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Family and friends across the US
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Album: Pic o' the Day
Here's where you'll find all the old pics of the day.

Changed: 09/15/04.
Contains: 39 items.
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Album: JS not rockin'
Jupiter Sunrise goofing off, individually and together

Changed: 05/14/04.
Contains: 17 items.
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Album: Group pics from our stage.
These are all big crowd shots taken mostly during our sets from all over the country.

Changed: 08/18/04.
Contains: 9 items.
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Album: Arkansas
JS with friends in Arkansas.

Changed: 08/21/04.
Contains: 4 items.
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Album: Bands we've played with
Photos of groups we've toured or played with

Changed: 08/08/04.
Contains: 5 items.
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Album: Trip to Yosemite 2003
Some friends from the bay area went with us up to Yosemite for a day, we try to take in natural wonders whenever possible. Look for Redwood Forest, Grand Canyon and Niagra Falls pictures in the future!

Changed: 03/11/04.
Contains: 5 items.
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Album: Mardi Gras 2004
These guys recognized us from a balcony where they were throwing beads. They wouldn't tell us exactly how they got up there...This was the Monday night before Mardi Gras. Very enjoyable times.

Changed: 03/03/04.
Contains: 3 items.
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Album: Old Polaroids
From the era when we documented all our tourist stops and fun times with a polaroid camera.

Changed: 07/04/04.
Contains: 10 items.
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Album: California
JS with friends in Cali.

Changed: 07/22/04.
Contains: 9 items.
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Album: Iowa

Changed: 03/13/04.
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Album: New York

Changed: 03/28/04.
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Album: Georgia

Changed: 03/22/04.
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Album: Washington

Changed: 02/28/04.
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Album: Jetta!
Thanks for being one of our most loyal and enthusiastic friends. Rock!

Changed: 07/04/04.
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