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Album: My Favorites
These are the few pics that I consider the best I have gotten from my Sprint Sanyo SCP-5300 cellphone camera.

Changed: 04/24/04.
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Album: Drummers!!!
Here are a bunch of the different drummers that I have gotten to share the throne with! I am missing a ton more but unfortunately I have only had this cam for a small fraction of the time we have been a band. Rock on!

Changed: 08/18/04.
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Album: Bands!!!
This here album is groups of pics I have taken of various bands we have had the honor of playing with or that I have gotten to go see.

Changed: 05/29/04.
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Album: Negative Shots
These pics looked cool when I used the negative feature on my cam. Post comments and guess what the pictures are. Some are much more obvious than others.

Changed: 09/04/04.
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 Gallery: Jupiter Sunrise Gallery  Album: Artwork Etc...   
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