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Album: Melee
We dated these guys, I mean, toured with these guys for a few weeks in October 2003. I got to take lots of fun pics of them as I was learning to use my camera. I love this band!

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Album: Will Brierly
Will toured with us for a while opening up shows...then hey joined our rockin' live show. He will always have a place on our stage. He is part of the family!

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Album: Sally Stitches
What can I say. Great fun, great vocals, great people, pretty good kickball players. These cats got us started in New Orleans and have helped us grow it into our 3rd home.

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Album: Treephort!!!
We have been friends with Treephort ever since we played their club, Swayze's, in the Atlanta area. They are really nice guys AND the most offensively fun band! Seeing their show will really make you think about whether you are putting your all into your concert going experience or not! You better represent!

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Album: Even In Blackouts
Even In Blackouts rocked the house with us and Treephort in Charleston, SC. Great songs and awesome stage presence. Check them out for sure!

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Album: Bring Back Edgar
These dudes are in our big family of New Orleans! They are fun and rock and have helped us put on some rockin' shows for sure.

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Album: The Karrows
These dudes are from Dallas. Excellent band and super funny.

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Album: Fairwell
We went to see Dave (our new Webcommander) and his boys play at the Alterknit Lounge (the Knitting Factory in Hollywood). Rockin' fun. Too bad Dave's side of the stage had no lights on it.

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This was taken from the top of our RV. Who is that without his flack jacket on? Parkfest 2003!
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Album: Bayfront Auditorium, Pensacola, FL. March 1, 2004.
Pics of Coheed & Cambria, Thursday, AFI

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While I was home in May 2004, my friend Charlie took me to see David Byrne.
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