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Picture of the Day Archive!

8-18-04 We played Whirly Ball in Atlanta, GA. It was awesome!!! Mark was a super-star!
Viewed: 19 times.
8-15-04 The big rockin' crowd at Thrio's!*
Viewed: 29 times.
8-7-04 Justin Sane of Anti-Flag watches over the masses at the Sacto, CA Warped Tour show.
Viewed: 25 times.
8-5-04 Hey...it's our buddy/soundman Kurt now playing guitar with the Big Screen!
Viewed: 27 times.
8-3-04 We are getting too good at blowing tires! This one on the way to San Angelo, TX. Always seems to happen in Louisiana or Texas.*
Viewed: 36 times.
7-30-04 Ben and Chris got their hair done in Palm Desert on the way to start the new tour. Thanks Anne!*
Viewed: 53 times.
7-24-04 Chris hanging out with the Tofu Ninja at the Tofu Festival in Los Angeles.*
Viewed: 46 times.
5-7-04 Josh is a Baller...he shoots...he scores...the crowd goes wild!!!*
Viewed: 116 times.
5-4-04 Kurt with Adam and Jim from the Big Screen
Viewed: 72 times.
4-20-04 Four hoodlums sited at the Mobil station in New Paltz, NY.*
Viewed: 141 times.
4-19-04 Kurt is our new road manager, say hello!*
Viewed: 110 times.
4-18-04 Stick Boy rocks at CBGB's.
Viewed: 50 times.
4-17-04 Val likes Coheed and Cambria too.*
Viewed: 71 times.
4-11-04 Sweet shirt on Toaster's lead singer.
Viewed: 101 times.
4-10-04 Rob Rocks it for Harris!
Viewed: 46 times.
4-9-04 Thanks Kristen and Meg for helpin us load out in the Middle East Club.

Viewed: 83 times.
3-25-04 Ben getting ready for the JS vid.
Viewed: 65 times.
3-24-04 RV Rules.*
Viewed: 167 times.
3-23-04 Thats right! A Dexter Tattoo... Holy Crap!*
Viewed: 74 times.
3-21-04 We're in North Carolina and here's proof.
Viewed: 63 times.
3-20-04 We're in DC! and here's proof.
Viewed: 41 times.
3-19-04 Donna, Mike, & Nolan Patton rule Chalmette, LA!*
Viewed: 81 times.
3-18-04 Lee (from Treephort) and friend Steph sing karaoke... When I Think About You (I Touch Myself)!
Viewed: 74 times.
3-17-04 Aaron, Ben (wearing our "Alex" torso), Chris' cousin Llew and Josh get ready to rumble outside the club in Birmingham, AL.*
Viewed: 169 times.
3-10-03 Aaron helps change the oil.*
Viewed: 118 times.
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 Gallery: Jupiter Sunrise Gallery  Album: Family and friends across the US   
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