Sugar Glaze

I like the way your colors drip like sugar glaze and dared to daze. Often time the best things go to war I don't care about you anymore. But then the dawn is burning brighter and the light is getting lighter and the day is sure to come and you try harder to play dumb. It's here to stay but you canít stay. Just donít leave when the sky is gray.

Daze me with your elementary wedding. Your disease is spreading. But then the man begins to push and I try harder not to crush this piece of sky between my fingers as the thought of you still lingers very far, so very far, far as the archer and the northern star.

I've sung this song today for hours now. For hours now I've watched you with the flowers. I don't want to see you in any pain.

Tell me all about your water game. Tell me how the dragon flies were tame. Tell me why you never tell me why you came here. Is it all the reason for your shame?

For hours now I've watched you with the flowers. For hours now I've watched you in the rain.