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Some friends who have rocked with us - check them out!

Onelinedrawing - Jonah! If you haven't seen his show then you haven't seen a show. We toured with him in August. One of our heros.
Ozma -
LA. We will be touring with them this spring. Incredible song writers. Great people. First met them when they stayed at Mark's house on a Weezer tour.
Legends of Rodeo - FL. Great friends. Did an east coast tour with them in the summer. A real original with great songs. There needs to be more bands like this.
Count the Stars -
Albany, NY. Mark did his first solo tour as support for this band. They just signed with Victory.
SnMnMnM -
LA. Very quirky indie rock with Tubas and accordians. Very catchy and fun. We played our first and only show as an acoustic three piece at the Knitting Factory with these guys. Ben's old guitar player went to school with their drummer.
The B-Sides -
SC. We met this band through Snmnmnm. Ben and Mark played an acoustic show with them during the CTS tour.
Douglas Leader -
NYC. Great indie band with horns. Super nice guys that we've known since Ben's old band The Orange played with them in NH.
The Kamikaze Hearts -
Albany, NY. Ben's old bassist from The Orange, Bob Buckley, plays in this amazing, indie bluegrass band.
Mingtran -
Palm Desert, CA. Indie rock friends that have really supported JS.
The Last Year -
Albany, NY. Rockin' emo punk band that has helped us promote shows. Just signed to a german label.
Three and a Quarter -
Portugal. Portugese funky ska rock kinda thing that we toured the mid-west with. Super nice guys.
Clearmotive -
Buffalo, NY. Great friends in a very intense emotional rock band.
The Start -
LA. We played with these guys in WV and it was like a nuclear bomb went off on stage. Female fronted new wave punk. Must see.
Andrew WK
- FL. You won't understand it until you see it live but Andrew has recently become another one of our great heros. He's sincere and his show is incredible. Go see it!
Remedy Session
- FL. We did a few east coast dates with this emotional three piece. Two girls, one guy. Very tight and melodic. Super nice people and great friends.
Bright Life
- Santa Barbara, CA. We recently toured the west coast with this driving rock band. Their lead singer Reed is an excellent song writer with superb presence.
- Albany, NY - Pop punk friends that go way back. Their producer also did the first Jupiter Sunrise demo.
Now Denial
- Lowell, MA. Hardcore! These guys have been awesome friends and supporters since JS was only an idea.
Kicking Howard - We played with these guys in Auburn, AL and they were nice enough to link to us, so right back at ya. And they have a great sound!
Sally Stitches - New Orleans, LA - Great friends who we toured with in the southeast. Their sound is reminiscent of old rock and roll like the Beach Boys. Their harmonies are really lush and well arranged. Their songs are super catchy. And they are really nice people.

Sites that have featured us:

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