posted 5/22/02: West coast dates for July/August

JS will be touring the west coast with one of our favorite performers of all time - One Line Drawing. If you don't already know who he is you are missing out! His name is Jonah and he's the former lead singer of Far and current singer of New End Original. He puts on of the most dynamic stage shows you'll ever see. Don't miss out. The tour will begin in Seattle around July 30th and end in San Diego around August 7th.

posted 5/22/02: East coast dates for June

JS dates from Baltimore to Gainesville, Fl will feature Legends of Rodeo. They are a real honest to goodness rock band. They remind me a little of Tom Petty or Elvis Costello, but they're young. It takes a lot of courage not to be emo, punk, or heavy rock these days. Please check them out.

posted 5/22/02: Southern dates for June

JS dates from TX to AZ will feature The Conversation. Formerly called Level. These guys are a great rock band with punk overtones. They also share a roster spot with the same management company as us, so they're in the family. They'll have a website up soon and we'll post it.

posted 5/22/02: Our new van

Well now the committment is final. JS has purchase a new 15 passenger touring van. Now it is impossible for us to quit traveling and writing new music. It's sorta like we finally succumbed to the dark side. If anybody wants to send us stuff to decorate our new vehicle please do so. We'll get a picture of it up soon. We're very happy about the new wheels.


posted 5/1/02: East Coast-Southern Tour

Well, Jupiter Sunrise is now a full 4 piece rock band. Chris, Aaron, and Ben have officially joined Mark to bring the rock. So now we're heading back out on a national tour through the east for May and early June, and then across the south through mid June until July. We're looking forward to hanging out with old friends and making new ones. Please check the tour dates section for a date in your town. And if you can offer a floor for us to sleep on we'd be grateful. Email [email protected].


posted 4/15/02: Chain Reaction, Thurs 4/25

Catch Jupiter Sunrise at Chain Reaction (1652 Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, 714- 635-6067), THURSDAY, APRIL 25th Our last show before we head out East for our second run of the USA is already next week with: Days Away, Get Well Soon, Barefoot Bride & The Spin. This show comes with a rock garuantee! Great bill, we're psyched! After this show our Indie-rock circus goes on the road until July - see you at the show!


posted 3/14/02: J.S. Spring Tour, 2002

Click here for the dates!!

It's the truth! We couldn't resist some of the nice mail we've been getting from our last impromptu run of the East Coast. Thanks to everyone for the love and support during that trip, and a hearty "rock on" to Count the Stars for taking us along. We made some friends for life last time through and we look forward to seeing you all again soon, this time with Chris, who will slay you big time...