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Posted 6/19/03: New Member
We'd like to introduce everybody to the newest member of our crew. He's a healthy 150 pound baby road manger named Will Brierly. He'll be touring with us indefinitely to handle our day-to-day scheduling. It's also quite likely that you'll see him perform his own amazing music at our shows. Drop Will an email and say hi. [email protected]. Hint: If you meet him ask him to do some magic.

Posted 5/12/03: The Album
The track listing for our first record is as follows. All are new recordings done at Eldorado Studios in Burbank with Marshall Altman producing. It will be released in September:

Arthur Nix
Josie's House
Master Susuki
Heaven and Endless
Badge of Honor
Super X-Ray Vision
Steal Me
September Girl
Cherry Wine

Posted 4/25/03: Read This!
Parkfest03 tickets are now available at Search Parkfest.

Posted 4/12/03: Finished!
We've just completed recording our first record as a band, and the experience was amazing. The album comes out around September and will contain new versions of some of the songs on the Purple demo as well as a bunch of new stuff. We will post a list of the tracks soon. In the meantime we are touring again and would love to see you guys at a show. Right now we're in the Mid-West and will be in the Northeast by May. Check the tour page for details.

Posted 2/26/03: Tour!
A new US tour starts in the Bay Area in April. It will proceed through the midwest to NY where we will play Parkfest 2003 with 50 Cent, Taking Back Sunday, Coheed and Cambria, Onelinedrawing, MTV Campus Invasion, The Used, Finch, Thrice, Midtown, The Movielife, and more. Before we leave the southwest we will play shows in LA, Vegas, and other parts of So. Cal. for March.

Posted 2/26/03: Recording
The recording process for our first national release is going even better than we had hoped. We're going to post a diary about it soon. We should be finished with everything by late March and the record will come out at the end of the summer. In the meantime we were thinking of releasing an EP of b-sides, acoustic tracks, and live cuts. Would you guys be interested in something like that? Let us know what you think.

Posted 2/3/03: Back in LA!
Well we're back in the LA area getting ready to record. We have a couple of big shows coming up: Chain Reaction in Anaheim, Feb 15th and Mr T's Bowl in Highland Park, Feb 18th. Check the tour page for details.

Posted 1/2/03: A New Year!
Already??!!! This last one went by really fast.

We're doing a few house shows for Jan. If you wanted a show please send your request again because Mark's computer crashed and all those emails were destroyed.

If you are in the Albany, NY area check out our friends SnMnMnM at Valentine's every Fri night for Jan.

Posted 12/28/02: Bad News
Yesterday Chris' grandfather passed away. He was 87 years old. The band would like to offer our condolences to Chris and his family. If you would like to do so too feel free to email Chris here.

Posted 12/28/02: NOT AGAIN!!
While we were on break our vehicle was broken into again! All valuables were stolen including Taylor's X-Box! Those bastards stole from a 10 year old! This is the second time JS has been robbed since the spring. We realized that none of the items will be recovered so there is almost no point in mentioning at all. Our only thought is maybe the missing tour footage could be found in a pawn shop or something. The vehicle was parked in Van Nuys, CA and it happened in the last few days.

Posted 12/22/02: Taking a short break, then recording.
We would like to thank you guys for supporting us since the band was formed last March. We had a long and eventful 8 month tour that took us through the US almost 3 times. It was an incredible, life changing experience. We're now on a short break visiting family, and will be spending some time posting to the Fan Forum. See you there.

In January/early February we'll have time for a few shows in Southern Cali. Finalize all house show requests asap with Mark.

In Feb we will begin recording our first national release at Eldorado Studios in Burbank. This studio is a capable, "laid back" room famous for producing hit records by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane's Addiction, Stone Temple Pilots, etc. This album will contain new versions of the songs that are currently available on demos and mp3. The record will be produced by Marshall Altman (Columbia) and engineered by Joe Zook (Tricky, Counting Crows, Sheryl Crow, Rancid, etc.)

Our next US tour has been pushed back a bit to the end of March. This tour will likely begin in the west and be in the east by May. We'll keep you posted of course.

Posted 12/7/02: More New Merch available at Chain!
There is another T-Shirt design available on the merch page. And to mark the occasion of our last tour date there will be some new items available only at the Chain Reaction show this Wednesday! These items include Girlie T's and Work Shirts. Take a break from finals and come out.

Posted 12/5/02: Radio show this Sat online
The radio show we are doing this Saturday can be heard live online at The show is from 2-4pm Pacific Standard Time. You can IM us live at “ArmenianArdem” or call the request line (949) 824-KUCI (UCI-KUCI) during the show. Other info on that show is at or on the dates page. Tune in and talk to us.

Posted 11/28/02: House show requests!
Mark is about to schedule the next tour so if any of you would like us to play a house show please email him at [email protected]. The tour will start late February in Southern California and the Bay area, then around the southwest through the south to the southeast and then up the east coast to the northeast again by early May.

Posted 11/27/02: Show still on, but no Webcast!
Although the show tonight is still going on as planned it will not be webcast live on Imusicast because of network problems. Sorry guys. We'll try it again soon.

Posted 11/23/02: Live Webcast!
This Wednesday our show will be webcast live on Imusicast. Be sure to tune in and join the chat room. You can communicate with us while we are on the stage!
If it works out it will be totally cool to have everyone around the country together for one show!
Nov 27th Wed - Oakland, CA - Imusicast, 5429 Telegraph - 8pm Pacific Standard Time (11pm Eastern)

Posted 11/8/02: Updates, new stuff!
A new t-shirt design is now available featuring our good buddy Dexter! Find it on the Merch page. Aaron has updated his diary and catalogue thing.

Posted 11/3/02: Last Show of Tour Headlining Chain!
On Dec 11th we play the last show of what will have been nearly 8 months on the road. We get to celebrate this milestone with our first headlining show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA. Get your tickets early. We will make this one a show not to be forgotten!

Posted 10/29/02: Hanging out in NO and more touring
We just arrived in New Orleans and have a couple of days off before the big show on Friday. If anyone would like to provide some fine company or a shower we'd be indebted. Email [email protected]. Our Nov shows will start here and progress through TX and AZ to the west where we will start a tour with Bright Life on Nov 12th in Tucson. See you there.

Posted 10/18/02: Winners, interviews
Winners of the "Ben Smashes Own Guitar with Trailer" essay contest are posted on the forum. We did an interview that will be aired Sunday night on Channel 103.1fm WHRL in Albany, NY 8pm. Also, we were featured on Fox 23 in Albany friday night. If anyone taped it send us a copy if you can.

Posted 10/16/02: New Merch
New black Hoodies and pins are now available for purchase on the Merchandise page. All forms of payment including credit card, paypal, check, money order, and cash can now be accepted. Thanks guys!

Posted 10/06/02: Updates
New pix up on the Rocking Out page and Aaron's page. More show info on the Albany RACC Center show Oct 17th with Andrew W.K. as well as last minute shows in TN and SC for Oct. on the Tour Page

Posted 10/04/02: Distribution Deal
As mentioned in the last email Newsletter (if you didn't get it sign up above) we've been working on a way to get our music into stores without signing away the rights. a result of some progressive thinking on the part of our friends at Undecided Records we have finalized the terms of a "distribution deal". Under this agreement Undecided will work to place our first national release into stores around the country and provide some limited marketing. Jupiter Sunrise retains all creative control and ownership of the music, as well as the right to distribute the record at shows. Nothing changes except that the music will be easier to purchase.
In January we head to LA to re-record versions of the songs that are currently found on the two demos we sell and also some new stuff. The resulting material will be the subject of our first national release. Please let us know what songs you think we should include on this album.

Posted 9/25/02: East Coast dates
We're running down the east coast during October. Check for a show in your area. There are also a couple of opportunities to do house shows in this schedule so email Mark - [email protected] if you are interested.

Posted 9/19/02: Good News
James Dean is back on the road with us and it comes just in time. We were worried about getting stronger muscles from carrying all the gear.

Posted 9/2/02: House Shows, Updates, Contests, Sound Man Needed
Do you want Jupiter Sunrise to do a special show in your house? We will. Recently we've done a few of these and we love them. It's a chance to get to know people better, and to do material that we might not get to play normally. So if you are interested just email Mark at [email protected] and we'll set something up that works with our tour schedule. And don't be afraid. It's easier than you think.

There are new entries in Tour History section.

Go check the Forum to see how you can win the guitar that Ben ran over with the trailer.

Jupiter Sunrise is currently looking for a full-time sound guy/girl. It's a chance to see the world in a van full of stinky guys. Email Mark or Chris.

Posted 8/25/02: Bad News
Last night James Dean's grandma passed away, so he has flown home to be with family. The band would like to send our condolences out to our valuable crew member. If you would like to do the same his email is on the contact page.

Posted 8/24/02: Tour Date Changes
There are changes in the locations of the Muncie, IN show this Sunday, we've added a Columbus, OH show for next week, and the Woodstock, IL location has changed. For September we've just added a Syracuse show and don't forget our other northeast dates.

Posted 8/16/02: Updates
Today I added a bunch of new pix in the gallery. There is now a downloadable flier in the tour and street team sections for anyone that would like to help promote shows. A few more sept/oct tour dates are up. And the forum is rocking. Go join! And let us know what you think about the JS Camping Tour idea.

Posted 8/9/02: Stolen Stuff
Early Friday morning in Vegas somebody broke into our van and stole a bunch of stuff. There was a video camera, celphones, cd's, camera, wallets, guitar, etc. Now we don't care so much about that stuff but we'd like to at least get back our tour videos, personal phone books, pictures, etc. You know, the important stuff. If anyone in Vegas could keep an eye out at pawn shops or wherever that would be cool... It's all good though. Stuff just keeps you down....

Posted 8/6/02: Tour, Diary Updates
There are some changes in the tour schedule. Please check the dates in your area. Chris has some new but old entries in his tour diary.

Posted 7/31/02: Fan Forum
I just posted a couple of topics on the bb. And updated the tour history.- Mark

Posted 7/27/02: Troubadour and Chain Reaction Shows
It might be a good idea to purchase your tickets early for our LA/OC area shows. You may do so through these links. Troubadour/Aug 4th or Chain Reaction/Aug 5th.

Posted 7/27/02: New Site
We've started a full overhaul on the website as you might have already noticed. New sections include a Fan Forum bulliten board where you can post strings of conversation on many different topics. Be creative, ask questions, and get to know each other! There are also new diary entries from Chris, Aaron, and James. And a brand new password protected "street team only" section. Look around. There are new little details popping up all over the site!

Posted 7/21/02: Cherry Wine #1
We recently found out from our buddy Curt at KSCQ that Cherry Wine has been #1 on their Top Five at Five for several days straight. It debuted at #3 last week and then moved to the top spot the next day. Thanks to the people of Silver City, NM for making that happen. It honestly took us by surprise

Posted 7/21/02: New Songs
We're working on a handful of new songs now and we just debuted one of them last night at our show at The Don. It was written by Ben and it's a rocker. Stay tuned folks. We plan to churn out the hits hopefully at the rate of one album every year.

Posted 7/21/02: Tour with Three and a Quarter
From August 10-31 we will be touring with indie/garage/punk band Three and a Quarter. We honestly don't know a lot about them yet but we'll give you the lowdown when we find out
Posted 7/2/02: Back in LA
Well the first run of the U.S. was a big success for us. Many surprises and new friends. We're taking a few days to visit family and promote the next tour which begins in a couple of weeks with Onelinedrawing.
Posted 6/10/02: Management Website Link
Our manager has a new website. Go check out who's behind the scenes and feel free to let him know what you think. Little King Production.

Posted 6/10/02: Promo help
We could use some help promoting our LA and OC shows. Please email Ben if you want to hang out and help. Thanks. Also, we'll be heading up the west coast to promote the Onelinedrawing dates from July 20-29. If anybody would like to put us up or help with promo that would be great.

Posted 6/10/02: New tour dates
Some of the dates with Onelinedrawing have been posted as well as more dates for August. There are also new tour diaries up too.
Posted 5/22/02: West coast dates for July/August
JS will be touring the west coast with one of our favorite performers of all time - One Line Drawing. If you don't already know who he is you are missing out! His name is Jonah and he's the former lead singer of Far and current singer of New End Original. He puts on of the most dynamic stage shows you'll ever see. Don't miss out. The tour will begin in Seattle around July 30th and end in San Diego around August 7th.

Posted 5/22/02: East coast dates for June
JS dates from Baltimore to Gainesville, Fl will feature Legends of Rodeo. They are a real honest to goodness rock band. They remind me a little of Tom Petty or Elvis Costello, but they're young. It takes a lot of courage not to be emo, punk, or heavy rock these days. Please check them out.

Posted 5/22/02: Southern dates for June
JS dates from TX to AZ will feature The Conversation. Formerly called Level. These guys are a great rock band with punk overtones. They also share a roster spot with the same management company as us, so they're in the family. They'll have a website up soon and we'll post it.

Posted 5/22/02: Our new van
Well now the committment is final. JS has purchase a new 15 passenger touring van. Now it is impossible for us to quit traveling and writing new music. It's sorta like we finally succumbed to the dark side. If anybody wants to send us stuff to decorate our new vehicle please do so. We'll get a picture of it up soon. We're very happy about the new wheels.
Posted 5/1/02: East Coast-Southern Tour
Well, Jupiter Sunrise is now a full 4 piece rock band. Chris, Aaron, and Ben have officially joined Mark to bring the rock. So now we're heading back out on a national tour through the east for May and early June, and then across the south through mid June until July. We're looking forward to hanging out with old friends and making new ones. Please check the tour dates section for a date in your town. And if you can offer a floor for us to sleep on we'd be grateful. Email [email protected].
Posted 4/15/02: Chain Reaction, Thurs 4/25
Catch Jupiter Sunrise at Chain Reaction (1652 Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, 714- 635-6067), THURSDAY, APRIL 25th Our last show before we head out East for our second run of the USA is already next week with: Days Away, Get Well Soon, Barefoot Bride & The Spin. This show comes with a rock garuantee! Great bill, we're psyched! After this show our Indie-rock circus goes on the road until July - see you at the show!
Posted 3/14/02: J.S. Spring Tour, 2002
Click here for the dates!! It's the truth! We couldn't resist some of the nice mail we've been getting from our last impromptu run of the East Coast. Thanks to everyone for the love and support during that trip, and a hearty "rock on" to Count the Stars for taking us along. We made some friends for life last time through and we look forward to seeing you all again soon, this time with Chris, who will slay you big time...