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WORDS - Josie's House

I went out the door this morning. Walked along the concrete cracked and aged by elements that don't discriminate and don't give warning. And I walked alone.

I went up to 16th St. and looked into the windows of a restaurant. The guy standing next to me said it looked pretty good so I proceeded to give him a bunch of reasons why I didn't think the place could make it and he said, I think too much. And I said, I know.

I know my world is better than it seems and I try to be content with everything but even knowing doesn't stop your heart from feeling. That's why I'm going where I'm going

Going down, going down, down to Josie's house and that's where I'll play. Going down, going down, down to Josie's house and that's where I'll stay

I decided I'd be happier if only I could feel the cool, wet grass beneath my feet. I had tried it while I thought of all the words to make this song complete.

I went up to John St. Park and there I met an old lady feeding ducks. The back of her hand had been bleeding and she didn't even know it. She told me I'd be more handsome if I smiled. So we talked about the weather, she told me about her family and she said I should meet her granddaughter, and I smiled.

The smell of people in the street. I tasted life and life was sweet. The sound of colors in the air Of breathing mist and choral fare. Arriving anywhere in time, the feet are beating out a rhyme. I turned my body toward the south, I'm going down to Josie's house