also the last place with the "purple demo"...

Anchorage Daily News - a great article about our first trip to Alaska.

Ironheart - A German Fanpage.

JsRoxMySox - Fan run message board with photos

Leah's JS Site - Fun fan site with a bunch of pics.

Zoratu - Lots of video clips of our shows. Click the Jupiter Sunrise link.

Radiant Radish - Chalmette (New Orleans) local rock action, JS featured.

Big Orange Crayon
- Amazing photographs, reviews, and cool things.

Not Popular
- Cool message board

Rocknworld - Positive review of Under a Killer Blue Sky

Kristen Truax - Excellent friend and photographer in Seattle.

- some photos

R:kstar - Upstate NY online zine with some old video.

AZlyrics - Fan translated lyrics to JS tunes.

AZchords - Fan translated JS tabs and head charts.

Undecided Records - Distributors of our first disc, Under A Killer Blue Sky