Dear Master Suzuki, I am writing you today. You say my thoughts are paper tigers and I shouldn't be afraid. But these tigers prowl my memories and they stalk me in my sleep. Tell me, have you ever mourned a love in vain? Or is that the tiger that you tame when you can face him, unafraid?

'Cause everybody just wants to feel some love from someone, but love can leave you. And everybody just wants to feel freedom, where it comes from, it's from inside you.

At the park Master Suzuki sits on a bench at the zoo near a cage. And there he reads my letter beneath the lion's gaze. He wonders why the lion's pacing when he's never seen the sky. And so he writes me this reply, "oh, restless are we all until true freedom is realizied."

Help me please. Memories. Set me free. "Then take my lead"

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