Super X-Ray Vision

So you like guys in uniform. I think I'll buy a uniform. And maybe you will like me better. Maybe I will like me better. And maybe I'll be stronger with my super x-ray vision Then I could see right through you. Just like you could see through me, Mr. super feelings boy.

I know a policeman, he carries a gun. He has superhuman strength. He lives in the sun. I know a policeman, he carries a gun. He never feels helpless. He never has fun. Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, like me.

So you like the way he looks. I think I kind of look that way. If I died my hair and grew a bit, and threw away the cape. Only to reveal the helpless little boy that can't destroy a fly with worthless x-ray vision.

So who's it gonna be? Mr. Super-Hero man or me?