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Album: Pics by Dougie Fresh!
These pics were taken by our friend Doug Guarino. Doug is from the NorthEast and he toured with us for a week, from New Orleans to New Orleans (by way of Florida). There are lots more pics being sorted out, but these are some favs.

Changed: 05/29/2004.
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Album: Indio CA Rec center, June 2004
What a riot in this giant gym in the desert! Fun stuff, as usual

Changed: 07/09/2004.
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Album: Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA 5.8.04
Peter took these numerous excellent pictures of our set opening for Mind Driver in Orange County. Holy crap was it cool!

Changed: 06/18/2004.
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Album: The Middle East Upstairs in Boston, MA 4.5.04

Changed: 04/13/2004.
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Album: Placerville, CA
We've played a few shows at the Placerville Town Hall. Here are a couple pics.

Changed: 07/04/2004.
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Album: 2 year anniversary at Valentines in Albany, NY
Our pal Mimi took most of these pictures at our birthday extravaganza in Albany.

Changed: 05/19/2004.
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Album: Chain Reaction Formal 2003
Most of these pics were taken by Rockin' Jetta King at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim on December 20, 2003. It was awesome! Sold out show with Melee.

Changed: 05/23/2004.
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Album: Brett's Pad in Chalmette, LA 3.15.04
This was a rad house show at Brett's house from Sally Stitches. Feable Weiner woke up late in Florida and hijinks ensue as we kill time waiting for them!

Changed: 06/30/2004.
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Album: Cypress Hall in Metairie, LA 2.28.04
This was an awesome show in New Orleans. Totally rad Kisha took these pictures.

Changed: 07/04/2004.
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Album: UCLA De Neve Auditorium January 4th 2004
Our third show at UCLA, fun as always!

Changed: 05/10/2004.
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Album: Stanford 2003
This is at a special interest house at Stanford University. Taken by Isaiah

Changed: 07/04/2004.
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Album: The Living Room in Texarkana 2.21.04
Pics taken by Leah from Arkadelphia. It was her birthday and she brought a whole posse to rock out!

Changed: 06/04/2004.
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Album: Acoustic in St. Louis Nabisco
Feb. 8, 2004. An awesome house show in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Changed: 03/06/2004.
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Album: Mike's house show in Vegas 2.12.04
These pictures were taken by Mike's dad, please email others to us if you have them!

Changed: 06/28/2004.
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Album: Capitol Garage in Sacramento 2.6.04
Fun times as usual in Sacto, these pics are from Jess, it was her birthday. What's with the birthdays? Keep having 'em!

Changed: 03/03/2004.
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Album: ParkFest 2002 Albany, NY
This is an old show, but one of our first big ones. About our 10th show as a band, there were around 3000 folks there!

Changed: 02/24/2004.
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Album: Boomer's in Palm Springs, CA 2003
Pictures taken by Jetta and her mother the first time we played at Boomer's.

Changed: 05/10/2004.
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Album: Ashleytherockstar's birthday 2002
We set up in Ashley's garage in secret for her birthday.

Changed: 03/25/2004.
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Album: Our first time in Sacramento 2002
We played with Jonah's Onelinedrawing at a house show and the True Love Coffeehouse.

Changed: 02/25/2004.
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The Marquis from our first Troubadour show*
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Album: Auburn, NY 2003
In the Salvation Army gym in Auburn. Taken by Rissa

Changed: 02/25/2004.
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Album: Columbus, OH 2004
Bernie's Distillery is an underground (literally) bagel place and bar, lot of characters there. We played with an ex-Sebadoh member this night.

Changed: 05/03/2004.
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Album: Fall Fest with Andrew WK 2002
This was our first Arena show and it was with Andrew WK! Very fun stuff. Taken by Melissa

Changed: 03/08/2004.
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Album: Halloween at 1213 Rock Shows in Auburn Alabama, 2002
We didn't have any costumes so we borrowed an eyebrow pencil and drew on French guy moustaches and had a blast!

Changed: 03/19/2004.
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Album: Recording Under a Killer Blue Sky at El Dorado Studio in Burbank, CA 2003
Not Exactly a show, but rockin' enough! Most pics by Nicole Ellis

Changed: 03/15/2004.
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