Arthur Nix .... you've been so pensive and quiet, did your arm heal faster than your heart?
Casey .... I'm longing for innocence, but now we know our age
Cherry Wine .... tellin' me something about myself I really don't wanna know
Geneva in my Kitchen .... time is in love with change but I'll stay
Heaven and Endless .... something's familiar to me, they don't have to know
Hopeless .... if only you weren't so hopeless. why not just try to become somebody else?
Josie's House .... i try to be content with everything but that don't stop my heart from feelin'
Magazines .... she keeps her room cleaner than my conscience was when we first fell in love
Mira, Mira .... mira, mira, amigo. this town's street's are paved with dead mens' stone
Salvation is a Girl .... everything, everything, everything's leading to ireland
September Girl .... i'm afraid of changin' because everything's changing without me
Settle Ancient Mind .... ride the waves of a deadly sea and you'll see it's not either one of us
Suddenly .... i barely know your name even though we have been living here for years
Sugar Glaze .... for hours now I've watched you in the rain
Super X-Ray Vision .... so you like guys in uniform? i think i'll buy a uniform
Tris in Haze .... whatcha' doin', tris-in-haze? whatcha' doin' tonight?
Virginia .... so celebrate the boys you raised and show yourself you're not afraid