.... you've been so pensive and quiet, did your arm heal faster than your heart?
.... go ahead and understand me underneath this killer blue sky
.... days full of cherry wine tellin' me something about myself I really don't want to know
.... I'm longing for innocence, but now we know our age
.... I try to be content with everything but even knowin' doesn't stop my heart from feelin'
.... everybody just wants to feel some love, but love can leave you
.... I can barely see you, I can barely feel you, you're fading like the dirt on my TV
.... Of my two best stories, you're the one that I don't tell
.... so, you like guys in uniform? I think I'll buy a uniform
.... i'm afraid of changin' because everything's changing without me
.... these stars can shine as our halos and the pine trees watch over like guardian angels
.... something's familiar to me, they don't have to know

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J.S. -Under a Killer Blue Sky


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