Jupiter Sunrise is:

    Mark Houlihan - vocals, guitar
    Ben Karis - vocals, guitar
    Aaron Case - bass guitar
    Chris Snykus - drums, vocals

How the band formed:

Jupiter Sunrise began as Mark's solo project back in Albany, NY when he decided he wanted to shift from the business end of music to playing again. With that decision, he got together with producer Chris Fisher to help choose, arrange and record Mark's material. Mark had been a booking agent and co-manager for Ben's old band, The Orange, so Ben and some of his bandmates also contributed to this recording which became Jupiter Sunrise's self-titled debut. Upon completing the record, Ben and Mark did a tour of the East Coast together, backing up each other's material on acoustic guitars. At the end of this tour, Mark continued solo down to Florida to spend time with friends. At the same time Ben got home to play his last show with The Orange when the band decided collectively to pursue new projects.

Two weeks later Mark drives out to L.A.. and soon after, Ben catches a plane and the two meet in California. Back home, Chris's band, Perfect Thyroid, plays their last show and he decides to move to L.A. to keep rockin'. Being an acquaintance from home, a mutual friend informs Mark and Ben of Chris's big move and so they intercept him by cell-phone on his drive over... through Arkansas. A couple days later, they have their first practice. Now all they needed was a fourth player and a chance meeting at a guitar store provided the project with bass afficionado, Aaron Case, and the Jupiter Sunrise as you know it was born.